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If you are scouting for the best wedding venues, we have got you covered. We are here to help with our detailed knowledge of most elegant, glamorous, and funky spaces across Chennai. Not to mention, our love for the city. Hence, we are more than delighted to present to you the Chennai neighbourhood venue guides. We have done all the legwork, all you have to do is start exploring. First up is the bustling shopping district of Thyagaraya Nagar, known locally as T. Nagar.  As the place is full will retail outlets for the major apparel and jewellery brands, T Nagar is hotspot wedding shopping. Needless to say, from lavish spaces to budget venues, there are a variety of banquet halls in T Nagar.

T Nagar has a good selection of Kalyana mandapams, party halls, star rated hotels with banquet facilities etc, to host events of every type.  In this section, we have filtered hotels with banquet halls in T-Nagar, to help you narrow your search.

5 Star Banquet Hall In T Nagar

The Accord Metropolitan

The grand and enchanting banquet halls in The Accord Metropolitan are best suited to host a lavish wedding and reception ceremony. This 5-star banquet hall will mesmerise you with its magnificent stairway, Italian marble flooring, and intricate gold leaf murals. It has three event spaces – Crystal, Emerald and Sapphire and together they have a capacity to accommodate up to 1000 guests. As a result, the venue is quite versatile and the arrangements can be customized to cater to different group sizes. Additionally, there is a distinct foyer space for pre-dinner cocktails and catering arrangements. Treat your guests with a royal feast of multi-cuisine delicacies to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The plush interiors and warm hospitality of the venue will definitely leave your guests spellbound.

Address: 35, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, Lakshmi Colony, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

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4-Star Banquet Hall In T Nagar

GRT Grand

The magnificent GRT Grand in T Nagar, Chennai has in total nine banquet and meeting spaces. As a result, they can cater to different events requirements like informal gatherings, cocktail dinners, business meetings, workshops, interactive events etc. With an area ranging from 200 sqft to approx. 3,300 sqft, GRT Grand has options to host an event from up to 10 people to a large crowd of  800. In fact, their personalised and dedicated services ensure you host a memorable event. Similarly, all the meeting rooms have the latest PA and audio-visual systems for an uninterrupted business meet.

Address: 120, Sir Thyagaraya Rd, Drivers Colony, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

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Residency Towers

With the reputation of offering unparalleled hospitality services, Residency Towers is yet another sought-after banquet hall in T Nagar. They have 7 luxurious event spaces suitable for a grand wedding ceremony or reception. This hall can hold up to a maximum of 400 people and a minimum of 60 people. Furthermore, they have different multi-cuisine options in both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. As a value-added service, they assign a dedicated event coordinator to help you manage the event better.

Address: 115, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

residency List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

Quality Inn Sabari

A stylish 4-star property, Quality Inn Sabari, harmoniously blends its contemporary and unique environment to provide an enriching and rewarding lifestyle experience to its guests.  A perfect venue for gatherings up to 400, it offers a bouquet of facilities to give you a one-stop solution for your event requirements. There are six event spaces of different sizes, so you’ve got your options to choose from. Hence, you have the liberty to plan theme events with exclusive decorations. Similarly, the conference centre features a full-service business centre with high-speed internet access, state-of-the-art telecommunication equipment and audio-visuals.

Address: 29, Thirumalaipillai Road, Thirumurthy Nagar, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

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3-Star Banquet Halls In T Nagar

Hotel Benzz Park

An elegant property in T-Nagar, Hotel Benzz Park provides the best of all through its different banquet spaces. Not only are the banquet halls attractive in appearance but they also come with high-level service standards.  The banquet halls and conference rooms with private dining come in different sizes and decorative styles. It is, therefore, a versatile venue suitable to host parties for up to 500 guests. In addition, they offer a wide variety of multi-cuisine menus that can be designed as per your requirement.

Address: 62, Thirumalai Pillai Road, Parthasarathi Puram, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017

benz-park-2-1024x427 List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

BKR Grand

As one of the best  3-star hotels in T.Nagar, BKR Grand offers houses one of the nicest banquet halls in the area. There are two banquet halls, Grammy and Nobel, which are spacious and appealing. The size of the hall can easily seat 500 people and can host parties for up to 700 people. Additionally, they have 125 well-appointed spacious rooms. It has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffet menu optionFurthermoreore, the hotel has ample parking space available. Hence, BKR Convention Centre in T.Nagar Chennai ideal for weddings and conventions.

