Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams

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Eco-friendly weddings

It’s not unusual to be Eco-conscious these days, and an increasing number of couples are thinking about the impact their wedding might have on the environment. There’s no reason you nShasvathi-Karthik-e1499716745675-300x170 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues eed to disregard your carbon footprint on your wedding day. Vendors are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious resulting in a plethora of options for your Eco-friendly wedding. From dresses to center pieces, you can source a natural, sustainable, recycled, alternative for just about anything on your list of wedding must-haves.

As well as creating an eco-friendly wedding using sustainable vendors, organic products and a green destination, being Eco-aware when you tie the knot can also create a fabulous theme. These amazing ideas provide a great starting point to help you create the green eco-friendly wedding of your dreams.

Setting the Tone

Set the tone of your green wedding by choosing an Eco-friendly wedding location. If an outdoor wedding is something that you’d like, choose a location that will show off the beauty of the greenery. If you prefer an indoor location, check out local museums or art galleries.a9327c25cc8a753b5ab7986612dd55d3-300x200 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

The Invitations


While of course sending an e-invitation to guests isn’t the most conventional of gestures, it is growing in popularity in the present day. Nowadays, couple are just sending out electronic invites, and it is so convenient. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it–guests could RSVP online with a simple click; could see a map to the venue, and could even find links to the bridal registry. The invitation was also animated, showing pictures of the couple from when they met to the present. If you’re looking for creative, next-level wedding invitation ideas, click here.Elocaricatures-wedding-card-2105-16-300x212 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

Use Recycled Paper

Using recycled paper is a great way to create green invitations. Who said recycled invitations can’t be beautiful? For another alternative, create a wedding website where your guests can print off directions, RSVP, and find out hotel information.

For an Eco-friendly wedding, recycled paper invites is a must, but there’s one type of recycled paper that really has a  greener edge: seeded papers! These contain tiny flowers or seeds that sprout when buried in soil. Designed in a variety of colors, sizes, fonts and styles, paper doesn’t really get more planet-friendly than this.card-300x147 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

The Table


Organic is usually a good idea, but not if it has been flown in thousands of miles! Local is just as good, so treat your guests to a feast of locally grown delicacies. To seriously reduce your carbon footprint, of course that means the meal should be as vegan-friendly as possible. Ask your caterers if they can provide vegetarian and organic entrees. Also, consider what you are dining on. If your location doesn’t provide dishes, consider renting them to avoid using disposable plates.

As for the cake, keep in mind that many weddings waste mounds of it. Have you ever seen the entire cake devoured? As delicious as they may be, the fact is that after eating for hours on end, guests are usually too full by the time the cake comes to eat much of it. The same goes for water: who needs imported bottles of mineral water when filtered local water is just as good? Put jugs of water on each table and ensure they’re always full. Keep it small, keep it simple, keep it sustainable!87578f5e0b6312098ef0e3c6c6d36c56-300x199 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues


This is the easy bit–there are endless options for creating wonderful center pieces, from using locally grown flowers in pitchers to long branches of evergreens. Guests can find their seats by searching for their names printed or even written on smooth, local pebbles. Try to avoid table cloths, as these need washing, and that uses energy. Instead, keep it simple with polished wood, or for an added decorative touch, use strips of lace to show guests where their table is.         wedding-flowers-1-300x200 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

Flowers and Confetti

For the flowers, choose a local organic florist to arrange your bouquets. You can use local finds to create bouquet and table arrangements, or use small potted plants which can be given away to your guests at the end of the day. If you just want to give your eco-friendly wedding a simple, eco-touch, how about making your own Eco-friendly confetti? Real petals are the best bet, so collect fallen blossoms and flowers during spring/summer and dry them out at home ahead of the big day (they look great presented to guests in little organza bags). Or you could recycle an old, romantic book that you won’t read again by buying a heart hole punch and giving your confetti extra meaning.99b11070b4658393f530bd156ba791d1-300x184 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

The Saree and Accessories

Re-Use a Wedding Saree

Though the wedding dress may be the most treasured item of your wedding, there are many ways you can be Eco-friendly when it comes to choosing a dress. First is the age-old tradition of wearing your mother or grandmother’s saree. Take it to a local seamstress to transform it into your own special dress by stitching a new modern blouse. If you don’t want to wear your mom’s saree, check out charities, where you can buy or donate silk sarees. You don’t need to buy accessories that cost a fortune. Instead, you can get your bridal accessories handmade.10608241_584290165048485_5158912788908379448_o-1024x623-300x183 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings

When it comes to choosing a ring, make sure to use jewelers that are green-friendly. More and more, jewelers are using recycled gold and fair-labor gemstones. To make sure you are not purchasing a “blood diamond,” ask your jeweler about the origin of the stone.9991918f616a38157afddc67086a18f7-300x200 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

Photography: Go Digital

Even though most photographers are using digital cameras, it’s a must for a green wedding. Digital photos don’t use the strong chemicals, wasted paper, and rolls of film that film photography does. Additionally, another plus is you get to choose exactly what images you want printed. Ask your photographer if they allow you to keep the digital images after the wedding is complete, then you can save a digital album of your big day.candid-wedding-photography-chennai-5-300x200 Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

Return Gifts for Guests

These little delights left on the tables are what guests will take home with them to remind them of your big day. For example, why not give guests a heart-shaped seeded card they can hang on a branch to feed the local birds? Guests will always remember your wedding if they plant a tree in their garden to commemorate your big day, so you could offer them small cedar or pine saplings, or the option to take seeds home.

Urban guests without outdoor space would love to take small pots of herbs or small flowers home, which they can plant in a window box to enjoy fresh herbs and flowers all year round. And everyone loves scented candles, so why not offer your guests an organic one, with floral notes from the bridal bouquet? It’s an especially lovely idea, as the candles at each person’s table placing will also fill the air of the reception with a memorable Ideas to Inspire the Eco-Friendly Wedding of your Dreams Venues

In the time and age where couples are having exotic destination weddings, themed weddings or even lavish weddings at their hometowns; It is really commendable how some couples want to regard their carbon footprints and do their part to help the world become a greener place. We sure hope that these ideas have helped you through the initial hiccups of planning an eco-friendly wedding. Contact us, let us know about your green wedding and do send us some pictures!


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