The Multifaceted Founder Of Birthday Guys Shares Her Journey!

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Savitha Prakash Founder Birthday Guys

We are back again with yet another story about an entrepreneur, innovator and risk-taker who beat the odds and launched a successful business. She has not only built a fast-growing business but also a reputable brand with her creativity, passion, and hard work. From being a startup looking for a scalable business model to planning over 100 birthdays a year, all in the short span of 7 years. The numbers are impressive, the story behind the numbers is even more remarkable. Savitha Prakash, founder of Birthday Guys, one of the premium birthday planners in Chennai reveals how it was done. 

Meet Savitha Prakash

When it comes to a milestone event, you only have one time to get it right. And if that milestone event is your little munchkin’s first birthday party, it has to be simply flawless!  But if Savitha Prakash of Birthday Guys is by your side, you can just relax and leave the rest to her good hands. She will do the heavy lifting for her clients to ensure they enjoy the birthday party and not worry about the nitty-gritty.

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When Savitha did her MSC in software engineering, she didn’t plan on a career in event planning. Instead, she pursued MBA in Human Resources. Later, she established a stable corporate career with lucrative positions in communication, events & brand management.  However, she willingly took a career sabbatical after welcoming her little daughter to enjoy her motherhood. It was during this period that she realized her “urge to do something meaningful on my own”. Hence, in spite of having several job offers, she decided to “stick with her instincts and take the risk.”  And today, she “doesn’t regret her decision even a bit”. As a matter of fact, she is happy with the way things have turned out for her and her company.

Savitha’s venture stands out for many reasons. In fact, Birthday Guys were pioneers to exclusively cater to the niche market of birthday party planning in the whole of South India. Additionally, their services are not restricted to birthday decor alone but also includes birthday cakes, photography, entertainment, catering among others. Hence, if you are looking for a unique birthday celebration that will leave people spellbound, then Birthday Guys would be your best bet!

Journey To Success

Savitha started Spize Events & Creatives, a corporate event management company in 2011. Within a year, her company was not only “competing with some bigwigs for a huge corporate event  (3500 pax) of a giant manufacturing company but also bagged it!”

Having realized the potential of event management across different segments, the company took a cautious decision to diversify. A year later in 2012, they found Birthday Guys with an “aim to be an exclusive birthday party planner”. At that period, there was no event planner who specialized only in birthday parties. For someone who “loves kids”, venturing into “something that involves kids in and out” was a natural progression. According to her, the fact she is able to bring her “passion for this work and love for kids together”  has taken Birthday Guys to places. Additionally, the company has another business unit, Wedding Ethos, which specializes in wedding planning.

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Her company engages in numerous CSR initiatives through its Make A Difference (MAD) unit.  In particular, they are involved in education-driven initiatives for the underprivileged students. They also regularly conduct theme parties for orphanages. Soon, they will be implementing “Plant The Future” program with the simple idea “to plant a sapling for every party we organize in the name of the birthday child”.

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Nonetheless, it was never an easy journey. From being bootstrapped to information overload, the company did face the dilemmas like the startups usually do. But every roadblock was a step to move closer to her goals. She says “people told me that I shouldn’t have quit my so-called safe corporate job but I have never regretted the decision.”

About Birthday Guys

Over the years, Birthday Guys has changed the birthday planning landscape for good with it innovative and creative approach. As a result, it has won several accolades and a loyal client base who can’t help but refer Birthday Guys to family and friends. And Savitha promptly owes this success to her talented team. “We are a creative & passionate bunch of people, we make every party unique”.  Being customer centric to the core, personalization of every event and no repetition of birthday décor styles, sets them apart from others. Even for the same themes, each birthday decor has some one-of-a-kind component!

A birthday celebration especially the first one is quite an emotionally charged event. Hence, they offer a variety of services and coordination packages to ensure that every expectation is met. As they offer all birthday related products under one umbrella,  the entire process is convenient and hassle-free for the parents.

She believes that the key to producing any successful event is establishing a game plan. In order to achieve it, she likes to work backwards. They break down every element of the party and create all the little details from there. According to her “I m the toughest client to my team and we follow the “under promise and over deliver’ strategy.”

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Advice For Aspirants

“Just believe in yourself, listen to what your heart says, and use the brain only for numbers”, she says. Unlike the common notion that event management is an easy profession, it has its unique challenges. Her advice “in order to sustain in the field, one needs to take ownership of the complete event and should be able to handle a crisis situation.”

Road Ahead

The company aims to maintain its status of being among the top birthday planners in Chennai. They are also considering to take the brand, Birthday Guys, across India. They have a clear vision to ensure clients satisfaction and loyalty by delivering events of the highest quality.  Savitha not only intends to set standards for professional birthday planning but also set new trends for the industry.

It is a common belief that the event management industry is unorganized but recently the area has become more competitive, fun and methodical. Though the industry is witnessing drastic changes, still much needs to be done to overcome the operational challenges. She foresees Birthday Guys bridging this gap in the near future.

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We will be back soon with yet another gripping and inspiring entrepreneurial story. In the meanwhile, we would love to hear from you about your views and experiences. Do write to us or leave your comments below!!!

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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