9 Pivotal Tips For Hiring Birthday Party Entertainers

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To make a birthday party more enjoyable and lively you need party entertainers. You may already have an idea what party entertainers do. They are professionals who charm and amuse the audience in many different ways such as by performing magic tricks, singing, dancing, cracking jokes and so on. The party entertainers add the much-needed spice, fun aspect and entertainment to a birthday party.

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Now, you can’t just blindly go ahead and hire entertainers for a birthday party. There are certain aspects you need to look at while hiring the party entertainers. Therefore, here are all the essential tips you need for hiring birthday party entertainers.

Tips For Hiring Party Entertainers

Age Group-wise

Birthday parties are thrown for people across all ages – from kids to teens to older people. So, while hiring entertainers for them we must consider the age factor since not only the birthday baby but also the guests invited will be of the same age group. Henceforth, the entertainment needs to be likewise. 

Kids: Kids would enjoy Magic shows, puppet shows, storytelling, clown performances, face painting, pottery, dance performances, etc for entertainment. 

Teens: While the teens and people in their early 20s are a little intricate, they would like music performances, dance performances, face-painting or even gaming for entertainment. 

Adults: Usually the adults are looking for a chance to relax so some classical music performance, stand-up comedy performance, story-telling ballet performance, etc are preferable. 

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Taste Of Your Crowd

You might think this doesn’t make sense – isn’t it already covered in the age aspect? Well, the answer is no- regardless of the similarity in their age, people have different preferences, likes, and dislikes. Some might be into hard rock music, some into R&B, while some into classical – so calling a music performer for an entertainer is out of the question. Nevertheless, they might be into dance performances or getting tattooed together or gaming. In case your guests are mostly girls then you can hire entertainers like mehendi artists, mascots, mermaid artists, caricature artists, hair beading artists, pottery, etc. And if your guests are more likely to be guys then you can hire cartoon artists, mascots, face painting artists, virtual gaming artists, etc as your entertainers. 

Like this, you need to figure out that one thing that connects them to hire a perfect entertainer. You need to understand the taste of your crowd to interest and entertain them.  

Theme And Tone Of The Party

Sometimes themes make an easy way out while hiring entertainers at a birthday party. Once you decide the theme, you can hire party entertainers whose performances and entertainment acts are relevant to the theme and set the tone and atmosphere right. 

For example, 1. Suppose the birthday party theme you choose is Circus, then you can hire entertainers such as clown artists, stunt performers, magicians, just to name a few. 2. If your theme is Disney or Anime-based then you can hire cosplayers as your party entertainers who would dress up as certain characters (as desired by the customer) and they entertain the guests as that character by singing, dancing, story-telling, etc. 3. If your theme is Starry Nights, then you can hire a Piano artist or an Oprah artist or a Ballet artist who perfectly fits the theme, and also their performances would give a classic touch to the birthday party you host.

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Make sure your venue for the birthday party is spacious enough to hold your guests as well as the party entertainers. Based on your party format it is up to the entertainer to decide how much space they need to perform. Sometimes they could walk around and interact with the guests and sometimes they would just stick to one position and do their job. Be in touch with the entertainers you book and decide accordingly. 

Apart from that, provide a separate stage or dias for the entertainers to perform on. In the case of puppet shows or storytelling or ballet shows- entertainers usually prefer a separate stage. Also, ensure the venue has all the additional necessities for the entertainers to use such as hand mics or collar mics, AV equipment, lightings, etc. Additionally, make sure the venue you choose is fine with the acts performed by the entertainers as some venues restrict the usage of animals, fire loud music and so on.


This is about when you would like the entertainer to perform at the birthday party. There are 3 proposed timings: after cutting the cake and before dinner or during dinner or after dinner.

Before Dinner: The time after cutting the cake and before dinner is usually appropriate for puppet shows, dance performances or ballet story-telling acts and so on. That’s when the kids and the others would sit and watch the entertainment keenly. 

During Dinner: Now, during dinner, you could have any musician or a band playing in the background or even have a magician perform in between the tables and interact with the audience. 

After Dinner: The time after the dinner without a doubt is best for having a DJ or a musician play who prompts the audience to come to the dance floor.


Just like how you won’t settle after looking at one shop for your birthday outfit, similarly in the case of party entertainers – explore, ask around and find the best entertainer to provide the best kind entertainment to your guests. You can either ask your friends to recommend a good party entertainer or check online for the best entertainers. To make things easier specify the attributes that you are looking for in your party entertainers such as stunt performers, dancers, instrumental artists or solo or band singers, storytellers, clown artists, etc just to name a few. You can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 party entertainers to make your birthday party eventful.

Background Check

Don’t forget to do your homework on the party entertainers before you decide to hire them. When you like a certain entertainer and wish to hire them for your party, do a background check on the. Like, if they are reliable, watch videos of their work online- if you are hiring them through an organization, you will find it on their website. Also, try to get reviews from a third party who has already hired them or you can also read the reviews on the website. Make sure they are good at what they do. 

And once you have decided on a particular entertainer, ensure they are available on the day of the birthday party and immediately make your reservation on them. That is because, if the entertainers are excellent then their calendars fill up fast and you don’t want to let the best ones go. If possible, try to interview your desired entertainer either through a video call or in person. This way you can quickly clear all your queries with them.

Entertainer’s Expense and Services

While booking reservations on your desired entertainer make sure that their fees don’t clash with your birthday party budget. Apart from that, before signing the contract with the entertainer (professional entertainers agencies usually provide the booker with a contract) make sure you read it properly. Check the services and conditions included in the contract such as

1. How long will the entertainer perform? 

2. Entertainer’s Show format 

3. Do they want us to arrange any extra equipment? 

4. Are the travelling and staying costs included in the fees (in case you are hiring an entertainer who has to come from another city/country)

5. Are the special requests from your side included? or do they have any special requests? and etc.

Also, they will give you a choice of entertainment packages available for the entertainer from which you can choose the one which suits your requirements. 

Plan Ahead With A Backup

Start your party planning and party entertainers hunt at least a one and a half months ahead if you are hoping to host a prosperous birthday party with a good amount of entertainment. I say this because there are a lot of things to consider when throwing a birthday party. And if you start at the nick of the time the outcome would not be satisfying. Sit down with your party planners and have a proper discussion about the entertainers you need. For example – an appropriate venue, seating arrangements that would suit the performances of your entertainers, the timings and the show format, etc. Also, have a backup plan if a certain entertainer is late, in that case, you can have the next in line entertainer perform while the other one arrives. Or if an entertainer backs off, have a backup entertainer to fill in the spot. 

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Throwing a Birthday Party can be undoubtedly hectic and chaotic. From deciding the venue, decorations, cakes, gifts, music, arranging entertainers and making sure everyone from the birthday baby to the guests is satisfied – Pheww! Dazzled by the pressure? Don’t you worry, planning fun events without a hitch is our passion here at BigFDay. Contact us to plan marvelous events while all you have to do is just relax.

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