Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One

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wedding venues in hyderabad

When it comes to wedding planning, your number one priority has to the wedding venue’. Obviously, once you have your wedding date fixed, you need to find a venue. Though there are many many wedding venues in Hyderabad, still the process of venue selection is tricky.  Picking a wedding venue is much more than a match for your location and space preference. There are some important considerations to evaluate if the wedding venue is indeed perfect for you. To avoid any later disappointments and hassles, we have put together a few things to help you in the venue selection process.

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Know Your Wedding Basics

To begin with, be prepared with the wedding information you need to know before you start scouting for potential venues.

Pick Your Wedding Date

When you start enquiring wedding venues, the first thing the venue manager will ask for is your wedding date. Obviously, you need to have a date in hand, at least the most likely ones to check their availability. (Tip – If possible have 2-3 tentative wedding dates. So even if the venue of your choice is booked for a particular date, you can check their availability for the other dates you have.)

wedding-day-1024x350 Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

What Is Your Wedding Budget?

From luxury ballrooms which can cost a bomb to surprisingly affordable halls, Hyderabad offers a range of wedding venues to fit different budgets. Hence, you need to determine how much you can afford to spend on your wedding and allocate a percentage of it to the main expense items. Needless to say, your wedding venue costs will take up most of your wedding budget. You can possibly get price estimates for some of the venues in your list to understand the market rates and be realistic in allocating a budget. If you know your approximate budget, it will be easier to find a place which is in your budget and also for further negotiations.

wedding-budget-1 Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

How Many Guests Would Attend The Wedding?

Depending on whether you want to invite everyone you know or prefer a low key affair, make a headcount of your guests. Your guest count will help you in narrowing down your choices for the wedding venue. Not all venues are suitable for a large crowd or available for an intimate gathering. Hence, you must prepare a tentative guest list before you start looking for venues. Also, the guest list will be handy for the rest of the wedding planning decisions like number of invitations to be printed, return gifts etc. (Tip – Banquet halls and restaurant party halls prices are on per head basis. So, if you want to cut down the wedding costs, you may want to keep  guest list limited.)

What Is Your Type of Wedding Venue?

Some of you may already have a picture of your wedding venue in your mind, while others may not be sure. Whether you want an open lawn or a heritage site or a grand ballroom is for you to decide. Each venue has its proc and con. Banquet halls usually require less planning as their event team will help you with the details, have accommodation facility and offer convenience. On the other hand, outdoor venues provide much scope for creative use of space. Towards the end, the preference is yours and your venue should reflect your ideal wedding style.

wedding-in-falaknuma-1 Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

What To Ask Before Booking The Wedding Venue

Ensure your wedding venue is the right choice for you, with the help of these handy questions and tips before booking the venue.

Is the Venue Available?

Most of the wedding venues in Hyderabad are booked about 6 months in advance especially for the Muhurtham dates.  So, before you delve into the details confirm with the venue if they are available for your wedding date. If not, you have to look for another venue or change your wedding date, depending on your priority.

Can The Venue Accommodate Your Guests?

As we mentioned earlier, it is essential to select a venue that is the right size for your wedding ceremony and reception. The last thing you want is your guests rubbing shoulders with other guests because the venue was too small or your venue looks empty and scattered because the venue was too big in comparison to your guest count. Hence, you have to pay special attention to the venue capacity before booking it.

Wedding-Venue-Capacity-1024x519 Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

Does The Venue Fit Your Requirements?

If you have any specific requirements like a set-up for homam during the wedding, a dance floor for the reception, space for setting up DJ, photobooth, separate dining area, adequate parking space etc, you have to discuss this with the venue in advance. Check for the availability of these requirements and what arrangements will be made. Evaluate if the venue meets all your requirements to avoid any disappointments later.

Does The Venue Fit In Your Budget?

It would be ideal to book the venue which appeases you the most. However, in reality, not every venue will fit your budget unless you do not have an expense cap. If the venue is slightly more than your budget, you can try to negotiate with them. But if the cost is way too high, then you have to explore other options.

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Are There Any Catering Restrictions?

While banquet and party halls require you to use their in-house catering service, some marriage halls may provide you with the flexibility to bring the caterer of choice. Additionally, you may also want to check the food preference of the venue. Some wedding venues have a pure vegetarian policy. Likewise, not all venues have the permit to serve alcohol-. Hence, if you are planning a cocktail reception party, you have to check with the venue. Also, corkage fee per bottle is applicable if you wish to bring your own alcohol for the party. This fee varies from venue to venue.

Cocktail-reception Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

Based on these considerations you can strike the venues which do not match your food and drink needs. After all, the food feast is an important aspect of every wedding festivity!

Is The Venue Easy To Access?

You want your guests to attend the function and on time! Is the venue easy to locate and reach? Will its proximity to a busy street cause unnecessary frustrations to the guests?  Ease of transport for you and your guests to reach the venue is necessary.  Else, your function schedule will go for a toss.

Does The Venue Have Guest Accommodation?

If you have many guests coming from outside the city, consider if the venue has an accommodation facility in their premises or if other accommodation options are available closer to the venue. You may fall for the charm of a remote wedding venue. But your outstation guests should not have a problem finding accommodation and travel far for their stay. It is inconvenient and in some cases may be unsafe.

Can You Work With A Vendor Of Your Choice?

Some venues have an “approved” vendor list and expect you to choose the decorators, caterers, DJ, photographers etc from that list. And if wish to avoid the vendors on the list, normally you have to pay a royalty to the venue. The penalty fee can be hefty. Whether you want to stick to the vendor of your choice or fine working with venue’s vendor, is your decision. But being informed about the clause before booking the venue is important. At least you can negotiate on the terms/fees if you have not rented the venue already.

wedding-decor Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

Are There Any Additional Costs/Taxes?

There is always a service charge component on food and beverage. Hence, understand if the price quoted to you is net or exclusive of taxes. Also, unlike banquet halls, Kalyana mandapams and some outdoor venues charge extra for cleaning, electricity, chairs/tables etc. Get everything on paper so there are no surprises.

Is The Venue Booked For Another Event On That Date?

If you want to book the venue for an evening reception and there is another event scheduled in the same space in the morning, you have to know the earliest you can get the venue. Wedding decorations need time and make sure the venue allows enough time for decor and other set-ups. Similarly, if there is another wedding/reception happening at the same time as yours, understand how the venue is prepared to manage both the events.

What Time Do You Have To Vacate The Venue?

Most venues have standard time slots. The morning slot space is available till 3 pm whereas the evening slot is open till 11 pm. If you need the venue otherwise, you may want to discuss it with them in advance.

Are There Any Restrictions?

Does the venue restrict the use of lame? Are loudspeakers allowed? If there are any limitations, its time to discuss them before making your decision.

What Back-Up Plan They Have For Weather Incidents?

If you are considering an outdoor wedding venue, understand what arrangements they have in case of an unexpected rain or extremely hot climate etc. Most of them have an indoor space or back-up plan that can be utilized in such situations.

outdoor-wedding Wedding Venues In Hyderabad: What To Ask Before Booking One Venues Weddings

All the things above are based on our experience of over 4 years in wedding planning. Hence, this inside insight will serve very handy while booking wedding venues in Hyderabad. If you have any tips or ideas to share, ping us!

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Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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