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So, you have your special day coming up and you want it all to be just perfect, right from the events to your garland, because it is your wedding! Wedding is the most special moment in the life of every individual. Hence, it would not be surprising to expect the best banquet hall to celebrate it. 5 Star Banquet halls are the best location, where you can celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or weddings or any event for that matter, inviting quite a lot of people. 5 star Banquet halls are capable of accommodating a huge number of people, which makes it stand as the top choice, when it comes to celebrations. Be it any occasion, you know how Chennai takes the first and the best place, with its innumerable banquet halls, built uniquely. Of banquet halls, 5 star banquet halls in Chennai are the most demanded. Most events, be it engagement or wedding or parties take place these days, in 5 star halls. Since Chennai is famous for the variety of 5 star hotels, let us discuss about some of the top ones.

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Radisson Blu GRT

royal-summit 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues

Radisson Blu @ GRTRadisson Blu @ GRT

Located at Guindy, Chennai, this is the ideal palace for the luxury man. A hall that is extremely huge and spacious, has the best of services and a classic look. Irrespective of any occasion, the hall is tailor made to custom itself to the varying luxurious and stylish needs of the hosts. The hall is capable of accommodating around 100-400 guests, with a variety in seating arrangements depending upon the occasion. You can have DJ nights with no restrictions and a DVD player and mic facilities. There is valet parking, and alcohol for the party can be brought from outside. Also, the floral decorations can be customized according to the needs of the clients. There are several packages for choice of food, consisting of a variety of dishes in all courses. The package is available from Rs. 1410 per head and for 50 persons, it comes up to Rs. 70500. Definitely a great choice buy air max shoes online. See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: 531, Guindy, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 03344 ext: 1032

Raintree the Purple Room

719-1024x575 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues

Raintree Purple RoomRaintree- Purple Room

Purple room is known more commonly for parties. The hall is considerably huge, bearing a crowd of 350 people. The seating arrangements vary according to the occasion. There are several other facilities such as valet parking, decoration of the hall can be outsourced. This hall is the best when it comes to DJ nights. What makes parties and celebration of other events special here is the sincerity of their event management team. There is free Wifi available, what more do you want? There are various packages for food, with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and cocktail varieties. You get to choose what you want Original New Balance 996. The cost per head is Rs. 1324, and for 50 persons it costs Rs. 66200. See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: 636, Teynampet, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 03344 ext: 1061

Hotel Radisson Blu Greams

186-1024x575 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues

Radisson Blu @ GreamsRadisson Blu @ Greams

Well known for parties, Radisson blu, Egmore is one of the best of halls that seem to be ideal especially for events like wedding reception. If you have planned for a perfect and compact party with not more than 400 guests, then this is the one for you. The seating arrangements are available in patterns such as class room, cluster, floating, U-shape and theatre, designed for every event. The hall provides you with a writing board, DVD player and mic, which makes it simpler for press events and other corporate meetings. Outside alcohol is permitted and floral decorations are available too. Most weddings take place here because it is located in the centre of the city new balance golf. Also, the availability of valet parking makes things simpler. Food is special here, with 4 varieties of menu, which would further split into the existence of many tasty dishes. All the courses have something special, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner or high tea. You just cannot afford to miss their food. The cost per person for any of these packages of food starts from Rs. 1522, and for 50 persons, the total comes up to Rs. 76100. See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: 2, Egmore, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 03344 ext: 1025

 Le Royal Meridian

Img0419-300x202 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues

Madras Ball RoomMadras Ball Room

As the name suggests, the hotel is one such that assumes the form of a palace with a royal look and feel. This is very famous for weddings, with an extensive capacity to hold around 1200 guests. There are about 6 types of seating arrangements, meaning that the hall could be utilised for various events, with each seating style having its own capacity. Like most other hotels, there is the wheel chair accessibility, valet parking to make parking easier and safer for you Womens Air Max Zero Sale. There are speakers and mics provided and DJ music allowed too, which is one of the ideal elements of a fun wedding reception. Just in case you are not convinced, you are even permitted to hire outside decorators, for they know that it is your special day and hence, you would only want the best of all. To make the occasion even better, Le Royal Meridian has got an excellent event management team, which will take care of the entire occasion and plan some fun at the right time and right place. The hotel is known for its highest quality in food, and now offers about 7 packages, each of which consists of different varieties in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and hey! How can you forget the cocktails? See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: 1, Guindy, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 003344 ext: 1050

Sheraton Park Hotels and Towers


04-meeting-room-arcot-hall1 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues
arcot hall


Who hasn’t heard Park Sheraton, here? One of the best and most luxurious among the hotels. Quite big in size, it accommodates around 600 people, perfect for a party or wedding festivities. The seating arrangements are available in different styles, efficient enough to be customised according to the occasion. Nevertheless need there be any doubt on the amenities, it has valet parking, availability of speakers and mic, accessibility to wheelchairs, DJ nights are a big hit here. One cannot be without getting surprised over their menu, for they have such exuberant dishes, deliciously made. There are about 11 packages, from which you can choose the ones you want, ranging from breakfast, dinner, lunch and high tea. Also, the fact that it is located in Alwarpet, one of the hotspot areas of Chennai, this certainly makes it bigger and better. The cost per head is Rs. 1800, and the overall cost for about 50 people comes up to Rs. 90000. Definitely a reasonable one, keeping in mind the quality of service and highly sophisticated infrastructure. See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: Alwarpet, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 03344 ext: 1124

 HILTON Grand Ballroom

525-1024x575 5 star banquet halls in Chennai Conferences Corporate Events Venues

Hilton Grand ballroomHilton Grand ballroom.

Planning a big balloon event, huh? Expecting more guests, and a bigger hall, is it? For all those who wish to invite a fat number of guests, Hilton is the ideal place for you. It has the enormous capability to accommodate around 750 guests, and yet seem so spacious and huge. This can be used for any purpose- meetings, weddings, parties and the seats can be arranged accordingly to provide a comfortable seating experience trainers new balance. The hotel provides such good amenities as valet parking, wheel chair accessibility, and has a built-in video player, speakers and mic, floral decorations are allowed. They have their own team of dedicated event management, who are there to take care of the varying needs of your occasion. There are four packages available for food, with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and cocktails. Each course has a variety of mouth watering and speciality dishes, and what’s more advantageous here, is their live counters, that will make you go gaga over food. The cost per head is Rs. 2306 and the overall cost for 50 members is Rs. 1,15,300. See More Details about this venue HERE ADDRESS: 124/1, Ekkaduthangal, Chennai. TELEPHONE: 78100 03344 ext: 1069 Mesmerised by all these hotels? Want to know more about them? Then, why delay? Come to us, we, the creators of BigFday for millions, are here to provide you the best of 5 star banquet halls at the best rates you could have ever seen. We’re available 24/7 @ bigfday.com.

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