What Is Candid Wedding Videography?

candid wedding videography in chennai

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Candid Cinematography Vs Traditional Videography

A candid wedding video is a  short storytelling film. The video narrates your story through images, video clips or speeches or a mix of all and music. Unlike a traditional wedding video that documents every single minute of your wedding, a cinematic video is shot very differently. Here, the videographer will mostly shoot in short clips. The short clips will be like different chapters of your wedding story. These chapters will be put together and presented as a film. And as u guessed, there is a lot of creativity involved as the videographer has to decide the flow of the video, shoot and select appropriate clips, use a relevant background score etc. A creative presentation makes all the difference in a candid video.

On the other hand, a traditional wedding video is typically shot continuously by following the couple around. It’s pretty much a point and shoot type of thing and comparatively much cheaper than having a candid videographer. As the result, mostly the traditional video will lack the emotions that make a wedding memorable. The type of videographer to choose will, thus,  depend on your budget and the type of wedding video you would like to have.

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Though it is an expense, it may be so worth it for your big day. Some of the compelling reasons to seriously consider budgeting for a videographer are:

A Video Is Lively

While photos are great, they just don’t compare to a video. The video especially the candid ones will capture the emotions and actions of you and your loved ones on your wedding day. Not to mention, it will even capture some silly moments and gestures too. Watching a video is like reliving the day once more. And many years later, your children and grandchildren can even enjoy video with you.

Candid Videography Is Different

Unlike the past, videographers today are quite agile and dynamic. They have smaller and better equipment to capture elegant shots at flattering angles and deliver an amazing cinematic wedding film. DSLRs have standardized high definition films.

Fairytales Do Exist

If you are the romantic types smitten by fairytale stories and films, then it’s better to have your candid wedding video than regretting it later just to save a few bucks!

Its All In The Audio

Candid wedding videography is an art which is not just visually driven but predominately audio driven. The audio in a candid video is one of the important factors that allows you to not only see the magic moments but also hear the giggles, genuine reactions and everything else.

Weddings Are Full Of Memories

A wedding procedure will have many amazing moments and traditions that you may want to preserve. It is not possible to capture the true essence of a wedding through photographs alone. There is a lot more to share through audio and video.

Must For Destination Weddings

If you have an intimate destination wedding planned with close family and friends then there is no reason for you to miss a candid wedding celebration video. A storytelling film will be able to do justice to the scenic wedding venue and capture the fun exchanges between the wedding group.

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The perception we have of videographers often cause problems. Most of us have some annoying experiences we wished we didn’t have.

Don’t Like The Annoying Lights

Videographers use powerful light settings on their camera. It is definitely a put off when the extra lights spoil the ambience and mood that you intended to set up for the wedding. If you love the work, but don’t like extra lighting then convey your concerns with the videographer. Keep an open line of communication about the entire process. If it doesn’t match your expectations, see if the videographer can make adjustments to meet your needs.

Don’t Like Being Interviewed

If you are the type who is uncomfortable in front of the camera, leave alone speaking, then you may not find it your cup of tea. The pressure of speaking for a video interview can be overwhelming. But remember that interviews are not mandatory. Neither for you nor for your guests. Unless you request for an interview format the videographer will not do it. The video will no longer be candid if it makes you nervous! There are plenty of other formats available for candid wedding videography in Chennai.

Don’t Like The Idea Of Being Tailed

Does the idea of someone following you throughout the ceremony seem like a distraction? Some of the best moments are captured when a person is at ease and a guy with a huge camera on his shoulder is not exactly a comfortable sight. If you consider that weddings are a private affair then maybe a video is not your thing. There will be instances where the videographer will follow you, but, you can select a videographer who is comfortable covering the event by zooming in and doesn’t find it necessary to always stand in front of your face.

Don’t Like To Stree-Out

Having a candid wedding video means putting in some extra efforts! You will have to take out time from your existing busy wedding schedule to plan, implement and shoot the video with your videographer. This will involve a few consultation sessions in addition to the pre-wedding shoots. If your schedule is jam-packed, it is better to opt out of a video.

Don’t Like The Extra Expense

On your wedding checklist, a candid wedding video definitely comes under the “luxury” category. Some of the requirements are essential and you cannot afford to leave them out of the list. But if you really want to capture the most important day of your life with sound and movement then you can consider playing down a little bit on others to reduce the wedding expense. Documenting your wedding is an investment rather than an expense.

All the above concerns are genuine and hence, it’s important to find and hire a videographer whose approach is right for you. Keep an open line of communication about your expectations and the areas where you would like the videographer to customize and adjust to your requirements.

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We hope the above information helped you to decide the style of video that best suits you! A candid wedding video is the form of a story will last forever and you will never get bored with it.

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