Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides

Bridal Preps by BigFday

Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making Bridal Preps by BigFday held on 7 April 2018 a fabulous success! We couldn’t have asked for more. Bridal Preps by BigFday is a rehearsal day for your Big Day. We bring in top wedding professionals in the city including photographers, makeup artists, decorators, jewellers etc under one roof.  And each bride-to-be gets to try out their services/products. Additionally, the vendors will give their expert opinion on any questions you might have about your wedding. All this is free of cost.  Yeah, you heard it right!

Being in the wedding planning service for some time now, we felt there was a vacuum in wedding planning and the process of selecting vendors lacked a holistic approach. It is very important that every piece of your wedding preparation complements the other elements.  With a hefty amount spent on a wedding, imagine having a bad makeup, decor or a jewellery that camouflages with your lehenga!! On the other hand, this space lacked re-takes and rehearsals. But with Bridal Preps by BigFday, you can discover the best luxuries for your wedding in a sampling session.

Bridal Preps is not just about trying out makeup and jewellery or getting photographed. It is about trying these products and services in a mini wedding like set-up and evaluating the combined effect. With this idea, we approached various wedding vendors and they were more than willing to extend their support in realizing this concept. Next big decision for us to name the event. We simply couldn’t go wrong with this one and hence kept an open poll for our clients to suggest and vote for a suitable title. And “Bridal Preps” was the winner!

For those who missed it and for those who have been eagerly waiting for reviews, here’s a quick sneak peek.

Looking Back At The Day…

It was a busy day but we couldn’t be happier after four successful bridal rehearsals. All the four brides were super excited to be part of it. We can’t thank our brides enough for being so involved and co-operative throughout the process. Each bride spent about 4 hours consulting with the different vendors but towards the end, it was totally worth it.

Jewellery And More

The event was conducted in the plush premises of Mehta Jewellery in KNK, Chennai. Being our jewellery partner for the event, the staff at Mehta Jewellery did a great job in guiding the brides. The brides not only got a taste of the latest wedding collection of jewellery for muhurtham and reception but also other jewellery related advice.

mehta-collage Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

Makeup And Hairdo

One of the key things to do when searching for the right makeup artist is to have a bridal makeup trial. To help you prepare and get the most out of your bridal makeup trial, we roped in the extremely talented makeup artist Roshni Ravi (Insta handle: makeupbyroshniiravi), Aamirah (Insta handle: makeup_by_aamirah) and Dipti Mehra (Insta handle: diptimehra). Well, known hairstylist, Sainidhi Kidamdi (Insta handle: sainidhikidambi)was also present. And the result was simply awesome. We are not exaggerating in saying that the brides were beaming with joy on seeing their wedding makeup goals fulfilled.

prep-poonam Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

radhika-collage Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

preethi-collage Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

A Perfect Decor

As our decor partner, Mehak Decor did a fantastic job of creating an apt ambience to stir in the wedding mood with their elegant floral wall backdrop. A good wedding decor that blends with your attire and makeup is necessary to create the oomph factor. And Mehak was successful in achieving it by using neutral colours to suit the looks for all the four brides.

mehak-4 Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

Picture Time

It is equally important for the bridal look to be photo-friendly. Every element including bridal makeup and jewellery must be perfect. Otherwise, it will show up on the high definition professional bridal photographs. Our photography partners for the event, Zero Gravity, did a marvellous job with their clicks. The brides were able to judge the effectiveness of their desired look through some since pictures.

zero-collage Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

Chic Invitations To Chose From

The invitation maker Paper Thingie added a cherry on the cake top with their presence. Our brides simply loved their beautiful and creative card designs. They also had constructive discussions about designing their wedding cards.

invitation Bridal Preps By BigFday: A Rehearsal Day For Brides Weddings

Let us know what you feel about Bridal Preps and anything that we can do or not do in future. From our side, we assure you this is only the beginning. We will continue to add spark to your preparations with recurring Bridal Prep sessions with the squad of best wedding professionals from Chennai.

Check out what our beautiful brides have to say about Bridal Preps By BigFday.

If you thought that deciding on the wedding preparations is difficult, then think again. Picking the right vendor can be trickier. But don’t worry, we have got your back with our pool of top wedding professionals in the city. Just Contact us to make your search simple and convenient at no additional cost.

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