How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget?

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Is your child turning one soon? If yes, then you are in the right place at the right time! In this post, we will talk about some of the freshest birthday party decoration ideas that your baby will love. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a fortune on these decoration ideas. If you are on a budget, this article is going to act as a golden guide for you. So what are you waiting for? Scroll over and let’s get started!

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We all know how costly things get when we plan to have an elaborate party. But there are a number of times when one may not have the budget to approach event planners. But this shouldn’t come on your way to make your kids first birthday a special one! They are a number of things that one can do on their own if on a budget. Moreover, the more you get involved, the more your child will appreciate it!

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Even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can enquire with your birthday party planner about these cheaper decor alternatives.  A good planner will be able to work out options in your budget and make it a memorable event for you and your child.

Party Backdrop

This is a very cool idea in case you are looking for an appealing backdrop for pictures. A great backdrop looks stunning while cutting the cake, which is why you should totally give this DIY a try. All you need to have is a table cloth in different shades of your child’s favourite colour. You can also theme it baby pink or baby blue depending on if it’s for your daughter or son. Cut them longitudinally and collect the top part while tying it to a pole. Place this poll in your curtain hanger, and you’re done!

64942CE2-9282-4744-8C09-E5E2B53D7120 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

If you want to spice things a little bit, then you can also place a cute picture of your child on top of this backdrop. A bit more decoration with balloons would also look great!

Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

Another great idea to make your backdrop look professionally done is through this quirky tassel garland. It is quite easy to make and would look lovely once fully accomplished. For this decoration idea, you need a cord, different brightly coloured tissue papers, plastic rubber bands, and attaching clips. Take each colourful tissue paper and make vertical cuts in it. Make sure to leave some space on top. After you’ve made cuts on the entire paper, roll the part where you’ve left the area. Voila! You have your own tassels!

85A3567E-1A5F-4286-9A9E-14C90C3017E1-731x1024 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

Repeat the same process with all the tissue papers. Once you have all the tassels ready, you can attach them to the chord with attaching clips. Now tie the cord on your wall, and you’re done! Pretty easy, right?

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Tie-Dye Tea Cloth Tassels

The table on which you are going to set up the cake should also look attractive. After all, the doughnuts and the cupcakes will be set up on this table. Dyeing tea cloth might take a little time, but it will undoubtedly be worth it. Take a tea cloth and make vertical cuts on it. Then tie the top part to fashion it into a tassel. Dip the bottom section into a dye for some time (as prescribed) and let it dry. Stick this onto the wall near your cake table, and you will have your very own decorative piece.

D33E5E78-25A0-434B-A2EF-0285010C8EEB-678x1024 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

The Balloon Wall

What is a birthday party without any balloons? Balloons are a must-have at every kid’s party. The reason we say so is that because kids love playing with it and they also love to pop them!

DB756085-41FA-4536-BFB2-E746F93B324F How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

Blow different brightly coloured balloons and tie them with strings. If you are able to find these balloons in various sizes, then the effect would look better and prettier. Make sure that you at least blow 20 or more balloons. When all these are tied up with strings, you can either tape them to the ground, or you can hold them with rocks.

Glitter Balloons

Are you planning to give cute favours to your birthday guests? If yes, then these little balloons could prove to be an excellent gift for your kid’s little friends. All you need to have is some balloons, some glitter, and some glue. Blow the balloons and apply a little bit of glue on top of it with the help of a paintbrush. Then take the glitter in a bowl and place the balloon in this glitter. Dust off the extra glitter and keep the balloons for drying. And that’s it! Your glitter balloons are ready. You can take different colours of glitter to make the balloons look even more enjoyable!D953F35C-0835-404D-9684-43B42B2DA7B4 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

Fairy Lights Flower Vase

If you love beautiful little details, then you can certainly give this DIY a shot. Fairy lights function beautifully at almost every occasion. Whether you have to decorate an accent wall or just use them for photography, fairy lights are professionals at uplifting any decor. For making a fairy lights flower vase, you need to have a few transparent glass jars, a few flower sticks, and of course, fairy lights! All you have to do is roll up the fairy lights and keep them in the jar while connecting it to a switch just behind. Then place your flowers sticks into the jar to give it a fresh vase appearance!

2CF02700-3DE1-4675-B6B9-047F155DC7FD How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

These jars can also be used as centrepieces for dining tables for your guests if you plan to invite people for dinner on your kid’s first birthday party.

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Rainbow With Clouds

Your child has shown aversion to words bright, beautiful colours; then, a rainbow will be a perfect idea to execute. Moreover, this particular décor is one of the easiest yet great ones if done properly. For this DIY, you will need colourful tissue paper in the colours of the rainbow. You will also need cotton to make clouds.

B7205D38-E058-45F4-BA10-A88079B74C96-678x1024 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

If you are doing this for a backdrop, then make sure that you put a protective film in the back such that the wall does not get destroyed. Take the tissue paper and roll it in the form of long arches. Bend the arches such that the form the rainbow as the one in the picture above. Tape these arches to the backdrop. Right where the arches end, put the cotton in the form of clouds. Once all of that is done, you can place your cake table and take beautiful pictures in front of it.

A fantastic yet straightforward backdrop is ready for you!

Colourful Paper Fans

It might sound a little weird, but paper fans would look stunning when put against a colourful backdrop. Get a few sheets of bright butter paper and fold them into paper fans. Make sure that the butter paper is big enough such that the fans make an entire circle. Once you have made seven or eight fans, you can place them on the backdrop along with a few other decorations, including balloons.

58BC877F-1FD9-4429-B797-A5F41225E7F8 How To Decorate Your Kid’s First Birthday Party On A Budget? Birthday Parties

So as you can see, decorations on a budget can also prove to be beautiful. You must always make sure to use good quality stationery in case you decide to put to use any of these first birthday party decorations ideas. Also, make sure that you do not get anxious over something, not looking nice. After all, this day is all about happiness and joy that your child will eventually get if you are happy yourself!

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