Bridal Makeup Trials – A Must for Brides!

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Bridal makeup

Your D-Day is fast approaching and you have struck most crucial elements from your checklist like bridal dress, the venue, the decors etc. Great!! But we hope you have not missed out bridal makeup and hair trial from your checklist.  Agreed, your natural bridal beauty during your wedding will stand out but your hairdo and makeup will definitely have an influence in creating a flawless look. We just cannot stress the importance of a trial enough. The bridal makeup and hair trial for your wedding is a pretty big deal…

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What is a bridal makeup trial?

It is a one-on-one consultation where you get to work with your makeup artist/hair stylist to get the perfect look based on your ideas, bridal dress and skin/hair type. The session usually lasts for 1-2 hours where the professionals will go through lots of different styles. Idea is to make you feel comfortable through the whole process. Sounds interesting, right?

Why is a bridal makeup trial important?

Bridal trials are a good opportunity for the bride and her artist to warm up to each other. We know your next big question – is it necessary? Absolutely! You are entrusting them the crucial task of preparing you for the occasion where all eyes are on you and only you. You wouldn’t book a florist or a photographer without viewing their portfolio, would you? The same should go for the hair and makeup artists you use on your wedding day.

  • It’s the perfect chance for the bride to evaluate the artist’s professionalism, and also is a good gauge on how well the two will work together.
  • It allows the artist to get familiar with the bride’s facial contours, skin texture, hair type etc.
  • It ensures both parties involved know the time required on the actual day. And remember, you don’t have the luxury of free time on your wedding day.
  • It helps to ease out anxiety & stress most brides have on the big day. Makeup is more than applying the right shades and foundation. A lot of detailing goes into it like whether to wear false lashes, whether the make-up and hairstyle complement each other, testing out the longevity of the hair and makeup etc. Ironing out those details during the wedding trial boosts the bride with vitamin C, as in her Confidence.
  • It gives enough time to test if you are allergic to any of the products and avoid any nightmares on the wedding day.

On the day of the trial

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Hmm… Now that you have decided to consider a bridal trial it’s always smart to come prepared with a little bit of research. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your makeup/hair trial.

  • Describe your wedding theme and colour scheme. This will help the artist to determine the complimenting colour palette and the type of styling.
  • Carrying your bridal dress (or pictures), jewellery and accessories is better.
  • Taking magazine clippings, pictures, screenshots will help your artist visualize your desired look.
  • Feel free to take a friend or family member along. It always helps to have somebody who knows you to give their opinion.

There are few tips on how you could utilise the makeup trial at its best!

Hope this helped you understand why makeup trials are all the rage.

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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