Which baby are you?

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Tell me the month you were born and I’ll tell you, your characteristics. Sounds different and weird right? But don’t worry; you’ll love them as they’re quite fun and interesting. January Baby:-You’re born beauty or handsome person gifted with a charisma that makes people worship the very ground you walk. You look dressing up for any event. It can range for costumes to sports gear. You can be a little fussy and can get bored easily. You can get famous if you work hard. So, work hard and don’t expect things to fall at their place. Incredibly talented folks that can seldom show too much of emotion and take a long time to recover when hurt. Terribly sensitive and down-to-earth, yet stubborn. You’re bound to gather a crowd at party for being fun and charismatic. Little tricky in love, yet have that fabulous twinkling in winking eye. You can often be insensitive to others mood. If you’re a man, woman will love you, which can be problematic at times. February Baby:- You’ve a rainbow coloured flow of abstract thoughts, combined with the mercurial personality that is quite intelligent and clever with it. You love reality and random thoughts. You’re quite attractive and sexiest of all. You can be horny, temperamental, rebellious (if restricted), stubborn and ambitious. Once you’ve a dream (which you tend to have as much as possible), you’re determined to reach the goal till the end. You can also be shy, humble and quiet at times and love freedom to a greater extend. You’re very creative and sometimes child-like with colourful ideas and plans. You can get hurt far too easily and are completely hopeless with money. You’re romantic, sharp, sensitive, superstitious, and ludicrous and a person that loves to entertain. March Baby:-You’ve a very attractive and warm personality. You’re a very sexy, affectionate, incredibly shy, reserved, secretive, generous, naturally blunt and sympathetic in nature. You love peace and serenity at all cost and you’re pretty sensitive to others. You’re a great kisser and amazing lovers that often finds it impossible to forget once you’re with someone nike air max cb34. Old lovers never really get over you because you’re trustworthy, appreciative and a person that returns kindness ten folds. You’ve an explosive temper and often find it hard to show your true emotions. Thus, you tend to bottle up feelings. You’re pretty observant and assesses others accurately. You’re shrewd and so you can’t be easily tricked into scams or false affairs. You’re a great person to have as a friend, lover or business partner. But, let me warn others, you’re impossible to get over. April Baby:- You’re suave, fair, compromising, and funny, gifted with a fantastic sense of humor New Balance 997 Outlet. You’re stubborn and very talkative in nature, yet remain calm and cool in composure. You’re kind, sympathetic, concerned about facts and absolute detail. You’re loyal who does work incredibly well in a team. You’re very confident, sensitive with a sunny and positive attitude that can never be fooled with flattery. You’ve an incredible memory, a high ridiculous sense of generosity that is quite clear and knowledgeable. There are possibilities that your first marriage is unlikely to be your last. It might be because you act a bit tougher than you actually are and when it comes to picking the perfect life-partner you’re completely useless. You’re fun to be around that is both hot as well as brilliant that tends to love sports, music, travelling, but not theatre. May Baby:- You tend to hold grudges and can be quite hard-hearted that is strong-willed and highly motivated. You’re a sharp thinker that will not tolerate injustice or fools. You’re beautiful inward as well outward and thereby tend to attract a lot of attention. You harbor deep feelings and tend to be shy towards the opposite sex. You don’t need motivation, constant consoling or motivation. As all you like is to be right and win. You love to dream and have a strong clairvoyance. You’ve a good imagination and are very understanding. You tend to suffer sickness usually in neck and ear. You’re a great leader that could be trusted with heart and life, thus rightly be called a hero. June Baby:-You’re a pleasure to be around and it seems you’ve got the best of all personalities. You love making new friends everywhere you go and tend to be outgoing. You’re an expert flirt that is more likely to have an attractive partner. You’re epitome of being wicked hottie and you often end up having a massive music collection. You’ve a great taste in film and there are great chances that you end up being a famous actor/actress. You’ve got both the looks and talents for it!! You’re quite a superstar and we expect to see you soon in lights, at least in newspaper headlines!! July Baby:- You’re fun to be with, but too secretive to tolerate. You’re quite difficult to fathom and impossible to understand. You tend to take pride in yourself. You’re honest, tactful, warm, trustful, approached that is quite concerned about others feelings too. At times you can be temperamental and emotional. You’re quite witty, moody, just plain crazy at times. You don’t believe in revenge and can forgive anyone easily, yet can’t forget. You dislike wasting your time, form impressions carefully and treat everyone equally. You’re wary and sharp that has a strong sense of empathy. You’re hard working and never have trouble in studying. You’re comfortable and love being alone. August Baby:- You’ve a warm and ebullient personality and you believe that in order to gain experience in life you must travel and take risks. You feed on positive attention. You’re playful, strong-willed, a fighter, kid-hearted and self-confident. You become sneaky and vengeful once messed up with. Once you lack self-control, you tend to engage in some vices that are not good for you. You’re easy to get along with and talk to and have an “everything’s sweet as” attitude. You’re a daydreamer with artistic imagination that can be easily distracted. You hate to study but fortunately your brilliance comes in help. You love to be loved and loved talking to smart persons. You long for freedom that is not keen on conventional rules. You live by “no pain, no gain” caring and you always end up being a suspect whenever something goes wrong. September Baby:- You’re active and utterly dynamic that is decisive and quick to sum up a situation. You can be a little hasty, yet attractive and affectionate nike air max 90 white cheap. You rarely self loath as you’re a very confident person. Some might call it ‘healthy ego’. You’re mentally strong, diplomatic and a wonderful councilor and friend that loves solving other’s problems. You’re brave, fearless, adventurous and some might even refer you as “suave” and you’re incredibly generous. Usually you have many friends and your speeches are inspiring and moving. You enjoy making love and simple love to travel and explore. Sometimes, you’re oddly sexy in a way that only a lover can understand and can we call that being quirky? October Baby:- You love to chat and are incredibly loyal and loving to family and friends. You’re a special “ Angel” gene that brings light and goodness to people that you don’t even know. You’ve an inner beauty and breath-taking physical beauty. You treat friends with importance and respect that never tells lies( except to protect people) or pretends to love and you’ve a fiery temper. You’re brave and fearless that is ready to fight for the under-dog new balance 425. You always love making new friends. You’re a daydreamer, opinionated that can get easily hurt but you recover easily. You’re not overly concerned with what people think about you and so sometimes say almost anything. November Baby:-You’re trustworthy, loyal, very passionate, sexy, playful and mysterious that can be wild at times. You know how to have fun and everyone is drawn towards your bold striking looks, with your unusual beauty and slightly aloof personality that can have lots of naughty secrets. Sometimes you tend to become very emotional and temperamental. You meet people easily and is very social in a group. You’re fearless and independent and when combined with your other qualities, you tend to stand out of the crowd. Usually great men are born during this month and you’re essentially smart. If you ever begin a relationship with someone from this month, hold on to them, because they’re one of the kind. December Baby:-You’re probably the best looking person in the room. You’re loyal, generous; patriotic that can’t stand a word against your people and your country! You’re completive, active and constantly trying a new thing every day. You’re highly ambitious, a little impatient, easy to talk too, but hard to understand and influential in organizations and politics that has great visions to make the world better. You’re sensitive and a complicated soul. But you easily win people through your kindness, humour, debating skills, politeness and soft-spoken attitude. You’re a one kind of person that knows to create life-long friendship. So, which baby are you? Whichever month you may be born in, come to us to get the best location for your birthday party at http://bigfday.com/. We have the best banquet halls in our list for you. Have fun!

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