DO’s And DON’Ts While Planning A Wedding

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You just found the perfect one for you, and what’s next? The big fun day WEDDING. Oh, but there are a lot of things you need to do, which is shortly called wedding planning. This can make you run errands for weeks, go sleepless, plan budgets and get into a hell lot of arguments. Well, to be more concise, here are a few Dos and Don’ts that you will need to know, in order to plan your wedding the right way.

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Don’t Rush In The Very Beginning

We understand your excitement, to plan everything on the spot, driving you crazy thereby. But, this isn’t something that could be done in minutes. You need to be very calm and plan in an organized manner. First, jot down all those that need to be done, right from fixing a wedding hall, shopping, catering service, return gifts, to arranging transport and accommodation for all. Once you’re done doing that, now start prioritizing each of them, and then begin working on them, in order. Proper organizing is very essential here, rushing would certainly not help you.

Seek Assistance

You may have umpteen plans in your head, to do this and that and give your best. Too many things on your head, and guess what? You would certainly not look like an angelic bride, but just another woman who’s been slogging all lifelong. If it is your wedding or your loved one’s wedding, remember, putting all the burden on your back would not help but only end up in a mess. Always seek the assistance of your near and dear ones. Well, that is the reason why we belong to a family. Split the work amongst all, and share it. This way, you can ensure that everything is finally taken care of. Be it inviting guests, finding banquet halls, arranging food or decoration, always take the help of family and friends Cheap Air Jordan 14. That will relieve you from stress.

Plan The Budget

Wise budget planning is essential to prevent yourself from running bankrupt. This is not very easy, because a wedding may have a number of expenses which you would not even have an idea about. You cannot immediately prepare a big budget hoping to be on the safer side, because then you might end up incurring a lot of unnecessary expenses. Nor would a short budget help you in any way. For this, you need to first get a proper idea about what you would need and not need. Patience is equally important. Sit with your family and plan out on a moderate budget that would be suitable, although no budgets will ever tally perfect, there will always be shortcomings.

Choose The Right Destination

Arrange_the_Marriage DO's And DON'Ts While Planning A Wedding Weddings
You might want to get married on an island, around a calm and composed land, but does it really seem feasible? Do you think your relatives who are scattered in various parts of the country would find trains and flights exclusively for this and reach on time? The marriage may be yours, but the choice of destination must favour everyone. What’s the point in holding your wedding at an isolated place with no relatives or friends? Be it a wedding or a movie, having an audience is very important. Hence, make sure you choose one such place, which everybody would be comfortable travelling to and fro. After all, what is a wedding, with no guests?

Don’t Shop Too Much

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Like we said, your expenses may increase anytime. We understand that weddings happen only once and you would do anything to make them the best and memorable. But, where would things land up, if you are going to spend too much on just shopping? Make sure you shop only what you need. Anyone would sure love that extra dress on their shopping cart, but this is so not economical. Allocate a part of your budget only for shopping, and make sure it does not exceed the budget. Don’t ever take that extra money out of your pocket; then your pockets might as well remain empty for the next few months.

Think Twice Before Taking Decisions

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This is quite a common phrase, but the ultimate truth. When you are in search of wedding banquet halls, and you suddenly find one, don’t immediately jump off into it. Look again. Think of its extent of feasibility. Look out for more options and compare everything. If you are still confused, you could probably utilize the services of wedding planners (remember Band Baaja Baarat?) Such companies will surely help you at their best. You will need not just a banquet hall, but it should also favour you in all ways. It must be spacious enough, be flexible for all kinds of decorations and cater to your budget. Think again.

Make Necessary Arrangements

tumblr_ms7q3p2Ksd1qa49x6o1_500 DO's And DON'Ts While Planning A Wedding Weddings

It is practically impossible for all your invitees to belong to the same city where you are going to get married. We’ve all got those relatives and friends who stay so far away, almost in another continent. If they are to fly all the way for you, where would they stay? During the course of the wedding, what if some elders fall hungry? Or what if kids want food? You must consider all these. First, arrange for proper accommodation for the guests who come from a long distance, and make them feel comfortable. And, when it comes to food, you just have to be generous. Make sure some snacks are available at the dining hall all the time because you will never know who will fall hungry and when. And check out for other necessary arrangements too.

Time The Ceremonies Right

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Timing your ceremonies right. Wondering what that means? You may have planned to have the wedding at an auspicious moment, well that cannot be changed, anyways. A wedding may have many events, varying from one culture to another. But, what we mean here is, do not give a huge gap between the wedding and the next event. Guests certainly hate waiting. For example, in the case of Brahmin weddings, once the wedding is over, the next function is nalangu. If the gap between both is going to be huge, not many would patiently wait until the next one starts, but they will just leave. You cannot blame them too. Hence, you need to schedule the events with the right time gap, neither too much nor too less.

Don’t Count And Plan

downton-abbey-lady-violet-gif-season-2-episode-3 DO's And DON'Ts While Planning A Wedding Weddings

This is a mistake that most of us tend to do, commonly. When you plan for the number of seats or the number of plates for food, do not attempt to sit and count the number of guests whom you’ve invited. That will NOT work. What if your grandma’s second cousin visited her for holidays when the wedding is around the corner? That would be an unexpected addition to the number of guests, at the last moment. Not having sufficient seats or food would then make all your efforts turn into vain. But that does not mean you have to order for everything in abundance. Try to make an approximation, but always expect more than what you have planned. Having the right surplus in everything, be it gifts, or seats or food, will never be a loss; you could probably use it for something else. Hence, never really count and try to be exact.

Forget None

It is your wedding, a very big day which you want all your relatives and friends to witness. Inviting people is a huge part of wedding planning. Make sure you invite everyone you know, and you are good in terms with. To be more precise, prepare a list of all the people you know, you are still in touch, from school, college or work or acquaintances. Noting down all the names would make you ensure that you haven’t left anyone out. Also remember, each and everyone, be it the caterers or wedding banquet hall’s management or the DJ or even the guests is a part of your wedding. They all play some role or the other in the wedding. Hence, make sure you thank everyone for being a part of your wedding and making it grand and content.

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