Do’s And Dont’s For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are thousands of things that come into one’s mind. Both the would-be groom and bride precisely plan each segment of their wedding carefully.  For instance, whether to go for a destination wedding or not, guest list, budget, etc. These days many couples opt for a destination wedding. Some couples prefer their wedding to be an intimate affair, while for others it could be a fascinating option to get tied in a new location. Whatever your reason may be but if you are planning a destination wedding there are some planning essentials that one should keep in mind. In this blog, we have listed the most important things to consider while planning a destination wedding in Chennai.

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beach Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

A Destination Wedding In Chennai

Let me narrate you a scenario of how a beach wedding in Chennai will be.  Imagine you taking your sacred wedding vows with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, in an idyllic location by the soothing blue waters.  The cool and windy breeze brushing you while you are ready to take your vows.   Not to mention the sweet sound of the sea waves that create a musical effect for the wedding mantras. 

Sounds amazing, right? A destination wedding in Chennai promises this and more for your beach wedding expectations to come true.

As mentioned earlier, there are certain aspects which should be taken into consideration at the time of planning a destination wedding. What can be done and cannot in a beach wedding in Chennai. By following some simple tips you will be able to have a destination wedding in Chennai without any goof-ups and make it a memorable one. Hence, planning a destination wedding in Chennai has some dos and don’ts that you need to be keep in mind. This will make your planning a lot easier.

DO’s For A Destination Wedding In Chennai

mandap Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

1. Do Consider All facts Of Opting For Chennai

Chennai is one of the metropolitan cities in India. It is located on the Coramandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. As a result, there are infinite numbers of magnificent beaches, that will make you dumbstruck. Likewise, when the whole set up for a wedding is ready one cannot figure it out that it was just a beach area. Further, the combination of natural beauty with adept decoration will have a remarkable effect on the guests. Most importantly, though the whole setup might look very extravagant and expensive, it is a very financially viable option.

Similarly, the city is known for its rich culture and economic prosperity. Due to which, it has many international and domestic tourists visitors every year. The flavorful food, love for music, warm hospitality etc add in the city’s favour.

In contrast, people who have been accustomed to mountain terrain around them, beaches really makes them fervent. Talking about in the context of our country, a beach wedding in Chennai, will be something they would be eagerly waiting for. Therefore, considering a destination wedding in Chennai is a prominent do’s.

2. Do Mix Both Native And Chennai’s Tradition Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

In order to bring some uniqueness to your existing wedding rituals and customs, why not include some South Indian rituals to your wedding ceremony? For instance, a South Indian theme can be set for a Haldi function where everyone including the guests is wearing traditional south Indian attire. Also, you can include South Indian delicacies, accessories etc in the function.

Mixing aspects of the South Indian culture in your wedding functions will give the wedding a real feel of a destination wedding.  It will be a great experience for your guests too to experience these unique rituals and take back a lot of wonderful memories of the wedding.

3. Do Surprise Your Guests

You have come all the way down to Chennai to celebrate the big day of your life. And hence, try to make the most of out this opportunity.

Usually, a destination wedding is longer spanning over 2-3 days. Hence, it gives you an opportunity to incorporate other events amongst your wedding functions. It will be a great experience for you and your guests too.

bharatnatyam Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

For example, regards to Chennai, it is known for its unique classical dance form and music. Hence, organizing a Carnatic musical evening and the famous Bharatnatyam performances. Likewise, you can also consider a fusion night of contemporary music and Bharatnatyam dance.

file-5-1 Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

Besides,  including such events,  something simpler can be also organized. Such as cool party during sunset or a pool party at the swimming pool area.

4. Do Hire A Wedding Planner

There are many aspects that need to be planned and organized in a destination wedding Making all things to fall into place becomes difficult for both the groom and the bride’s side. Especially when the wedding is away from your hometown.  In such circumstances, if a good wedding planner is hired they will take care of everything. Thus, you can enjoy your wedding celebrations instead of managing the nitty-gritty of the wedding.

Also, if a local wedding planner is hired, it will be much easy to overcome the language barrier and other local peculiarities while dealing with the vendors. To be more elaborate, a wedding planner from Chennai will know what is really feasible in Chennai and how to get it done faster or better. Simply put a local wedding planner will have better hold than an outside planner. Also, hiring a local wedding planner will work out cheaper.

file3-2 Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

And speaking about wedding planners, Chennai has many talented options to suit every budget.  From a simple and chic decor to an extravagant set-up, they are well equipped to bridge the gap between your expectations of a beach wedding and the reality.

5. Do Get Local Soveniour

file3-4 Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

Buying local souvenirs as a gift for the guests from Chennai will be a great option. By doing so, they will have a lifetime memory about the wedding they have attended in Chennai.  For example, Kanchipuram sarees, Tanjore paintings, artefacts, sandalwood statues, etc. are some of the options that you can consider for wedding favours for your guests.

6. Do Collect All The Information

This is one of the MOST important do’s. Get in touch with the resort/hotels for your booking either personally or via your wedding planner. It will help you gauge a better idea about the tariffs, discounts, and availability etc. If possible take a trip to Chennai before finalizing the wedding venue.

Now that you know what to Do, let’s see the factors to avoid while planning a beach wedding in Chennai

Dont’s For A Destination Wedding Chennai

1. Don’t Overlook the Climate

Since Chennai is located on the Coromandel coast the climate is hot and humid. As a result, organizing any outdoor activity during the summer and monsoon is not a good choice. Though many hotels and resorts tend to offer lucrative discounts during such off-season, do not get tempted by these offers. Organizing an outdoor wedding in an off-season will not be as enjoyable as you would want it to be.

2. Don’t Be Ignorant

Make sure you have done all the research about Chennai before finalizing it as a destination for your wedding. Gather all the details about the place and its financial aspects.

3. Don’t Forget To Hire A Local Photographer

file1-8 Do's And Dont's For Planning A Destination Wedding In Chennai Weddings

It will be a rather good decision to hire a local photographer to cover your wedding especially if you are planning a pre-wedding shoot in Chennai itself. As mentioned earlier, hiring local professionals is less expensive than flying down an outsider and has its own set of advantages. Also, Chennai has many talented and premium wedding photographers to choose from who can capture all the moments beautifully to create long-lasting memories.

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