Why You Should Plan Your Next Corporate Team Outing Outdoors In Chennai

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After your 40 or more hours over the week.

Among closed walls and air conditioned spaces.
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One would really think a retreat-again in closed spaces and doing the glorified version of your everyday (Eating, and for some maybe drinking ? Everyday ? Hmm) couldn’t help relax the mind and increase creativity.

We suggest taking your corporate team outing Chennai to the outdoors.

Among fresh air and open spaces. And, here’s why;

Statistics prove that strong positive relationships among co worker promotes happiness on the job and thus enables productivity. Many reports show that companies with high employee engagement levels were many times more likely to see an increase in sales and profit than those with lower employee engagement.

Employees want to belong to a community and that is very important as the very first line suggests.

Having a strong company culture that employees can recognize is always helpful. Many big brands recognize this and spend a lot of time and money into building a healthy working ecosystem.

Beyond Closed Walls

In today’s global fast paced round the clock market. It is a high pressured environment that beckons periodic breaks. For anybody who has ever played any sport or ever entered a gym. It must be pretty obvious that as much as it helps to use and work a muscle. It is just as important to give it a rest, help recovery.

The brain, is nothing but a muscle and giving it time to relax and switch off from a routine, helps it recover.
Even better if you can fun during the recovery.

There has been a huge wave of companies recognizing this fact and an increase in the number of outdoor based corporate team outing. Leaving the reach of the city can be a helpful plan. Escaping the overwhelming buzz and rush of the city, even for just a day can be extremely refreshing and feel like a vacation.

Corporate retreats can be the perfect scenario for people from different departments and functionalities to get to know each other and exchange ideas. This could result in creative solutions and enable positive collaboration.

Corporate retreats also help induct new employees into the company culture and understand the employees dynamics.
An outdoor, adventurous setting can enable the never give up attitude only activities in the outdoors guarantees. Also, a little sun bathing and wind in the hair always does good.

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Where Are The Options?

There are many options in Chennai with its beaches and many resorts, open air theater across ECR. One can do anything from tenting and surfing to catamaran rides to kayaking, to paint-balling to beach volleyball or football etc. Chennai is never low on options for outdoor activities. It’s very important that employees continue to socialize and share ideas across teams as companies grow.

 we have noticed people often have amazing late night brainstorming sessions on some of the outdoor corporate team outings. Enabled, after having spent the day on outdoor activities. This helps employees be more involved in company goals.

A Company That Plays Together Stays Together

When in a team it always works in favor of your company if the employees like and understand one another. Understand each other’s points of view and perspective. Such corporate outings really help the team building and reinforce existing bonds. Outdoor team activities help team members want their peers and collective cause to succeed.

It only pays to know what you’re looking for when looking for employee engagement outings. An outing in line with the company culture helps reinforce the employee’s understanding of the brand.

Chennai also presents opportunities to go for treks and hikes, bird walks, ocean fishing. You can find many surfing and fishing options in Kovalam, 20 kms from Thiruvanmiyur. Another 20 kms from Kovalam is Mahabalipuram your next option for great surfing and fishing options, perfect for an outdoor corporate team outing.

Team dynamics is most important for a growing company or startup when the team is small and a cohesive unit is extremely beneficial. The journey is long, and even in the best of circumstances, it is difficult.
Building a successful company is not a one man job and requires every cog in the machine to work towards collective single purpose.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day it is very important for companies to recognize that their employees are human beings, and humans have interest and needs outside their everyday work and act upon it.  

Hierarchy Takes a Back Seat

Everybody deserves to let loose and sometimes it’s good to have the employees to feel like they can have meaningful conversations with their superiors and not hesitate to say what they want.
When else will a junior employee be able to high five his manger, or even the founder for startups. Because who doesn’t love a good ol’ hi five ? At the end of the day, people want to smile when they think about their work. Thus, the more fun they have, the more they’ll look forward to going to work the next day.
giphy-1 Why You Should Plan Your Next Corporate Team Outing Outdoors In Chennai Corporate Events

Startups are leading the charge with fun and bright outdoor outings and company cultures that foster collaboration, creativity and, most importantly, productivity. It’s time for the established companies to recognize and follow suite. As is evident, company outings are a crucial cog, one could say like grease to a machine, helps for smooth functioning.

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