12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen

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All things considered, there’s nothing like a saree. The way a woman looks in a saree is simply phenomenal. A perfect combination of feminity and power, a saree speaks a thousand words. Nothing short of a blessing, a saree can be draped in a variety of ways. Each style is eye-popping and a standout. Unsurprisingly, brides, these days prefer wearing a bridal saree instead of a traditional lehenga or gown.

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I agree it can be a herculean task to decide whether to go ahead with a lehenga or take a chance and wear a beautiful bridal saree. There are so many things to consider and so many choices. Further, there’s a belief that the collection available in bridal lehengas is more and better than that of a bridal saree. That is not true!

Take a chance and go ahead with a saree, I promise that you won’t regret it. Here’s a curated list of the best ways to style a bridal saree and look like a queen!

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The One With The Off-Shoulder Top

5-201x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

For a modern bride, an indo-western saree is the best option. An off-shoulder blouse looks beautiful as well as stunning. This chic look when combined with pant and a saree is simply spellbinding. Without a doubt, you will be the centre of attention. Nothing about the above look is boring, from the detailed blouse to the pleated drape, it is a marvel.

The One With The Jacket

12-253x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

This wholesome look looks beautiful on a bride. The extravagant jacket adds glamour to the look and makes it complete. Even if the bridal saree is simple, an embellished jacket will make the whole look royal. The jacket comes in many varieties, it can be short or long, simple or grand, half-sleeves or full-sleeves and so on. A peplum style jacket looks modern and chic. The drape can be simple and uncomplicated. This style of draping a bridal saree is sure to make a fashion statement.

The One With the Cape

9-200x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

This style of draping is the ultimate combination of western and traditional style. Here, you can use a beautiful cape style blouse that is in trend right now. The cape style blouse can be embellished with stones and zari, giving it an overall grand look. For someone looking for a complete indo-western look, this style of draping is perfect for you. For such a  style of draping, a rather simple saree will give a better look and shift the focus on the eye-catching blouse. Further, the saree can be draped above or below the cape, each giving a stunning look.

The One With The Sleek Pallu

1-295x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

pallu is probably the most luscious part of a saree. The way it is draped plays a major role in the ultimate look. In this style, the pallu starts right at the foot and extends all the way up and over the shoulder in a thin pleat. As an option, you can choose to wear a straight pant underneath the saree. In this way, the embellished blouse gets more attention. Additionally, a beautiful choker can be worn to add glam and a classy vibe. Undoubtedly, this dramatic look will stand out and ensure that all eyes are solely on you.

The One With The Loose Pallu

4-200x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

Pallu latke, literally.

As a continuum of the above look, the pallu is the main focus. Here, instead of styling the pallu the normal way, the pallu is pleated in a loose fashion, giving a complete change to the look. The pleats are placed far apart but not too far. The pleats start at the foot and become sleeker as they reach the shoulder. Agreed, this style is a little hard to do but the end result is worth it. This style of draping a bridal saree is distinctive and uncommon. Add larger-than-life earrings and you are all set to steal hearts.

The One With The Inverse Pallu

10-109x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings


Told you the pallu was important!

Turns out you can style the pallu in MANY ways. The most sensuous part of a saree can be draped in a variety of ways and each way is just as stunning. In the above style, the pallu, instead of going from front to back goes the other way round. This classy look puts a twist where you didn’t expect and delivers something magical. For a bridal saree that you wish to drape like this, ensure that if the blouse is heavy, the pallu isn’t and vice-versa. Plus, wear your hair in a bun to make the final look clean. Pin the pallu with adequate pins to make sure the look is sophisticated.

The One With The Mermaid

Mermaid-style-300x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

This style of draping is undoubtedly gorgeous. A little tricky to achieve, but with a little patience, it can be done. Oh, and it is worth it. The bride will look sensational and all eyes will definitely be on her. It can be paired with an embellished blouse to give a royal effect. Further, a sequined or zari belt will bring out the draping style. A popular style among celebrities, it will look great on a bride.

The One With The Headdress

WhatsApp-Image-2019-06-06-at-4.11.12-PM-208x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

Not exactly a headdress but you get the point.

In this case, the headdress is a beautiful cloth, about the size of a dupatta, which isn’t very heavy. The dupatta can be worn above the head but make sure to not cover your hair fully. Leaving some hair out adds drama to the look and brings out the jewellery worn on the head. Remember to secure the dupatta with adequate pins to ensure that it doesn’t fall and you are comfortable. Plus, if the dupatta is too heavy, it will be difficult to carry. Thus, choose a dupatta which isn’t embroidered but is rich in material. Further, a low cut blouse is perfect for this look as it will let the headdress be the centre of attention.

The One With The Peplum Blouse

7-200x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings


This gorgeous look is the textbook definition of chic. Appealing to the eye, it is different and catchy. The peplum blouse is a major fashion statement and reflects the young girl in you. When wearing this look, make sure that the blouse isn’t long in length. A short and fit peplum blouse is perfect for this style of draping a bridal saree. Further, when wearing this, make sure that the pleats are sleek and unobstructive. Add a statement necklace and glam it up. For making it more royal, the peplum blouse can be embroidered and embellished with stones and zari. Additionally, it will be preferable if the saree isn’t too heavy, so as to focus the attention on the peplum blouse.

The One With The Lehenga

WhatsApp-Image-2019-06-06-at-10.36.16-PM-247x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

The best of both worlds.

This look combines your bridal saree with a lehenga in the best way possible. The lehenga is elegantly draped above the saree to give an astounding effect. Accessorize this with a lot of jewellery and you are ready to go. Plus, a long-sleeved blouse will be perfect for this look.

The One With Two Sarees

WhatsApp-Image-2019-06-07-at-12.24.11-PM-300x263 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

Draping two sarees in a specific manner is the newest trend. This look requires two grand sarees to be draped to give a beautiful effect. The final look has an effect of a pleated lehenga, thereby giving you a wholesome feel. Plus, this is perfect for those confused about whether to wear a bridal or lehenga!

The One With The Patiala

8-169x300 12 Ways To Drape/Style A Bridal Saree & Look Like A Queen Weddings

This looks adds a dose of Punjabi to your bridal saree. From the waist down, you can wear your saree as a Patiala and then drape it loosely. The pallu can be draped loosely but classily. A colourful and bright saree will be perfect for this look as it will add life to the look. Adding tassels to the saree will be dazzling, not exaggerating. You can go a step further and add bell sleeves to your look. Antique jewellery will be the ultimate catch here. The overall look will be simply spectacular and insta-worthy!

Found your dream look? I hope so! There are so many ways to drape and style a bridal saree and each of them is stunning. I hope that this curated list of bridal saree styles helped you in solving your conundrum. Further, I suggest that you try all the looks you like from above and then decide which one to sport. I assure you that you will look like the queen you are!

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