Bridal Skin Treatments For A Flawless Bridal Glow

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A pre-wedding skin regime of a facial, manicure and pedicure may sound enough to get beautified but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to pre-wedding skin and hair treatments, the options are just too many for the ultimate bridal glow for the big day.

As a cosmetologist, I completely believe in the efficacy of our treatments to provide brides-to-be with proven solutions to their skin conditions. With the help of a cosmetologist, you can receive safe and comfortable procedures, making you look brighter, younger and tauter.

Though there are innumerable pre-wedding bridal skin treatments available, here are some of my best-selling treatments and their bang for the buck:


The Micro-needling treatment procedure uses multiple tiny needles to pierce the upper layer of skin. It is safe, effective and a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Though the thought of needle piercing may be frightful, the pricks are subtle like ant bites and actually quite small. Chances are you won’t notice them once done.

Depending on the skin type and severity of the issues, the cosmologist will select the needle depth. The procedure is FDA-approved and performed using professional-grade derma rollers/ microneedles/ hydra-needles. For best results, I recommend 3 to 6 sessions at 3-week intervals.


How Does It Work? : Micro-needling stimulates collagen (a type of protein that gives structure to the skin and enhances it) production. Boosting the collagen production results in general skin rejuvenation.

Used For: Micro-needling treats textural skin problems like acne scars, open pores, wrinkles, fine lines etc. Typically, It improves the overall texture of your skin making it look firm, smooth and even-toned.

Vampire Facial

Vampire facial is an advanced form of micro-needling treatment in which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is infused back into the skin to improve the cosmetic result. The procedure involves two steps – the micro-needling part as described above and separating plasma from the blood to infuse it back. In order to separate the plasma, a syringe of blood is drawn, generally from your arm. The blood sample undergoes centrifugation to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other components of the blood. This plasma rich solution is then massaged into the skin to repair and stimulate new cell production.

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How Does It Work? : The plasma proteins have great regenerative properties. Thus, helps to provide enhanced results. As micro-needling causes minute openings in the skin, it aids in better penetration of the plasma into the treatment area.

Used For: Vampire facial is good for treating acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, skin tightening and achieving healthier skin.

Chemical Peel

It is a cosmetic treatment used for improving skin appearance. For this treatment, we apply a non-toxic chemical solution to the skin which causes it to exfoliate and gradually peel off. In order to get good results, you may require 4-8 sessions spaced at 2-week intervals depending upon the severity of the skin condition.

The skin will be tender for a few days immediately after the peel. To achieve optimum results, avoid picking or peeling the skin and protect the treated area from sun exposure. Hence, you must use a sunscreen.

How Does It Work? : The chemical causes your skin to peel. This makes way for new skin to regenerate which is smooth and even-toned.

Used For: Chemical peels treat uneven skin tone, blackheads, open pores, skin discolouration, sun damage, acne marks & scars, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. You can achieve a firmer, softer and more radiant skin.


Hydrafacial comes under the gold standard category of non-invasive skin treatments. Compared to derma abrasion procedures, it is a subtler approach towards achieving smooth and glowing skin. In fact, it is the only treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and antioxidant protection at the same time. Likewise, there are no known procedural discomforts and down-time. Ideally, one may require about 4-6 sessions.

hydrafacial Bridal Skin Treatments For A Flawless Bridal Glow Weddings

How Does It Work? The device not only vacuums out pores but also pushes skin elixirs that enhance the skin texture.

Used for: Lightening skin tone, moisturising the skin, minimizing dark spots, fine lines, eliminates blackheads. It is suitable for all skin types and leaves you with beautiful and healthy skin.

Laser Facial

Laser facial treatment uses concentrated pulsating beams of light to peel the skin of its irregularities layer by layer. It is also known as laser resurfacing or laser peel. Laser facials offer a safe and effective means to stimulate collagen and even the skin tone. There are different types of lasers used for this treatment. And depending on your skin condition, the specialist will opt the right laser treatment for you. You may need 3-5 sessions with a gap of 2 weeks between each session, to see successful results.

laser-hair-removal Bridal Skin Treatments For A Flawless Bridal Glow Weddings

How does it work?: The laser destroys and vaporizes the damaged skin cells at the surface-level. This, in turn, stimulates collagen production and facilitates new cell generation.

Used For: If you are concerned about pores, firmness, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, sun damage, laser facials can certainly address these issues.

Laser Hair Reduction

Get silky, smooth hair-free skin with Laser Hair Reduction. Laser hair reduction is one of the most common pre-wedding skincare procedures that brides opt for. As it offers permanent hair elimination from head-to-toe, the treatment is quite in vogue.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective process and it will take anywhere between 6-8 months to see full effects of the treatment. 4 – 6 sessions may be needed over an interval of 4 – 6 weeks for optimal results. Results depend on the areas treated and each individual’s response to the treatment.

laser-on-leg Bridal Skin Treatments For A Flawless Bridal Glow Weddings

How Does It Work? : Laser beam is pointed and moved along the treatment area. The laser light zaps the pigment within the hair follicle. The light is converted to heat which damages the hair follicles and prevents future growth. In order to avoid the risk of burning or discolouration, it is recommended to do it only through a qualified cosmetologist or a dermatologist.

Used for: Virtually any part of the body can be treated. It helps to achieve smooth hair-free skin.

PRP For Hair Loss

Though you can’t prevent hair fall, there are remedies to slow down the process. Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is one such popular technique. PRP injections are not limited to stimulate collagen production on the face alone. Recently, it has emerged as a potential tool for treating hair fall. The plasma solution is injected into the scalps to fight hair loss and promote hair growth.

How Does It work? : Even after your hair falls, the follicles don’t die right away but just become temporarily dormant. When PRP injected into the scalp, it boosts the stem cells in the hair root and makes the hair follicle active again. It improves blood circulation to the follicles, prompting the hair to grow normally again.

Used For: Treatment of hair loss in men and women.

These are some of the popular and effective non-invasive treatments that brides opt for before the big day. The earlier you plan and start the treatments, better the results.

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dr.-kiren-min-150x150 Bridal Skin Treatments For A Flawless Bridal Glow Weddings
Dr. Kiren Kabeer

This is a guest contribution by  Dr Kiren Kabeer. He is a leading cosmetologist and founder of Glo Clinic, one of the best non-invasive aesthetic treatment clinics in Chennai. 

Dr. Kiren Kabeer

This is a guest contribution by  Dr Kiren Kabeer. He is a leading cosmetologist and founder of Glo Clinic, one of the best non-invasive aesthetic treatment clinics in Chennai. 

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