Founder Of RedThread Eventz Shares Her Journey To Sweet Success!

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Every once in a while, we come across entrepreneurial stories that are truly inspiring. Building a sustainable business model in the highly competitive event planning industry is a huge accomplishment. And we applaud Ms Jenny, founder of RedThread – The Events Factory for turning her business dream into flourishing reality. Chennai based company RedThread Eventz is an unlikely blend of impeccability, inventiveness and authenticity. From careful formulation to creative decorations to flawless execution, the team at RedThread Eventz is involved in everything that goes into making classy events.

We spoke with Jenny to find out more about her journey as an entrepreneur in the events industry and roadmap for her company RedThread Eventz.

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Meet Jenny

Jenny is the founder and lead event planner of RedThread Eventz. She is extremely passionate about her work and works with a unique style of combining exceptional character with the innovative design while planning the events. The young and exuberant, Jenny is a gleaming example of the new age entrepreneurs for whom success lies in the ways and means of their job. From a very young age, she had flair for beautiful things. She loves art and hasn’t stopped being creative from the beginning. She recalls that “Anything colourful, beautiful and cute would captivate her and she was always awestruck by vibrant weddings and parties”. And just like that, she realised one day that she wanted to do “cute weddings and parties”

Like most successful entrepreneurs, Jenny too has an interesting career story. She is actually a B.Tech IT from SRM and has worked with TCS for about 3 years. She has also done MBA in project management. While she was on a sabbatical from work, she realized that she wanted to do something which is more close to her heart. Though she hails from a business family, she says “My decision to become an event planner meant starting from the scratch as no one in the family was remotely involved in that business.”  However, her determination combined with her creative pursuit pushed Jenny to establish RedThread Eventz.

Jenny’s main virtues as a professional event planner are being organized, detail-oriented and her intuitive thoughtfulness. In her own words “My outlook is to treat every event as a special experience. In reality, my true goal remains to make the journey of planning an event easier and fun for my clients.” As a result, her approach has always been customer-centric trying to build trustful relationships with her clients

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RedThread Eventz In A Nutshell

RedThread Eventz in an end-to-end event planning company based in Chennai. They facilitate every type of social and/or corporate event with meticulous planning, design and coordination. And in doing so they maintain high levels of product and service quality. Since its inception in Nov 2014, the team at RedThread Eventz has planned over 350  events till now. In 2017, they managed a whopping 125 clients. As a result, they have had the opportunity to design decor for various theme based weddings and birthday parties. Having gained the experience and expertise, today the company is quite confident about taking assignments that demand sheer creativity and innovation.

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Behind the company’s success is an extremely talented and dedicated workforce. They operate with the commitment to treat every event uniquely and organize it by keeping the client’s requirements, even the smallest ones, in mind. Hence, they place the emphasis on every detail in order to achieve an exceptional event. With RedThread Eventz, every event is about weaving a story whether it is your wedding, baby shower or birthday party. From handcrafted wedding decorations to modern birthday decoration ideas, the team cherishes every opportunity to produce exceptional events. No wonder, clients have loaded their FB page with incredible reviews about Jenny and her team!

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The Road To Success

Jenny is truly passionate about crafting memorable events and hence, always tries to design by balancing between elegance and creativity. For her, it is always about the customer and to make every aspect of the event special, distinctive and unforgettable. According to her, “The big attribute that really separates them from the competition is treating the client as a king!” As a result, the work culture at RedThread Eventz from top to bottom is completely customer oriented. They believe in creating events based on each client’s personality and requirements. Jenny vouches that in order to build the trust with her client, the team is always reachable for queries. And by doing this, they are able to plan events in complete alignment with the client’s budget and needs.  

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What Lies Ahead?

RedThread Eventz aims to offer an unparalleled event planning experience to its clients through creative innovation. In the next few years, she foresees the company to emerge as a top brand in event planning. They want to make the process of designing an event completely stress-free for its clients. And looking at their work so far doesn’t look like they are far from achieving the desired status!

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