Baby Diaper Hacks To Make Your Motherhood Easier

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Baby diaper hacks

First things, first! Congratulations on becoming a mom! Those nine months of waiting are finally over, and you have your chirpy baby in your arms. But don’t you think you require a few life hacks in this phase of your life too? Well, in this post we will be talking about some baby diaper hacks which will make your life, even more, easier while taking care of your baby! After all, only a comfortable and a happy mom nurtures happiness in the infant, isn’t it?

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Diapers may often become a messy affair for the baby as well as yourself. We all know how diapers are responsible for rashes and discomfort for a baby. It might also be a little difficult for you as a mother or a father to dispose of the diapers for which you require a well-kept bin separately. This is why we decided to take you through some easy baby diaper hacks which will improve your relationship with your baby’s diapers drastically. So let’s get started?

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Avoid Leakage By Using The Side Cuffs

If you notice, the sides of a diaper come with ruffled edges. As you should know, these ruffles play a significant role in preventing leakage of poop. In case you are travelling, or when you think you won’t find an appropriate place to change your baby diaper, use these ruffles. When in use, you should pull and cover them adequately so that they don’t end up leaking the contents of the diaper. You can do this almost every day while changing your baby’s diaper. This way, the house, as well as your vicinity, will be clean.

Invest In A Utility Pouch That Can Contain Essentials

Have you ever had those times where you did not find an appropriate place to change your baby’s diaper? In such situations, if a utility pouch has all the essentials, then it saves time. It also makes your experience an effortless one while changing the baby’s diaper. A useful utility pouch should contain enough diapers, some rash cream, wet wipes and moisturising cream for the baby. So the next time you are on the go, all you have to do is open up the utility pouch and you’ll find all the essential things inside without having to rummage through your bag!

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Right Size Is The Key

If you’ve just had your first baby, then it’s quite natural that you might not know what size is the right one for your munchkin. In such a case, you always have to look at the catalogue that is printed on the back of the diaper packet. If the diaper is too tight, then it would result in giving rashes to the baby. If it is too loose, then leakage is also possible. As such, you must always make sure that the sticky part of the diapers should cover the area under the baby’s belly. A right size will not only save your baby from red marks, but it will also reduce the embarrassing situations when you’re on the go.

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Always Carry The Ointment

The marketing companies will always say that the diaper will not give any rashes to your baby skin. Unfortunately, this is not true. At the end of the day, it’s all plastic, and it is harmful to your baby’s delicate skin. As such, you must always apply ointment while changing the diaper. This will keep the baby skin moisturised, and it will prevent any friction that might be harmful to the skin. Several ointments are also anti-bacterial, which means that hygiene will also not be compromised with.

Let Your Baby’s Skin Breathe Too

Because your child’s skin is a lot more delicate than yours, you have to pay special attention. You should give ample time to your baby’s skin for breathing. As such, you must not keep the diaper on for long periods, or it will only irritate the delicate parts. You can also invest in cotton underwears which are light and breathable. Giving your baby a little naked time when you’re at home can also help.

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Prepare An Emergency Diaper Kit

As a mother, you must have certainly faced those situations in which you urgently need a diaper, but you cannot find one. As such, you should definitely make a diaper kit and keep it at different places such as your car, closet, etc. This way you will always have extra diapers with you, and in case you urgently have to change one, you won’t have to look around frantically. A good diaper kit must include two to three diapers, an ointment as well as a few baby wipes.

Look For The Lines

Have you ever wondered why does your baby get those red marks even though you are very careful while changing the diaper? It may be because you are tying it improperly. Some diapers come with marks on which the straps are supposed to be stuck. This helps in identifying the right place, and your baby’s delicate skin does not have to suffer. In case the diapers that you are using does not have any marks, then just make sure that you are not tying the straps too tight.

Avoid Getting Peed On By Putting Something Cold On The Baby’s Belly

In some situations, the baby might pee while you are undoing the diaper. If it is a girl, then it’s not a problem. But if it is a boy, then your clothes might end up getting dirty too. In such a case, you should keep a wet wipe or a cold cloth on the baby’s belly. As a result of the cold, the baby would pee in the diaper itself if it has to. A baby diaper hack for cleanliness is worth it!

Do Not Overuse The Wet Wipes

Even the most basic cleaning wipes contain alcohol. Alcohol, as we all know, is a drying agent. Repetitive usage of these wipes might end up giving rashes to your baby’s skin. It might also make your child’s skin irritated. This would neither be a pleasant experience for you as a mother nor the baby. Because an infant’s skin is so delicate, keeping it extra moisturised is imperative.15D82ED5-9DDA-4356-9E24-A36EF3F17FC4-240x300 Baby Diaper Hacks To Make Your Motherhood Easier Misc

Keep Separate Toys For Diaper Changing

It’s a lot easier to control kids when they’re small. But as the infant grows, changing a diaper might become a difficult task. When the baby grows, it keeps moving, and as such, the diaper changing becomes even more difficult. Thus, to keep the baby calm, always keep a toy that distracts him. But make sure to only give him this toy during the diaper changing sessions else he will grow out of it!

Use Onesies Wisely

Chances are, you must have never heard of this baby diaper hack before! The folds on the shoulder region of a onesie are actually very cleverly made. They can help you to undress the baby in a blowout situation. All you have to do is to pull them down instead of up to avoid getting poop into your baby’s hair or face. These built-in features make baby clothing a lot more convenient in case of diaper changing sessions.

Special Diapers For Overnight Usage

If you think regular diapers are just as good to be used during the night, then you’re wrong. Regular diapers have a certain threshold and might end up in leakage, making your baby uncomfortable. As such, you should look for correctly labelled nighttime diapers. If your baby wets the diapers a lot more frequently, then these can be used in the daytime also. But always remember to keep them changing at regular intervals.

Keep Your Sheets Clean By Always Changing Over A Plastic

Let’s face this fact, that changing a diaper can become a mess if your baby decides to pee the minute you undo it. This is why changing over plastic can help. They are easily washable and will create a barrier to prevent the piss reach your sheets. You can also place the plastic in the baby’s cot while he sleeps. This baby diaper hack will ensure extra protection and would keep the surroundings clean and hygienic.

Whoever told you parenting was going to be easy was plainly lying. This is why baby diaper hacks are here to rescue you from moments of embarrassment. After all, now that the phase of parenting has made its way in your life, you’ve to ace this too! Happy Parenting!

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