10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event

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Corporate event theme

A corporate event could literally be any kind of event or sociability or any activity. It is generally organized or sponsored by an establishment or a businessperson. The main goal of such events is usually to celebrate a milestone, initiate a collaboration, reward the employees or educate on a particular topic. Board Members, Stakeholders, Customers, Potential Clients, and Employees are the objective audience in such events. I know, it already sounds mundane. Nevertheless, to make such humdrum sounding events less boring, interactive and fun you need to pick creative corporate event themes. Not only that but also make sure that the theme you choose suits the purpose of these events. 

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Here are all the fun and creative corporate event themes you need for making your event a grand success:

Carnival Theme

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Out of all the corporate event themes, the carnival theme is the most go-to theme because of its fun and creative vibe. The carnival theme is a brilliant way to brighten up your crowd at a corporate event. There are a large number of innovative options when it comes to decorations. The atmosphere at the event needs to be very festive. Along with that a lot of colours, lights, string curtains, lanterns, lit archways, etc can be used for decoration. You can call performers and entertainers such as magicians, dancers, musicians, balloon artists, etc. Also, stalls for games and food and even clothes can be put up. Along with these, any beverages of your choice can be served. While choosing a venue for the carnival-themed event, remember that you need a lot of stage space and a clean floor to move around. 

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Beach Picnic Themeaceb1c201f01471671216c93587eb19f 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events


What’s better than a beach-themed corporate event to help you loosen up, relax and make you forget about all your not-so-exciting schedules? Also, it gets even better when you throw a beach picnic party in summer! Without a doubt, the beach party is one of the – if not- the most chill theme when it comes to corporate event themes. The only rule when it comes to decorating and arranging a beach-themed event is that there is no rule at all! You can design and decorate it however you like, and based what kind of vibe you want to radiate.

To decorate, you can either choose chic colours or coral colours or pastel colours or bright colours. It doesn’t matter what colour you choose because all colours look enticing when on the beach. Along with that, make sure your menu is casual and mild. Don’t forget to use paper utensils as they easy to use and throw. 

Awards Night Themed7cd3ef64541edc8b62279d5f7207bfc 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event to recognize, honour and dignify your employees or business partners? Why not add some glam, buzz and turn it into a typical Awards Night and give your employees a chance to dress up glamorously. Themes like these are wonderful ways to reward your employees. Don’t forget to set up a Red Carpet for the guests to take photos. Arrange a fun series of entertainments like live music, theatre acts, stand-up comedy, etc. As well as that, make sure you hire a good Emcee or Host to run the entire event smoothly.

Paintball ThemeScreenshot_2019_0919_231140 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Now, not all corporate events have to be formal and solemn, sometimes corporate events are organized just for hanging out with employees or colleagues and team building. So, if you are looking for such themes then the Paintball theme is undoubtedly your best choice. Paint-balling is a thrilling game format that hones our skills in terms of leadership, problem-solving, interpersonal communication and teamwork. The Paintball theme event can be organized both indoor and outdoor. You can choose the setting based on your crowd and other conditions. However, if you choose to host the paintball event outdoor, make the climate is nice and pleasant – preferably the end of summer or fall. Also, while organizing the event make sure your crew is provided with food, snacks, water, and other essentials at the Paintball facility.

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Masquerade Ball5fdbe1bf3adfb19c93d8946597437782 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Nothing screams formal affair like a Ball event. The Masquerade theme just adds a little spice, drama, and entertainment to it. Select preferably an indoor venue that is large enough to accommodate your guests in seating arrangement. Also, make sure it has enough space for them to dance and move around like it should be done in a Masquerade ball. The decorations need to be loud, extravagant and out there- complete Victorian style. It should include chandeliers, candles in candelabrum, Venetian style lamps, carved masks centrepieces, large mirrors, theatrical backdrop, lights, etc.

Apart from this, hire entertainers like ballerinas, aerial performers, theatre artists, etc to perform and charm the guests. Make sure exceptional food, refreshments, and drinks are served. Most importantly, ensure that everyone attending the ball -from your guests to the stewards must follow the dress code. Women have to show up in Victorian-styled gowns with masks and men in White tie outfits with mask.

