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You remember JoJo, Head of Customer Delight at BigFday?? JoJo recently sent out an email to all Top Corporate Companies in Chennai to talk about Guess what, all the readers loved his email. We got tremendous response with about 38 active enquiries for banquet bookings. 

I felt it was a great email too and I wanted to share this with you. Here you go!

Hi ,

Hope all is well with you. This is JoJo from

Disclaimer: Are you someone, who is into booking banquet halls, training/conference rooms for you company? Then please read on. If not, nice knowing you mate, don’t waste your time reading this, we have something else really cool for you here. Check it out!

What is

BigFday is your friend who bunked college, work, even got hated by his girlfriend, to study about all the top venues in town. If there was a Ph.D for researching venues, he’d have had it, hands down. He’s the guy you go to when you have a party, weddings, reunions, corporate events and say,’ Dude, Help Me Find a Venue!’. And he’ll help you with all the details you need. Which venue to choose from, when they offer their best prices, how to negotiate. He’ll even talk to those hotels on your behalf and get you unbelievable prices because hoteliers know he can’t be messed with like they do with their unassuming customers. He’ll also surprise you with some extras in the deal. Though he’s getting ridiculed at home for doing this for you, you love him. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Okay, seriously, I have a corporate event coming. How can you help me book a banquet hall for 250 people?

Why not just call us on +91 7811003344 or leave the details of your event here and we’ll make it a breeze. To answer your question, once we collect the details, we’ll have an idea on the kind of hotels that can house your event. We have currently over 500 venues, including all 3,4,5 star hotels, working with us in Chennai and we’ll also find out the best price we can get in them, along with the menu options that works for you. We’ll collect the advance, book the hotel and make sure your client gets VIP treatment at the venue on the day of the event.  You just focus on organizing the event better and bigger. We’ll handle the venue booking and getting the best prices. Deal?

How much money do you make out of these bookings? 

Mom? Is that you? Sorry, that question sounded like it came from her. On a serious note, we book thousands of seats for hotels each day and we eliminate a lot of work for the hotels. Besides, people who come through us are a happy bunch and hotels finally feel they have the right partners to do this with. In return, they are absolutely happy to share a little something to keep us helping them forever.

Should you pay us anything for this? 

You don’t know much about us. Do You? We are friends with Santa Claus and we have been trained on joy of giving.

You Don’t have to pay us a penny for doing this. NO Asteriks. NO Terms and Conditions. I Swear!!

What are you waiting For? Go ahead and browse for the next venue for your Corporate Event or Leave us the details of your event here and we will get back to you with the best options in Madras.. oooppsss. Sorry!! Chennai.



P.S. More questions? Please feel free to call our Corporate Sales Executive – Sabin on 9884066475.

Extremely Well written Right? Good Work JoJo. Now Stop Running Around. Get Back to Work!! 

For the newbies – Read about JoJo here



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