5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns

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Weddings are well known for the endless shopping and fun. Everybody wants to look good when it comes to a wedding, hence, need I say about women? We all surely know how crazy women go, when it comes to shopping for wedding. It is generally believed that the way a woman dresses up, defines her personality. This may be one of the main reasons why women give so much importance to dressing up. Weddings are fun, and a great opportunity for everybody to dress up Mens Nike Air Max 2015. When friends and relatives get excited themselves about wedding shopping, what about the bride? And what about her wedding gown? It is a known fact that the bride’s attire is generally expensive, and we would have to spend quite some amount on clothes for the bride, but wait. Have you seen anyone spending crazily so much just for clothes? Let me show you this, I am sure you will be shocked. Here are some celebrities who have spent some strange sum of money just on the wedding gown.. 1) Princess Diana:

Dianas-wedding-dress-007-1 5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns Weddings

Wedding of the princess is certainly something big and special. But, would you believe it if I say, that her wedding gown costed around $2.6 million? Shocking, but yes. It was not a simple one, it had pearls and lace frills; David and Elizabeth Immanuel were the designers of this beautiful piece. Expensive, but she just totally deserved it! 2) Kim Kardashian:

kim-kardashian-kanye-west-wedding-dress-ripped-givenchy 5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns Weddings

Kim Kardashian, the wonderbabe of Hollywood, who got recently wedded to Kanye West in May 2014, got Ricardo Tisci to design her wedding gown, that came up to $2.1 million air max 1 on sale. It is believed that this is one of the top most expensive wedding gown, in the recent times. Seems to be a costly affair, Kim! 3) Kate Middleton:

img-kate-middleton-wedding-dress_075548914142-1024x626 5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns Weddings

Popularly known as Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, for her wedding with Prince William, nearly spent $400,000 wedding gown. The dress has silk net in it, with beautiful laces, which enrich the royal look in her. This is considered to be one of the best of bridal dresses of all times. What a royal wedding, indeed! 4) Victoria Beckham:

victoria-beckham-wedding-dress-2 5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns Weddings

The pretty star who married David Beckham went quite high and stylish on her wedding attire, wearing a wedding gown that was worth $100,000. It was an ultra long gown that was strapless, resembling a ball gown Womens New Balance 996. The outfit went on very well with that of David Beckham too, making the two look gorgeous together. She certainly did look hot in white! 5) Madonna:

Madonna_weddingdress 5 Most Expensive Popular Celebrity Wedding Gowns Weddings

The world’s hottest and the most popular singer was dressed angelic in a long white gown which came up to $80,000, along with a beautiful tiara, studded with white stones and Edwardian diamond glittering all over, worth $170,000. The accessories went in very well with the dress, and made her look like a true princess! Madonna made us all go mad on her. Truly fantasizing, ain’t it? Oh, but you please don’t try spending a fortune on clothes like them. Have you spent so much already on shopping that you are looking for a wedding hall with limited budget? Uh oh. Don’t worry. We, at http://bigfday.com/ would love to render a helping hand to you, by finding the best deals in wedding halls that would fall within your budget. Cos, weddings are always special with Bigfday.

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