Employee Engagement Activities That Exceedingly Add To The Team Spirit

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Employee engagement is crucial in workplaces, especially considering the millennials and their tendency of job-hopping. Employees constantly need to feel involved,  motivated, appreciated and basically happy about their work life. This is paramount for the overall growth of the company. To retain talented present employees and avoid the steep hiring costs, employee engagement is the way to go. Here are some of those employee engagement activities that boost employees and impart key learnings amidst the enjoyment and thrill.

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1. Tech Scavenger Hunt

scavenger-hunt Employee Engagement Activities That Exceedingly Add To The Team Spirit Corporate Events MICE

A scavenger hunt is a popular game among all age groups. It is packed with numerous clues, riddles, find the object tasks that the teams have to complete in order to reach the finish. While performing these problem-solving tasks, employees pool in their various strengths to move ahead in the game and reach their common goal. In the process, they come together and get to know each other. The competitive spirit in the game only adds to the fun quotient. And the best part is, this is a ‘one for all’ sort of game. This ensures that every employee is highly engaged (the entire point of employee engagement :P)

Incorporating social media and requiring them to post a picture or use a specific hashtag makes it interesting. Adding tech to the equation by using QR codes and GPS is all the deal right now.

2.Guide The Blind

This is a simple activity testing the communication and understanding capabilities of employees. Employees are divided into teams. The team decides on a person who is to draw the image. The other team members are given a word and then blindfolded. These team members then have to describe the word to the person who is drawing without saying the word. The task lies in explaining this word or object through lines, shapes and positions, one by one.

For example, if the word is a house. The team would give clues one by one like, draw a horizontal line. The next member would probably say that adjoining this horizontal line, draw vertical lines on both sides that face upwards and so on. When this is done, the team members remove their blindfold to see the work of art their explanation has resulted in. The end result often turns out pretty hilarious. This activity is good to have a good laugh and lighten up the mood.

3. Zoom

A time-bound activity with no hassle, this requires the team size to be of 10 or more. Equal to this size, a number of pictures sequenced to form a narrative/story are given to each member of the team. The aim of each team is to collectively sequence the pictures in the right order to form a sensible story. However, they are not allowed to show these pictures to their teammates. So how then? The team describes the characteristics of their respective pictures. The team that does this in the least possible time emerges as the winner.

The takeaway from this activity is that winning such group tasks involve effective communication, listening, appreciation varied viewpoints, leadership skills and teamwork.

4. Human Knot

Notes-for-Human-Knot-Game-Facilitators-e1447920953666 Employee Engagement Activities That Exceedingly Add To The Team Spirit Corporate Events MICE

Human knot encourages creative thinking and is super engrossing. Members are made to stand in a circle facing inwards in groups of 5-8 people. Participants should extend their right hand in and hold a random hand in the group. They have to repeat this with their left hand. Everybody should ensure that their two hands are holding two different people’s hands. They are not allowed to hold hands of people standing adjacent to him. This will result in deeply entangled hands. The challenge is to untangle these knots without breaking the chain. This is more fun than you can imagine.

5. Tea & Coffee

This simple game tests your memory and listening skills. It’s more of the fun ice-breaker sorts. The first person says his/ her preference between tea and coffee. The member is also to add details like with or without sugar, strong or light etc. The second person has to recall and state the preferences of the first member and then state his own. Similarly, everyone has to state the preferences of all those before him and add their own at the end.

Variations would be adding their name or any other details that you wish to add.

6. Triangle Run

All the team members are made to stand in one triangle facing inside. One member is made to stand inside the triangle. He is called the ‘spinner’. Every member is expected to remember their position with respect to the spinner. The spinner will spin without warning. All the team members should rearrange themselves in their respective positions in the given time limit. Employee engagement activities as these put to test the collaborative skills and alertness of employees.

7. Build A Lego House

This activity will satiate your inner child. An already made lego house is presented to the teams. All teams get to observe it for 30 seconds. The structure is then immediately hidden. Materials are provided to the teams who are essentially required to replicate the structure. This model is placed in the centre such that it is visible to all the groups. One team member from each group is allowed to catch a glimpse of the model for 10 seconds and then instruct his team on how to replicate it for the next 30 seconds. And this continues until the given time duration is over. The team which recreates the most resembling structure wins.

8. The Mine Field

Minefield-1024x683 Employee Engagement Activities That Exceedingly Add To The Team Spirit Corporate Events MICE

This requires a path to be created in an open space with numerous hurdles planted here and there. Break the team into pairs. One of them is blindfolded and the other one is to guide this teammate to cross the ‘minefield’ by only instructing verbally. If the blindfolded participant happens to touch the hurdles, the pair is disqualified. The pair that reaches the finish point without doing so wins the game. Such employee engagement activities build trust and improve bonding among the employees.

9. Potluck

corporate-team-building-activities Employee Engagement Activities That Exceedingly Add To The Team Spirit Corporate Events MICE

Giving each team a chance to show off their culinary skills, Potluck is a cooking challenge thrown at the employees. Each team is to cook a delicious dish in the given time and ingredients. To make the organising part easier, you could make it a ