How to Plan your Bollywood Themed Wedding?

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In every Indian couple, there is a Bollywood buff within. And what would be a better way to pay tribute to this love by hosting a Bollywood themed wedding! The extraordinary grandeur captured perfectly on camera, the beautiful wedding outfits and dazzling performances are the highlights that any Indian couple would love to have in their wedding!

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The plus in taking up Bollywood as a theme is that it can be easily executed. And, everybody loves a good Bollywood themed affair. As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong with this theme!  We are here to help you realize your dream of the ultimate Bollywood wedding. Sit back and read through our wonderfully ‘filmy’ ideas!

Work on a Theme

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Colors and glitter are a must in every Indian wedding, however, without a theme, they look dull. So, choose a theme for the function coupled with the ‘filmy tadka’. Your theme can be a particular movie or, a genre. From engagement to mehendi, sangeet, reception and cocktail, blend in your theme for an outstanding ‘Bollywood’ wedding.

Start with the Invite

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The invite for your wedding has to have oodles of drama. You can either have a retro, whacky and dazzling invite or a new-age Bollywood drama invite. Just remember that Bollywood is all about Colour and Shandaar, and it’ll amaze your guests to your wedding.

  1. Have your caricatures made in your favourite actors and actresses’ dresses
  2. Adapt your favourite song/movie into the invite.
  3. Add in cute whistles to add drama.
  4. You can even add those Dabangg-style aviators to each invite.
  5. Your invite can even look like a broadway ticket or cinema ticket.

Bold and Crazy Decor

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Generally, Indian weddings are pompous and colourful. But what will set aside your wedding from the others is when it is flashier and glossier. Be prepared to go overboard with the idea right from the start because such weddings are extravagant! And why not? It is a once in a lifetime affair. Incorporate golden drapes and ribbons, pastel hued canopies, lots of seasonal and exotic flowers to make the venue lavish.

A Bolly-Inspired Menu Card

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Why not include the food and fit it into the theme as well? You can give cute name cards to each of the delicacies and give it a bollywood twist! Serve filmy food gleaned from the movies – biryani, chaat, samosa, bread pakora. You could also incorporate the theme into the wedding cake.

Perfect Wedding Wardrobe

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Can you imagine any filmy wedding without those jaw-dropping designer outfits? Certainly not! So, knock yourself out and play dress-up. Moreover, elaborate Indian wear finds an important place while planning such a grand wedding. Brides should consider having everything from lehengas to a simple salwar kurti and the finest of designer sarees in fabrics like chiffons, georgettes and silk with delicate and timeless work. The bride and the groom need to accentuate their look and spend to achieve an exotic and filmy look. And dont stop with just that! The entire family needs to be dressed to match the filmy bollywood theme.

Song & Entertainment Ideas

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It is impossible to imagine a celebration without music. So, It goes without saying that all your performance songs have to be Bollywood inspired, but to infuse that extra dose of Bollywood – incorporate your theme to the fullest. You can make your bridesmaids dance to your favourite bollywood tunes or enact a scene from your favourite movie. In like manner, you can personalize this to suit your taste and style.

Photo Booth

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For a wedding this dramatic, you need a photo booth equally dramatic to create memories! For instance, you can have cutouts of famous movie characters and take pictures. Or, you can put props inspired from different movies.

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Now that you’ve planned your ultimate bollywood wedding, Get ready for all the naach gana!

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