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Halo Fellas,

At BigFday, we recently helped Arvind book a banquet hall for his wedding reception and it was quiet surprising to see an email from Arvind with the subject line “F*** You Guys”.  I thought it was imperative for me to share it with all our loved ones. Arvind’s email below:

Remember those special days when you always, always end up waking up safely in your bed, no matter how inebriated the previous night you were.  You might have not been able to place the next progressive footstep, not been able to see anyone in a singular image, not been able to contain yourself from throwing expletives at your exes, not been able to remember anything that happened after the first sip of your sixth round of Hagermeister, well in fact, you might have not been sure if you would even live to the see the light of the day literally and figuratively.

Yet, you would wake up safely in your bed only to live through the world’s worst hangover, with your head being pounded like a punching bag. You’d start making promises to yourself to never ever sip a drop of liquor ever again. And that’s also when you’d slowly begin to recollect that it was one of your painfully over-caring FRIEND who drove you back home, tolerated all your drunken whining and helped you safely retire in your bed.  It would have all been so smooth that you won’t mind doing all of that all over again, already mentally breaking your promises made a few seconds back.  BigFDay was that friend for me in my wedding reception arrangements. The decision to get married brings with it a huge baggage of a million questions and a few more doubts; in the top three features the wedding reception. In my case, my fiancé not being here in India for a few years and me not being in India for a few months before the wedding compounded it exponentially. We had to get everything arranged, finalized to the dot from a few thousand miles away, virtually. The ego of the Gen-x that we assumed we belonged to did not let us openly seek help from our parents for the logistics – the supercilious idiots that we were. Yes, we were at a self-imposed loss.

While casually venting this out to a friend, he put me through to Sabin, CoFounder of BigFday which was being built then. I spoke to Sabin, a towering figure, looked totally in control but was as much in doubt as I was then. They were in the final stages of going live with BigFDay. So he was not sure if I was right customer to get started with. But I think I ticked off his ego a bit (don’t ask me how) that he suddenly called me up and said he’ll take it up. From then on, things happened. They just happened. I got the choice of a few venues and choice of a few menus. One thing that pissed me off here was that he scored big time points with my parents (yeah I caved in!) when he took them around to show them the venue and bargained his throat out to a fantastic tariff. Suddenly, I became the irresponsible son to my parents and BigFDay in turn became the hero who apparently was respectful of their emotions. WTF!!! F*** U BigFDay!!

But then, it worked out well for me every other way. My fiancé and her parents were pleased with the choice of venue. Everyone who attended the function had sufficient space to move around. I felt it was the most optimal fit, size wise and location wise. Everything happened the way I wanted it to happen. That mattered. BigFDay has an inspiring conviction. Throws an extremely confident and measured attitude. Exudes great energy and honours integrity. Their promises were kept. As a result, I was able to smile for the photographs with my held high. Thank you BigFDay!

Wow!! This Article made our day Arvind. Thanks a ton for spending time in drafting your experience. After all, delighted customers like you motivate us to do better. Thanks again Arvind. Btw, JoJo is running around naked with a print out of this testimonial. Let me go bring him back to earth!!

Until then – Be Well,


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