Checklist For Planning Kid’s Birthday Party At Home!

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It is very important for me and my husband to celebrate our little munchkin’s birthday in the best possible way. Celebrating a child’s birthday in a special way is just one way for parents to show how special they are to us. After all the first year birthday fun-fare, we decided to host the birthday party at home this year. None-the-less it had to be amazing in every way. Believe me, having a birthday party at home can be stress-free if you plan and organize appropriately a little in advance. Personally, I enjoyed wearing my party planning hat and hosting the birthday party at home. So I thought of sharing this useful party planning checklist that will help all the parents-in-need put up a fabulous birthday party!

bp-2 Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties

The Basic

Start planning the birthday party with the basics. This should be done at least 1 week before, preferably 2 weeks before the party so that you have enough time to organize.

Birthday Party Date

Decide on the date you want to celebrate the birthday. If the birthday falls on a weekday, choosing the closest weekend may be a good option if you want everyone to spend leisure time

Birthday Party Theme

 Art party? A celebration of all things Spiderman? Let your child help pick the theme. Having a theme will help to narrow down decoration and activity options. Choosing a colour scheme will also become easy if you have a theme. Not to mention the fact that your child will be on cloud nine to have his/her favourite thing (whether it is colour, movie/cartoon character etc ) be part of the birthday.

Setting A Time

 Will it be celebrated over lunch or dinner or evening snack? What is the maximum number of hours you expect the party to last?


Decide whether the birthday party will be a family affair or just for the kids or simply a few select friends. Accordingly, make a list of the guests you plan to invite and keep a track of responses.

BP-home-1 Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties

Party Specifics


If your guest list includes more than just the neighbourhood kids, it is a good idea to send the birthday invitations in advance with a follow up on the day of the party.  The simplest way is to send an invitation via WhatsApp, Facebook, email or simply make a phone call.

Communicate Specifics

Ensure to specify the start and end time, if the guests have to dress according to a theme or come prepared with something specific. Especially for a kids party it’s better to consult for dietary restrictions. It will also help you to plan the party food.

BP-invi Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties


If you have a themed birthday party, you can purchase the below-mentioned decoration pieces according to the theme. They are quite easily available online or in gift shops. Check our blog on DIY birthday decoration ideas for more inspirations.


You can blow up balloons a few hours before the party. If it’s an outdoor party, you may want to wait till an hour or a half hour before.

Paper Streamers

They make a good decoration accessory whether it is the backdrop or for simply hanging around the room. You can even fold them into patterns.


A big “Happy Birthday” banner or feature banner related to the party theme.

Cutouts and Centerpieces

A themed birthday party will not be as much fun without character cut-outs and cake table centrepieces.  You can print the smaller ones at home itself.

Party Hats

The younger kids love them. They are available in a variety of colours, themes and are also age-specific.

Wall Decorations

Depending on the theme and colour scheme, wall decorations help to provide the necessary ambience. You can do it with balloons, streamers, cut-outs etc.

BP-deco Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties


Always make sure you have more than enough with tableware. This includes plates, cups, napkins, spoon etc. Theme based tableware sets are readily available in the market.

BP-supplies Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Menu

Before you plan the menu, make sure you have taken into consideration the special dietary needs that you have to cater for – including allergies vegetarians etc.


You can make it yourself or order it from outside. Give more lead time if you’re ordering from a busy bakery or if you have an elaborate design in mind. For home-made cakes, you would know better how much time you’d need to get it done properly.


Pick a few confectionaries like lollipops, cupcakes, chocolates, doughnuts, brownies, jelly cups etc

Party Food

Don’t plan for too many varieties. Having one or two favourite items should be sufficient. Sandwiches, mini-burgers, mini-pizzas, puff, rolls, french fries, nuggets, waffles make good as party food choices.


Its simply your choice – fresh juice, milkshake or tetra-paks. In addition, make arrangements for water also.

bp-food Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties

Games & Activities

Decide on the games and activities/entertainment in advance so that you can prepare for it. Also, have some extra game options ready.

Game Supplies

Do you need anything in specific to organize your games? Wrapped pass the parcel, tail and pins, pencils, paper, balloons, whistle, bubble blower etc? Keep them ready and handy.


Music is a must whether it is for the kid’s dance or for the games. Keep the player, mike, playlist ready!

Game Prizes

Buy a few prizes for game winners to keep the kiddie gang excited. Make sure to wrap it up!

BP-games Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties Party Favor

You can either choose from the ready favour packs available in stores or opt for something unique. You can try colouring books, crayons, stickers, bottles or boxes for lunch, hair clips, frisbees, Rubik’s cube, high bounce balls, jigsaws, card games, coin holders, etc.BP-favor Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties

Other Things You May Need

Additional Furniture

To make seating arrangements for your guests, you made need some extra chairs, tables, pedestal fan etc. You can either rent or borrow from family/friends for a few hours.


Either hire a photographer or assign the task to someone in family/friends. Keep the camera, battery etc ready.

Candles, Knife, Matchbox/Lighter

BP-arrangement Checklist For Planning Kid's Birthday Party At Home! Birthday Parties


With proper planning and creativity, you can definitely organize a birthday party at home that the kids will adore! It need not be expensive at all. I hope you too will love hosting your kid’s next birthday party at home with fun themes and ideas just as much as I did!

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