Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga

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Baby Shower decorations

A baby shower is a ceremony or a small get together to celebrate and welcome a woman into motherhood. It is an impassioned occasion where the expecting mother and the soon to be born child are showered with gifts, immense love and blessings by the people who love and care about them. Along with that, it is a celebration filled with the ebullience of happiness and radiance of hope. It is usually hosted by the mother-to-be’s best friend or sister who takes up the full responsibility from baby shower decorations, inviting guests to games and food arrangements.

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So, if you are hoping to host the best baby shower ever for your Best Friend or Sister (or sister-in-law) and make her feel relaxed and happy while she takes up the responsibility of a Mother, here are some baby shower décor ideas that completely stole our heart:

Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Floral Wreath Decorimage Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

What is better than using wreath which represents unconditional growth and ceaseless circle of life as décor in the baby shower decorations? Furthermore, is a wonderful means of displaying your love and best wishes while welcoming the new-born and the new mother into their new lives. You can either order wreath from a shop nearby, through online websites or make it at home yourself. Take life-like silk flowers and leaves, a macramé hoop or a metal hoop, thin wires to wind the leaves along with the shape of the hoop, pliers to fix them, and hot glue to attach the flowers accordingly. And voila! You have a beautiful floral wreath.

Diaper Wreath DecorScreenshot_2019_0725_194008 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

This is a super cute décor I have been seeing a lot and I absolutely love it! It has two-way benefits – not only you can use it in the baby shower decorations but also it serves as a gift. Again, you can either order it from outside or make it at home. You need a cardboard or foam board (of preferred size) cut into the shape of a donut. Take a set of diapers (depends on how big you want the wreath), roll each diaper tightly and hold it with a rubber band then wrap it with a ribbon. Apply glue to the ribbon (not to the diaper -to the ribbon) and stick it to the donut cardboard firmly. Follow this for each diaper roll. For further decoration, you can add artificial flowers or tassels to your diaper wreath.

Paper Flowers For Decoril_794xN.1575726367_ddlz Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

Flowers are like friends, they bring colors into your world. They spread positivity, happiness, and hope. Flowers are loved not just for the fragrance they emanate but also for the way they look – so Elegant and Serene. The only downside is that they wither quickly disrupting your baby shower decorations. For this reason, we will use the next best thing which is –Taadaa–Paper flowers décor. They are just as attractive and elegant as the real flowers. Giant paper flowers wall decor will add another jewel to your baby shower decorations. You can stick it to your walls as backdrop, around the door or simply arrange them on the table, it will look breath-taking no doubt. If you are creative enough you can absolutely make it yourself else you can always purchase it at the florist shop.

Paper Lanterns And Tissue Pom-Poms8f0606b2d92fec9fa1a8a5890f35ee64 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

Paper Lanterns are made of thin bright paper, they are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes which are often seen at festivals. Tissue Pom-Poms are fluffy decorative balls you can use in the various festive occasion. These two together are one of the cutest combinations out there in terms of baby shower decorations. They are the perfect alternatives to balloons. With minimal effort, they give a lavish look.

They are available in different kits with different sizes and colors. You can pick the color according to your baby shower themes (for example, if you order a white and pink set of 12 pieces – you will receive 4 pink + 3 white lanterns and 3 pink + 2 white pom-poms). The Tissue pom-poms and the Paper Lanterns you receive will be flat along with the instructions for fluffing and expanding respectively. You can use them with fairy lights or tassels. Also, you can hang them from the ceiling or branches of the tree at alternate heights to give a gorgeous backdrop.

Balloons Can Never Go Wrongjanettatelier_50645186_803173823367969_7817453678919522120_n-1 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc


I know what you are thinking, balloons – so overrated and so overused, however, you can’t deny the fact that they also appealing, fascinating, and oh inexpensive. Balloons make everyone jump with joy be it a child or an adult. There are a million ways you can incorporate balloons in the baby shower decorations which would add more color and sparkle to it. Such as, you can create balloon decor using balloons of different sizes and different shades of the same color according to your baby shower theme. Besides that, you can combine the balloons with silk flowers, or tassels. Arrange them in the corner of the wall in inverted L-shape or make it an arch above the door. Alternatively, keep different colors of balloons inside transparent balloons, or attach the balloons to hoops making it a balloon wreath. Phew! In conclusion, we can do so much with balloons alone.

