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Your friend is turning older next week and you want to surprise him/her with a party. What will you do? Call up their parents and arrange for a surprise party or book a small hall and make it more surprising even for their parents? A surprised can be carried out either ways. Also, who you want to invite for the surprise, matters. If you want to make it a bigger surprise, then you can go for mini boutique party halls that allow about a maximum of 50 people. Apart from surprises, even if you want to have a small party for your birthday with not more than a few close acquaintances, in that case, boutique birthday party halls are the ideal one for you. Wondering what they are? Boutique halls are small areas for parties, with the capacity of being able to accommodate 50 people. Restaurants, cafeterias like Café Coffee Day, Barista and Pizza Hut are all examples of boutique halls. Though they have their own advantages and disadvantages, they are always the best for surprises. Wondering how? Let’s put it this way. 10 or 20 of you can gather at the party hall and wait for the special person to arrive. And the one who will be bringing that person can just build up silly reasons like you want to have burger and fries and bring them somewhere, say Mc Donalds. And when you all arrive, you can take the birthday boy or girl inside the party hall, with the whole crowd screaming ‘Happy birthdayyy!’ The boutique birthday party halls are perfect for this. Let us tell you why boutique halls are ideal for small parties. Perfect for small group: Boutique party halls are very small in area, capable of accommodating only 50 persons Nike Air Max Thea Print Sale. Hence, if the number of guests you have invited is no more than 50, there would be sufficient moving and breathing space, making the guests feel very comfortable. Also, since the number of guests is in adherence to the area of the hall, chances are less or nil that the hall might be bigger than the crowd and look empty. Empty halls will look dull and make the guests feel bored and unimportant.

Boutique-Party-Halls-Hablis-Quil-300x199 Boutique party halls Venues Hablis – Quill Hall

Familiar surrounding: Boutique birthday parties halls like our normal cafeterias are places visited by all of us, regularly. Celebrating birthday in such places will be approved by everyone and will also have a good response. This is the ideal place for celebrating kids’ birthday parties because parents tend to feel more secured in places like these, which are often visited. No issues with food The best decision you could take, in case of locations for parties, is these boutique halls. Why? Since these halls are a part of the respective restaurants, food will not be a problem and you can always decide on the menu that you like. For example, if you are booking the party hall in Mc Donald’s, then the crowd that is fond of fries and burger will be delighted to come, or if you love it, personally, then it would be exciting for you, too New Balance 620 Outlet. After all, isn’t food the best and the main part of every party? Reasonable price: The cost of hiring a boutique birthday party hall, is way cheaper than the bigger banquet halls that are located in big hotels. The price is fixed in relevance with the area, too. The total cost, including rent, food, hospitality, music and the decoration will certain be less expensive than banquet halls, where all these are done on a larger scale. For just close friends and family, who would come up to not more than 50, isn’t it highly reasonable?

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Within the city: One of the biggest advantages of boutique halls is that, they are located at the heart of the city. Especially in a city like Chennai, most of the cafeterias and restaurants are located in the centre point. Hence, it would be easy for everyone to come. People need not worry about having to travel long distances Original New Balance 579. Going for a party is fun, but certainly travelling a long distance isn’t. Would you want to travel distances and feel tired by the time you arrive or stay fresh all along? There are several advantages of boutique halls, which will make you want to go for them. They are cheap, located at the centre of the city, and have a very comfortable surrounding area.

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These are ideal for simple parties with not more than 50 people. Be it a boutique hall or a banquet hall, you have to think and find the ideal hall. If you are unaware of some of the hottest locations in the city, then just one click and you’ll find us at . We have over 500+ locations just to confuse you and later help out with clear decisions.

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