21 & 22, N Usman Rd, Postal Colony, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

bkr-1024x683 List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

RJ Residency

Cultivating a relaxed and sophisticated ambience, Hotel RJ RJ Residency offers a new approach through its selection of banquet halls and conference rooms. Due to its proximity to commercial buildings, this three-star property is ideal for hosting business events and board meeting. The refine banquet halls in this hotel offer the perfect gathering place for hosting private and distraction-free events. Likewise, it is an ideal banquet Hall to host up to 250 guests. Please your guests with their soulful food crafted thoughtfully by their excellent catering team.

Address: No 30, 2nd Street, North Boag Road, Near Singapore Consulate T. Nagar, Chennai 600017

rj-residency-1024x688 List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

The Chariot

Hotel Chariot in T Nagar offers the rare combination of beautiful interiors and dedicated attention to guests. Its multi-purpose banquet hall, Golden Trumpet, can accommodate up to 125 people is an apt venue for conferences, meetings and events. For rather intimate functions, their banquet hall Santoor with a seating capacity of 50 people is just ideal. In addition to that, they offer a range of delicious cuisines. Similarly, their impressive and hospitable service is sure to make your event a memorable one for everyone.

Address: No.4, Thirumalai Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017

chariot List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

The Iris Hotel

The contemporary Iris Hotel in T-Nagar offers modern venue spaces for organizing events. They provide an array of services specifically designed to cater to business travellers visiting Chennai. They have beautifully decorated the spacious Aquamarine hall. In addition, they offer several amenities to conduct a smooth event. Similarly, the experienced and well-mannered staff in the hotel are very amicable and help thoroughly to plan the event details. The hall can accommodate guests ranging from 30 to 250 numbers.

Address: No 2, Dr Thomas Rd (Opposite to GRT Grand Hotel), T Nagar, Chennai 600017

iris-2-1024x575 List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events Hotel Dee Cee Manor

The 3-star Hotel Dee Cee Manor has 7 air-conditioned banquet halls of varying sizes. Maximum capacity of the hall is to host 500 guests. The banquet halls have tasteful decor and hence, are ideal for important family functions and meetings. Similarly, the property has ample parking space and variety of multi-cuisine menu options.

Address: No 90, G. N. Chetty Road Parthasarathy Puram, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

dee-cee-1024x681 List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

Hotel NRS Sakithyan

Hotel NRS Sakithyan is a great venue for hosting birthday parties and anniversary parties for up to 125 guests. It offers excellent multi-cuisine food and modern facilities. Moreover, they also provide valet parking for the convenience of guests. As a result, the venue is sure to impress your guests. The warm hospitality and personalized services hospitality offered by Hotel NRS Sakithyan is something that will make your big day special.

Address: 42, Thanikachalam Rd, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

Thulashi Park

Thulashi Park is a family owned business that caters to guests who value budget luxury. The spacious and well-furnished hall is comfortable for gatherings of 70 to 100 people. The venue is perfect not only for business meetings but also for small parties like birthday celebration, baby shower etc. Keeping the customer needs in focus, the staff at Thusashi Park is very flexible and prompt. Last but not the least, they serve lip-smacking dishes that are simply irresistible!

Address: 15 6, 15/6, Darmapuram, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

thulashi-park List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

Hotel Ganga International

The banquet hall at Hotel Ganga International is capable of hosting small and private functions. Being true to its 3-star status, they offer a range of services to their guests for their convenience. Moreover, they also have a variety of tasty delicacies to choose from in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The venue has a car parking space and valet parking service is available. To summarize, this modern yet affordable venue well caters to your requirements for a small party hall in T Nagar.

Address: 9, North Usman Road, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

ganga List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events

Southern Crest

As a classy business hotel, the banquet facility in Southern Crest provides impeccable attention to details to ensure a good event with crisp services and latest amenities. The conference room is well-equipped to provide a comfortable environment. The cosy and well-furnished space can accommodate up to 60 guests. Likewise, they serve flavoursome delicacies in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

Address: No. 3, Venkatanarayana Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017

southern-crest List Of All Banquet Halls In T Nagar, Chennai! Corporate Events Do write to us in the comment section below about your views on our list of hotels with banquet halls in T Nagar.

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2 Star Banquet Hall In T Nagar

GLM Meridian

GLM Meridian hotel in T-Nagar is an ideal place to host special occasions and to conduct corporate meetings. It is an affordable option too. The “Seasons” banquet hall in the basement can accommodate 25 to 100 guests. Another hall on the ground floor can accommodate up to 450 guests.  In fact, the venue has the all the necessary amenities and facilities for you to host a successful event. As a result it one of the best options as budget banquet halls in T Nagar. Interestingly, the venue offers a host of services like air-conditioned hall, a range of menu option, valet parking etc. that are simply unbelievable for the price.

Address: 80A, South Boag Road, Opposite to Amudham Colony, T Nagar, Chennai 600017

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