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Hot Air Balloon Decora9ae2f211bce076cb0d1963ba1861fce-681x1024 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

A simple yet charming decor, it adds finesse to the baby shower decorations and gives it a dreamy look. You can easily make this yourself using the Hot Air Balloon DIY kits that are available online and in the shops nearby. The kit you receive will be a semi-finished package that contains a set of 3 or set of 5 decors. Each set will have a paper balloon, a small basket, small ropes with hooks to connect the hot air balloon to the basket, lace and other materials to decorate the basket along with instructions on how to connect the whole décor. You are supposed to stick materials using hot glue.

Go Full On Boho DecorScreenshot_2019_0725_194305 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

The baby shower is an occasion where the expecting mother gets a chance to relax and have fun. Henceforth, the ambience of the baby shower ceremony needs to be appealing and serene. What’s better than using natural elements, sprawled fabrics and go for the boho style baby shower decorations? It could just be an aesthetic woodland event with dream catchers and wind-catchers hanging and a dessert table. Just the sight of fresh green leaves and just bloomed flowered is enough for the mother-to-be to forget all her worries and relax. You can set it up in the backyard, garden or even inside the house, it will look stunning anywhere.

Swing DecorScreenshot_2019_0725_164443 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

First of all, swings are amazing and they remind us of all the fun we used to have as a child. It would undoubtedly be a wonderful idea to add a swing as one of the decors along with the baby shower decorations. You can use a Macramé swing with a comfortable seat and attach a few silk flowers and leaves using a thin wire. A few communities in India have a ritual in the baby shower function, where the mother-to-be sits on a swing while they swing her gently. They believe doing so brings contentment, happiness and joy in the lives of the mother-to-be and her baby. They usually use fresh flowers to decorate the swing.

Tassels for Decorffd83ddac108f43975fc6a3c3a27f74e-683x1024 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

Tassels are a type of decorative trimmings or edgings of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery threads, colored silk, suede or leather, paper, beads for clothing or furnishings. They are one of the easiest self-made decors. They add color and flair to the decorations. While decorating you can use it alongside balloons, tissue pom poms, and can also be included in wreaths. In addition to this, the tassels can be made into a garland and used as a backdrop. Following that, you can use tassels of different shades of the same color to make the garland. Or choose two or three colors of tassels and repeat the same combination again and again to complete the garland. Make sure the colors you choose suit the theme of the baby shower.

Beads As DecorPicsArt_07-26-12.28.521 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas That Will Make You Go Gaga Misc

A bead is a decorative object that is available in several shapes, sizes, and colors of different materials such as stone, bone, shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl. Beads have a small hole for threading or stringing. We can make use of beads in the baby shower decorations in the form of a curtain (which are assembled in a rod) to give a graceful backdrop. Furthermore, you can use the bead curtain in the place of a door or to decoratively cover a window. Besides that, you can assemble the beads in a hoop and use it as a wind chime.

You can make your own bead curtain and wind chime yourself by using the bare assorted beads, charms, bells. Gather them into the beading thread using the beading needle. Then assemble the beaded threads in a rod to make a curtain. Apart from this, you can use different lengths of beading threads to create an arch-shaped curtain for your windows. To make a wind chime, assemble the beaded threads in a hoop along with its circular shape. Additionally, you can also attach silk flowers and hoops to decorate the hoop. If not the ready-made bead curtains and wind chimes are always available in the decor shops.

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Hosting a baby shower while looking after the decorations, guests, food arrangements and making sure the mother-to-be is happy and relaxed along with everyone else can be exhausting and overwhelming. Dazzled by the pressure? Don’t you worry, planning fun events without a hitch is our passion here at BigFDay. Contact us to plan a marvelous event while all you have to do is just relax.


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