10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT!

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birthday themes for boys

Ain’t no birthday party without a LIT theme.

Your son’s birthday is approaching (they come really fast, don’t they?) and you are still trying to figure out everything? You aren’t alone.

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There’s so much to organise and too little time. The theme, guests, invitations, return gifts, cake, food, venue, the list goes on. Who knew a birthday party can be so hectic to plan?

Don’t even think of a birthday party without a theme. They are pretty much non-existent now. The theme is like the Chandler Bing of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Can’t even imagine it without him!

The birthday party themes for boys nowadays range from basic to out-of-this-world. Besides, the more creative, the better. A creative theme builds excitement among kids for the party.

We’ve curated a list of “cool” birthday themes for boys that will turn your party into a smash hit!

Marvel Superheroes

Marvel-195x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

Iron Man, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Doctor Strange, the list goes on. Marvel’s universe-protecting saviours are popular among everyone, especially kids. A fan favourite, Iron Man is an icon, to say the least. Using these characters as themes will set your party apart from everyone else’s. Further, posters can be used for decorations.

Superhero bobbleheads can be given for return gifts. Cakes are easily available in this theme. As an added topping, you can give out superhero masks, which are available online. You can also arrange for a face painter who’ll paint these superheroes on the faces of the kids. Undoubtedly, the evergrowing love for these Avengers will ensure that kids love this theme.

DC Superheroes

dc-200x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

There’s a reason I listed Marvel first.

The DC universe has a whole range of heroes that have its own fans. Batman remains a favourite for boys all around the world. Batman and Superman remain classics and don’t fail in making a great theme. Further, their posters can be hung up as decor and a photo booth related to them can be set up.

Further, DC superheroes inspired invitations can be sent out. These invitations can be found on many leading websites. Additionally, you can also stick their famous quotes on the walls to spruce up the decorations. For cakes, you can customize your order and even get theme-inspired cupcakes.

Boss Baby

boss-baby-225x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

There’s not a single child who doesn’t love this movie and character. This adorable yet bossy baby is perfect for a theme for a first birthday party. If you are thinking that it is outdated, trust me it is not. A character so finely written and depicted is adored by all.

The decorations for this theme can either be made at home or purchased online. If you have the time, you can even show the movie to the kids. However, you might have to custom order the cake. Take it from me, kids will absolutely love this theme. The invitations itself will make them super excited!

Toy Story

toy-story-300x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

Toy Story is one of the greatest birthday themes for boys! Every kid has grown up watching this epic franchise. Boys relate to either woody or Buzz Lightyear and look up to them. Almost every kid has watched this series and that’s why it would make for a great theme.

You can conduct games relating to “Woody vs Buzz” and even give out the characters bobbleheads. Moreover, every kid can be allotted a character from the movies and games can be conducted accordingly. Kids will definitely love this theme and will be excited to attend this party! Plus, you can also keep a dress code and have a fancy dress competition.


cars-290x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

This theme is apt for boys! A movie loved by all, Lightning Mcqueen was an absolute boss. Cars makes for a great theme as you could do a lot with it. You can have cardboard cutouts of Cars Characters and have the kids pose with them.

Moreover, as return gifts, you can give small toy cars which boys absolutely LOVE. Nothing amps up a boy more than a car. Additionally, you can also order a cake with wheel-like structures that will be according to the Cars theme.


space-225x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

Perfect for 2-year-old boys, you can call the theme of the party – Two the Moon. The space theme is a popular theme and can be very informative too. The decoration can be made at home too. Make sure to fill the wall with stars! Plus, you can also add posters of animated spaceships to spruce up the theme.

Moreover, the kids can be told to dress up according to the theme. Besides a space-inspired cake will look great and kids will not be able to wait for it to get cut. For return gifts, you can give toy rockets and spaceships as they make for great collectables.


shinchan-300x175 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

The kid in me is screaming right now. 

I mean, do I even have to justify this? I know full grown adults who still watch this show. A universally loved character, Shinchan is one of the best birthday themes for boys. You can play his song throughout the party and not a single soul will get bored.

Who doesn’t relate to this character? His sarcastic replies are brilliant and funny till date. Further, the hall can be decorated by hanging Shinchan’s cutouts and the kids can take lovely pictures with them. Moreover, a Shinchan inspired cake can be ordered. Therefore, the kids will love this theme and the birthday party will automatically become a huge hit!

Power Rangers

power-rangers-242x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

SPD Emergency!

This line literally gives goosebumps. Kids have grown up watching the Power Rangers beat villains over and over again. Moreover, kids watch these original superheroes and admire them. Hence, keeping Power Rangers as a theme will be different and catchy. Besides, it will be a hit among everyone present.

The decorations might require a little work but it will be worth it. Additionally, you can give miniature Power Rangers toys as return gifts. This is a one-of-a-kind birthday party theme for boys and is guaranteed to be loved by all.


foostball-300x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

Boys are OBSESSED with certain players, be it in football or in cricket. For example, a Messi-themed birthday party can have an extravagant cake as well as cupcakes. His jersey number can be the basis of all games. His posters and cut-outs can be used as decoration.

Additionally, the jersey itself can be given to kids as return gifts. One of the most famous themes, it is a proven success. Besides, if not football, any player from sport can be kept as the theme to ensure a rocking birthday party.


minions2-200x300 10 Birthday Themes For Boys That Are Absolutely LIT! Birthday Parties

Perfect for boys below the age of 7, Minions as a theme is great. These yellow cuddly characters are a huge hit among kids as well as adults. Tbh, Bob is the best. A popular theme, it has been used quite a few times. Moreover, the decoration for this theme is easily available.

If you want to DIY, you just need some yellow chart paper. Stuffed Minion toys can be given as return gifts, the kids will love it. Minion shaped cakes are also available. There’s nothing stopping this theme from being the best ever.

I really hope that this list of outstanding birthday themes for boys helped you. Birthday parties can be hard to plan, but lucky for you, we are experts in that. From the venue to decoration, we’ll take care of everything. You’ll just have to enjoy the rocking party! All you have to do is contact us to plan your event and leave the rest, to the best.


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