Trending Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls!

birthday cake for girls

Is deciding on the birthday cake for your daughter that will blow her off next on your to-do list? We know you cant afford to take chances here. And it is more important if it is her first birthday party celebration! You may have gathered a plethora of ideas and inspirations but still, stand undecided. When it comes to a birthday cake for girls there are hundreds of birthday themes and favourite cartoon characters to choose from.  And don’t forget the need to fuse the design with her favourite colour! Getting a distinct cake that meets the birthday girl’s expectations can, after all, be a task of the tall order. Here is our list of ideas for a birthday cake for girls to save you some of the hard work.  You can customize the cake as per your requirements.

Princess/Tiara Cake

She is your crowned princess after all! And hence, a princess cake is an all-time favourite birthday cake choice for girls. This is the perfect way to let her know how precious she is for you. A princess cake in pastel colours will create the royal magic you desire for.  Using metallic colours like gold and silver for the tiara on the top of the cake will make it all the more real. This will also suitable for a royal or princess theme birthday party.

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Babydoll Cake

A doll is more than a toy for every girl, it is her best friend. Doll cakes are cute and elegant too. Layers of cake are stacked on a bell to create the doll’s ruffled dress. A real keepsake doll can also be used in the centre to complete the look.

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Frozen Theme Cake

If your little girl is a big fan of Elsa, Anna and Olaf like the most of us, a Frozen themed cake will excite her to the core. Make sure you don’t leave out her favourite characters from the movie on the cake toppings!

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Moana Theme Cake

Let the wind in your sails guide you to a Moana inspired fondant cake with the tropical delights, sand, waves, of course, the fiery Moana! It is currently another very popular Disney character with the girls and is sure to win your daughters heart!

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Mermaid Theme Cake

This is again a timeless birthday party theme and never seems to be out of trend. And why not? This particular theme offers a lot of scope for birthday party set up whether you are doing it yourself or through a party planner. Similarly, a mermaid theme cake can be made as intricate as possible to ignite your girl’s excitement.

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Unicorn Theme Cake

 If your little one is obsessed with everything unicorn, you have got to get her a gorgeous unicorn birthday cake. It is indeed an alluring theme and its main feature has to be its horn!

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Flower Garden Cake

Flower cakes look very beautiful and can be the centre of attraction at any party. You can also ask for real flowers to make it prettier. It can be bright and colourful or have subtle pastel shades.

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Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse from the Disney club is a favourite birthday party theme for girls and so is a Minnie mouse cake. And how can you possibly not love the cute little mouse?  A red or pink with black Minnie mouse cake with its famous bow is a great option.

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Candy And Cup Cakes

For the kids with a sweet-tooth, nothing can beat the sight of a candy cake! This cake will have a fondant candy decor. Another variant would be a cupcake theme cake. You can be creative and combine the two too!

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Tinkerbell Cake

Girls also love this character and would love a Tinkerbell birthday cake, as she portrays a very feminine and fun-loving image.

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Castle Cake

How about gifting your precious princess her castle on her birthday? Well, we meant a castle themed cake. The castle cake will have the little towers and minarets and sometimes a princess figurine. It can be a simple one tier or a multi-tier cake with intricate details. You can add some glitter to the cake with some gold-dipped minarets.

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Kitchen Set Cake

A kitchen set has to be one of her favourite toys. And if it is, then surprise her with a kitchen theme cake!

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Photo Cake

If you do not have a particular theme in mind, a photo cake will make an ideal choice. And what better way to dedicate the day to the birthday girl than to put her photos on the cake?

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What do you think about our pick of most trending ideas for the birthday cake for girls? We would love to hear from you about your choice or any other thoughts that you may want to share with us about this blog.

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