Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties

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Birthdays are the most awaited day of the year, apart from other fun festivals. It is the time when you get ample gifts, wishes, phone calls, get to meet lots of friends and eat and dance. Also, it is the time when your diet goes missing and calories come in. We all love birthday parties, but girls go crazy. Let’s find out why girls love celebrating their birthday.

A perfect excuse to go shopping!

“hey, I’m gonna turn 19 next week! OMG OMG!” This is exactly how every girl feels, days before that special day. The excitement during this time will be at the peak, its first stage being shopping Air Jordan 11. Accessories, gifts, shoes, cosmetics, and the most important of all, the birthday dress! Girls generally get ultra hyper, when they have to buy their birthday dress. Shopping happens always, for girls, but birthdays are a perfect excuse to shop with no limits. shopping-at-mall Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties Birthday Parties Â

Best time for a makeover.

Birthday is that one day, when you will be the attention of all. It is natural that we would all want to look good on that day, need I say about girls? Girls are very particular when it comes to looks. In such a case, birthdays are the time when a makeover is mandatory and shine like a star amongst the crowd in the hall Cheap Air Max 90 Ultra Moire . A haircut or smoothening, pedicure and manicure, and various other styles will be high on demand. After all, who wouldn’t want to look good in their birthday party? Mean-Girls-Makeup-870x1024 Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties Birthday Parties

Time to meet and gossip.

Girls love gossiping. They just love it. Not all girls may be interested in clubbing or partying, but birthday parties are one such event where all of them have to meet. This is where all the jabbering begins. Getting to meet all the friends, admiring them or sometimes burning with jealousy (happens most commonly) and getting to know more people, all happens only during such parties. group-of-women-laughing1 Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties Birthday Parties


Just as how girls love clothes and shoes, we also love surprises. Hey guys! If you are ever wondering how to impress your favourite girl, surprise her. That will surely impress her. Birthdays are the time when girls get surprises by their friends and they love it. The best part is the gifts air max 1 premium. We all love receiving special gifts and wishes from all the dear ones. It brings in a lot of happiness. Hence, it is natural for every girl to expect gifts from friends and family on her special day. IMG_1957-626x417 Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties Birthday Parties

Eat, no diet to meet.

Fooood. The most blissful term one could ever hear. Though girls may speak outside, about calories and dieting, trust me, girls love eating. We just looove eating. Be it pasta or pizza or desserts or wine, we’ve always got room to accommodate all types and quantity of food into our tiny stomach. Birthdays are just the perfect time to throw away all the so-called diet and literally hog. Because, it is not always that you get to eat pizza and brownies and other desserts and yummy dishes for free. Also, birthdays are always an exception for dieting. girls-eating-burger-1024x682 Top 5 reasons why girls love birthday parties Birthday Parties These are the most common reasons found, why girls love birthday parties, and so, what’s your reason today? And hey, if ever you have even the most random reason to celebrate your birthday, come to us at to find the best venues to host your most memorable birthday party Mens New Balance Sonic 77. Be it your first birthday or your 20th birthday, we’ve just got the right places for you, all set.

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