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Indian bridal designers

Who doesn’t want to look great at their weddings? Wedding is one of the most important event in a person’s life. The bride and the groom are the stars of this event and as such, looking good is imperative. Moreover, the culture of big fat destination weddings and sharing stunning shots on Instagram has led to a rise in people opting for designer wear. This is because nobody wants to take a chance with their look and everybody wants to look their best! If you too are getting hitched anytime soon, then check out this list of top Indian bridal designers for premium customized bridal wear!

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Ever since the trend of fashion blogging has soared in India, the concept of fashion has entirely changed. This has directly affected the bridal scene, as well. The modern brides are more experimental in their wedding ensembles. Gone are the days where the brides wore only red and maroon on their wedding. Now brides love to experiment with colours, styles and in fact, the entire look of their outfits.

However, with an entire array of some very talented Indian bridal wear designers, it can become a little challenging to make your own selection. This is why we have compiled a list of the best ten, that no bride can go wrong with! To know about these, scroll over!

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

It wouldn’t be incorrect to call Sabyasachi the king of bridal wear. From the celebrities to just women who love to spend some moolah on their wedding, Sabyasachi is preferred by all. And why shouldn’t he be? He has taken the bridal scene by storm with his intricate embroideries that ooze Indian culture in every thread. Whether it is the peacock motifs or even the old school vintage accessories, Sabyasachi designs are a sure shot hit. In his collection, one can find wedding ensembles in the most eye-catching colours, the prettiest embroideries and the most beautiful jewellery.

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Want to look like royalty on your wedding day? Choose a head-to-toe Sabyasachi ensemble, and you’ll get the look of your dreams!

Anita Dongre

If you’re thinking breezy outfits with intricate embroideries, think Anita Dongre. With her sustainable fashion and the employment she provides to local artisans, Anita has proven to be one of the best Indian bridal designers. Her wedding lehengas come with a quirky charm that any bride would love. You will find some of the best pastels, mustard hues and even navy shades for your offbeat colour fantasies. Also, though the colours are daring, the ethnic embroidery tones everything down in the most magnificent of attires!

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Manish Malhotra

In the entire Indian fashion scene, there’s this one name that nobody forgets. Manish Malhotra has been doing Bollywood celebrity outfits for as long as we can remember! From Kareena Kapoor to Alia Bhatt, Manish has dressed a number of ladies in his bridal wear collection for their showstopper moments on the runway. However, now he has also begun to create ethnic yet quirky designs for Indian brides who love a little drama.

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Whether it is a quirky sleeve or an ethnic Banarasi Lehenga, you will undoubtedly find something for you at this outlet!

Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

Do you know who brought chikankaari back into high fashion? It was Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. Moreover, as the social media birdies inform us, almost no high profile wedding is complete without attire from this label. You will find some of the best mirror work Lehengas in their collection. Moreover, the flare and the detail that these designers put in into each of their pieces will make you look nothing short of a queen on your wedding day!

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Tarun Tahilliani

Are you a bride who loves to dance? If yes then this is the Indian bridal designer that you should go for. Almost every piece in Tarun’s collection makes sure that you are not bogged down by the weight of the big fairy tale lehenga. Moreover, the styles and variations in which his collections appear look beautiful in pictures and in person. One can also get pieces custom designed according to their own taste!

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Neeta Lulla

For brides who love royalty along with a modern aesthetic appeal, Neeta Lulla is the best option. Neeta has been doing great wedding designs for every taste. Whether it is a rich heritage embroidered look or a breezy Lehenga for a mehndi ceremony, you will find everything in Neeta Lulla’s collection. Not only this, but you will find a variety of fabrics too. These include tulle, taffeta silk and even velvet. There are monochromatic pieces with one colour in every element and also eye-catchy embroidery on an overall pastel fabric!

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Shantanu and Nikhil

If you love experimenting, then Shantanu and Nikhil won’t disappoint you with their futuristic collections. Modern weddings are not about sticking to conventional types of clothing. If you are someone who believes in this notion, you will find the best clothing under this label. Shantanu and Nikhil have made exceptional bridal wear which is unconventional yet grand. Whether it is the frill saris or tulle Lehengas, you will be mesmerised by the grandeur!

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Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri award in 2013 for her work in the field of fashion. This influential position should be enough for you to consider her collections for your big day. If you are looking for ethnic Indian designs inspired by Indian handicraft, then go for a Ritu Kumar ensemble. Her collections are available on almost every outlet in the country. One can find the most exquisite golds and maroons in her collection. From vivid colours to luxurious fabrics, a Ritu Kumar outfit will make you shine like a star.

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Sulakshna Monga

You might not have heard this name before, but that’s entirely your fault! Almost every fashion blogger adheres to Sulakshna Monga pieces for their traditional looks. This designer has outlets in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai. You can try out the empire length silk outfits and decide on the grandeur yourself. One can find beautiful wedding day pieces with vivacious colours and intricate patterns in this Indian bridal designer’s collection.

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Anamika Khanna

If your cocktail outfits are not sorted, leave them on Anamika Khanna. Anamika is known for bridging the gaps between traditional Indian handicrafts and western silhouettes. By merging beautiful fabrics with some frill and quirky embroidery, a quirky cocktail bridal look can be created, and Khanna’s designs show that clearly. Not only this, but a majority of these outfits cost less than a lakh which means it’s not as costly as the rest of the Indian bridal wear designers in the list!

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So here they are! The best Indian bridal wear designers who have made the bridal fashion scene modern yet ethnic in its appeal. However, one should always keep their budget in mind. There is no limit to how much more you can spend, but you must always stick to the minimum price range. Moreover, always go for that piece which makes you look and feel comfortable.

Remember, your wedding day is supposed to be the most special day in your life. Therefore, your idea of a wedding ensemble should make you live the moments and not worry about how heavy your skirt is. So which one would you choose?

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