Starry Night Theme3fae6ef634924ce2e345942ce162c2c8-701x1024 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Starry Night based themes are the best when it comes to organizing a corporate event for fundraisers, charity functions, etc. The decorations need to be done based on Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Starry Night’ with golden and silver chandeliers, shimmering moon and stars centrepieces illuminating the dimly lit indoor venue. Also, add draped curtains, fairy lights, and twinkle star archways to give off the starry night vibe. Apart from that, don’t forget to include ‘The Starry Night’ painting standees in your decorations. Furthermore, you can have music artists, dance artists, magicians, etc perform to interest the guests during the event. The black-tie dress code is perfect for this event theme. 

Wild West Themeb9aa32807dd14aee20a58f44a0e55d49 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Put on your best-checkered shirts, denim, boots, and cowboy hats and get ready to saddle your horses because that’s what we do in the Wild West theme! It is such an exciting and fun-filled theme best suitable for celebratory and hanging out type corporate events. You can host it both indoor and outdoor. For decorations, you need hay bales, wagon wheels, barrels, dessert cactus centrepieces, tables draped in red-white checkered linen, etc. Also, if you choose to host the event indoor, make sure you select a barn-like venue. Make sure you serve western-themed drinks along with food such as BBQ chicken, texas styled beef, tacos, etc. Do include bucking bronco, roulette, blackjack, lasso, bow-arrow, etc for games. You can hire a cowboy rope tricks artist, diablo performer, country-western band, etc to amaze your guests. Don’t forget to get in line and move your feet to the country songs.

Escape Room ThemeScreenshot_2019_0919_230255 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

This theme is something that I have been seeing a lot these days – they’re interesting, fun and completely in trend! It is quite similar to the Paintball theme where a group of people work together towards the same goal which is to escape the room they are locked in. It compels the team members to come out of their shell and interact with their teammates to hunt and decipher the clues and find a way out. If you choose to host your corporate event at an Escape Room facility, you’ll be given a choice to select one of the many themed rooms in the facility such as Prison Break, Great Escape, Science Lab, etc. However, you don’t necessarily have to host the Escape Room themed event at any particular Escape Room facility, you can also use your office space or any other innovative space for this event.

Cook-Off Themeb5b06ebfa975d8b35cd71bff0873ee81 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

 The cookout theme is all about communication, partnership, and fun joint effort. It is one of those relaxing and chill corporate event themes for you to loosen up and interact and compete with others in the Kitchen Challenges, Cooking showdown, Pasta Wars, etc. You can make a four-course meal with your team or partner, where every team must include a certain specified ingredient and cook creative dishes. The venue for this theme can be either indoor or outdoor, and you can decorate it with nice pastel colours. Make sure you provide a hygienic kitchen and essentials to your teams.

Futuristic Theme4c543dbf8440976e9ff1fb41278a4d69-1 10 Ingenious Corporate Event Themes For Your Next Event Corporate Events

Futuristic themes are suitable for all kinds of corporate events, be it a formal celebration, or a collaboration or fundraisers. The thing about hosting a corporate event with futuristic themes is that you can play around with the concept and decorations as much as you like. It is all about how you envision the future would like. Oh! please don’t pull poor aliens into this- that’ll be a little too much but you can have AI-based backdrop and Robot standees, silver disco balls, silver balloons, neon lighting all over the place along with dining area and the stewards can dress like a humanoid while serving exotic dishes and drinks.

The venue can be a large auditorium or banquet hall with a preferably dark or black ceiling with a neon dance floor for your guests to enjoy. Apart from this, you can hire Pixel artists, LED bands, Light shows, Stilt dancers, Electric Dreamers, Ballerina in balloons, Themed bands, etc to entertain your guests.   

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Planning and hosting a corporate event with looking after the decorations, guests, food arrangements, themes, and making sure the superiors are happy and satisfied along with everyone else can be exhausting and overwhelming. Dazzled by the pressure? Don’t you worry! Planning fun events without a hitch is our passion here at BigFday. Contact us to plan a marvelous event while all you have to do is just relax.

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