How To Choose The Right Wedding Decorator For Your Wedding?

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Between stunning ornate backdrops, romantic centrepieces and twinkling chandeliers, your wedding decor ties your entire wedding together. Irrespective of whether your wedding style is simple or extravagant, the right decorations can transform your big day into a fairy tale. And the right wedding decorator can make your wedding decorations a conversation starter, something that your guests will remember most. But how do you choose the one that is right for you, your wedding, and your vision?
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Well, it’s all about narrowing down your list at every step. Here is a simple guide to help you choose your perfect match among the wedding decorators in Chennai!  
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What Is The Difference Between A Wedding Decorator And A Wedding Planner?

Though both professionals sound similar, they have very different purposes at a wedding. As our wedding industry is not regulated, vendors tend to use these terms interchangeably.  Some wedding decorators in Chennai offer planning too and vice-versa. So let’s dive into their respective roles to understand which one you should consider hiring.

  • A wedding planner will ensure that the wedding is as seamless and smooth as possible.  They help in budgeting, vendor referrals and negotiation etc. On the wedding day, they ensure everything is as per the schedule, coordinate with vendors and resolve any issues that may arise on the day.
  • A wedding decorator, on the other hand, is the creative force of the wedding. They will impart the look and feel, you envision for your wedding. They focus on creating appealing visual wedding displays. This includes the colour and texture, floral arrangements, styling and installation etc. On the wedding day, they ensure everything is set up as it should be and resolve any styling related issues.

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colourful-decor-min How To Choose The Right Wedding Decorator For Your Wedding? Weddings In a nutshell, if your wedding was compared to building a house, a wedding planner is the contractor and a decorator is like the interior designer.  No doubt, hiring a planner is an extra expense. So if you don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of planning and rely on professionals, you probably need a planner.

Finding Good Wedding Decorators In Chennai

With the rise of social media, finding a wedding vendor near you has changed. Here you can do a preliminary evaluation of their creativity and shortlist only the ones that impress you.  Some handy tips that will help you to gauge them are:

  • Hunt for ideas on Pinterest. Browse pictures of recent weddings in Chennai and alongside the images, you will typically find the information about the vendor etc. etc.
  • Facebook, Instagram etc. are also amazing because you see the good, bad, and the ugly of other weddings posted by wedding guests.
  • Its advisable to look out for vendors who are active on social platforms and not merely judge by their website information. Search for vendors with high ratings or excellent client feedback.

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And if you want to save the pain of research, simply resort to BigFday. BigFday provides online wedding planning service where you can find the best wedding venues and vendors, all under one roof! Based on your requirements and budget, they will shortlist suitable wedding decorators in Chennai for you. Needless to mention, you also benefit from their professional outlook and experience in the wedding planning.

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How To Choose A Wedding Decorator?

Once you have shortlisted your favourite vendors from the lot, its time to follow up. Some of the factors that you must consider while evaluating the wedding decorators are: 

  1. Reputation: A good wedding decorator is committed to offering unparalleled service. Look if clients have complained about delays, disappointments etc.  Go for vendors who have the reputation of delivering above and beyond to make their clients happy.
  2. Compatibility: Share your requirements to see if they are able to relate to it. After all, we all like to work with people who fit our personality and style. If the vendor is asking you a lot of questions it is probably a good sign. Shows their enthusiasm for your ideas and needs.
  3. Well Organized: You have to be assured that they can handle your wedding day professionally and give it due importance. 
  4. Fits Your Budget: A good decorator can work with all budgets. But if everything in their portfolio is way out of your budget, it will be difficult for them to deliver the same quality for low budget. To save yourself some disappointments, make sure both of you are on the same page.
  5. Prompt In Responses: Be assured they value and appreciate your doubts/queries. They respond to emails, phone calls and texts promptly and more than willing to provide timely updates.
  6. Creative: Couples who are very specific about their decor style need a creative person to meet their expectations. So look out for professionals who are bubbling with unique ideas and are yearning to be original.
  7. Precise In Policy: They need to be precise about the scope of work, price, payment schedule, cancellation policy etc. There are no grey areas, hidden fees and unpleasant surprises!

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How Much Do Wedding Decorations  In Chennai Cost?

Wedding decorations can range from being minimalistic to staging customized and extravagant themes!  Basic indoor decoration costs start at Rs. 25,000 and outdoor decoration costs start at Rs. 50,000. Typically, decor prices depend on the vendor’s popularity, the scale of the wedding and the type of venue. Fresh floral decors are comparatively expensive than decor using drapes and other adornments.

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Following the above guide will save you time and efforts, and help you find a decorator that you absolutely love.

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