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When we talk about Indian weddings we can’t help but think of lavish decor, sumptuous food, never-ending guest list, shopping! No doubt Indian weddings are incredible. However, with the increasing popularity among couples for designer outfits, pre-wedding photography, and grand venues – planning an Indian wedding is not only heavy on moolah but also tricky to stick to the budget. However, with a little advance planning and smart decisions, you can still have your dream wedding without overshooting the budget. And that’s exactly this section intends to do – help you identify the hidden costs and draw some cost-saving tips for your wedding!!!

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Here’s the first step: Prioritize your needs – make a checklist in the order of priority. Next step is to know your budget, at least an approximate, if not the actual amount. Now that you know, what you want and for how much you want, the rest should fall in place if you follow some of the below cost-saving tips.

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Reduce The Wedding-Planning Timeline

Don’t wait too long to get married and it will be easier to simplify the wedding. The more time you have before the wedding, chances are you will end up in more than necessary thrift shopping or incorporating aspects which may not be your priority. The shorter time span will compel you to streamline the process and keep you, by necessity, from getting sucked into the vortex of elaborate weddings.  There will always be good demand for marriage halls, photographers, makeup artists, decorators on muhurtham dates. Book them in advance if you are looking for a particular venue or wedding service professional.

Schedule The Wedding In Off-Peak Times

If possible, try to be flexible with your wedding date. Every component — from the venue to the caterer to the flowers — will likely cost less during off-seasons. For instance, during the off-season, you may get a better package from the banquet hotel like more inclusions in the menu. Although it may seem like a minor detail, the day of the week is a big deal. Weekends are always in demand than the weekdays and hence least likely open for negotiations. When there’s less competition for dates, you can have more negotiating power.

Chapel-of-the-Flowers-Picking-Wedding-Date Cost Saving Tips For Indian Weddings! Weddings

Choose The Wedding Venue Wisely

One of the first things that have to be finalized for a wedding is the venue. If you are really not particular about the wedding venue it can make all the difference. And working reverse will really help when it comes to the venue. Instead of selecting the venue first, it will be better to allocate a budget and determine which banquet hall can offer you the best packages for your budget. When comparing the prices of different venues, consider options with all-inclusive packages as bundled deals may work out cheaper. You will be surprised to find there are actually several low-cost banquet halls each with a different offering is available. CLICK HERE for exclusive packages at a discounted rate for top wedding venues in Chennai.

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low-cost-banquet-halls-in-chennai-pics Cost Saving Tips For Indian Weddings! Weddings

Plan The Platter Well

A big chunk of the wedding expense is taken up by food and beverages. Hence, it’s important to make wise choices to save your wedding costs. Opt for the standard menu of the hotel/banquet hall which usually has close to 15 dishes.  Additional items, live counters etc will add to the cost. Also, having too many dishes can be confusing.  Many times buffets can turn out to more expensive as there is no control over the number of plate count per guest.

Expense factor – Buffets, extra desserts, live counter.

Cost saving tips – Opt for a sit-down meal, opt for a standard menu package.

wedding-menu-1024x683 Cost Saving Tips For Indian Weddings! Weddings

Understand The Costing Of Decorations

Wedding decorations are necessary but need not be extravagant on your wallet. Choosing a wedding decorator simply by comparing quotes may not be a wise idea. Though there is an umpteen number of decor designs out there all of them could be categorized into a few basic types. You also have to consider factors like the material used, whether the materials are made in-house or hired, their ability to source flowers. Rather, you can start by discussing your budget with the vendor. A good vendor will be able to provide you with ideal decor solutions based on the budget. Keep your wedding venue simple and elegant – it adds more to the wedding than you can ever imagine.

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Decode Your Wedding Decoration Needs!

Flowers are a big part of a wedding, and they can also cost a small fortune. However, using seasonal and local flowers of 1-2 types can reduce your cost. Using beautiful green shrubs in the decor is another great idea to save on flower costs. Also using candles/diyas and other beautiful props can cut down on your decor costs.

Expense factor – Out-of-season flowers, more floral decorations and large bouquets with fewer greens.

Cost saving tips – Use fewer flowers creatively, use candles/diyas, fruits, ribbons, and other materials as centrepieces in addition to flowers.

simple-wedding-decoration-1024x680 Cost Saving Tips For Indian Weddings! Weddings

Go Digital

Be selective and print a limited number of wedding invitation cards and email /SMS /WhatsApp a copy of the card to the remaining guests. You can also put an RSVP note in the card and/or call your invitees nearer the wedding date to check in advance whether they would be attending or not. This will help you keep track of the number of guests who will actually be attending the wedding and plan things so as to avoid over-ordering food, etc.

Expense factor – Engraving, uniquely shape, large size.

Cost saving tips – Print limited numbers in a simple design and small size.

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wedding-invitation Cost Saving Tips For Indian Weddings! Weddings

Shop Smart

Agreed that a wedding is one of the most important moments in your life and you want to look the best on this special day. But a non-designer label can also be elegant and classy! Some of the other cost-saving options are purchasing during discounts and sales, buying from websites like which offer designer replicas at a nominal price, buying an ensemble and then reselling it on one of the many available portals, after your wedding.

Expense factor – Costly fabrics, expensive satin, designer outfits

Cost saving tips – Buy fabrics from a wholesale market, shop during sale

Capture Precious Moments For Less

Photography package usually covers photography and videography. The costs are based on the sessions to be covered (ceremony, reception, pre-wedding shoot) and the number of guests. For a small guest-list, the cost will be comparatively lower as only one professional may be enough to cover the event. If hiring a renowned photographer seems out of reach,  you can opt for a budding or small-time photographer who can give you a much lower rate and a beginners enthusiasm. It will also be wise for both the bride and the groom’s family to hire a common photographer.

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Expect The Unexpected

Be prepared for contingency costs like transportation, gifts, taxes, catering before and after the wedding etc. UYWeddings are an elaborate affair and it will be wise to keep aside a part of your budget (typically 10%) to cope up with the unplanned expenses.

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Weddings celebrate the love between two people. And this should always be the first priority. It is not always necessary to celebrate weddings in an expensive way. As long as the bride and groom are fine with it, weddings can be beautiful even in a simple and cost-saving mode.

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Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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