From Divinity To Horror: Creative Makeup Artists In Chennai At Their Best!

Makeup is an art and like any other art form, it is purely a figment of the artist’s imagination. In fact, recently makeup artists have become quite creative with their makeup brushes to create concept looks that are fun and quirky. From fake blood and fangs to immortal characters, these artistic looks are very detail oriented. Though this type of makeup may not […]

Rich Tamil Wedding Rituals That Make The Occasion Memorable Forever!

Tamil weddings are elaborate and vibrant affairs. The floral riot, rich colours, the sweet sound of nadaswaram and a host of rituals, make them nothing less than a fun-fare. Authentic Tamil weddings are a throwback of the rituals described in details by the sears in the Vedas. Though they age-old customs, the philosophical and scientific logic behind each makes them […]

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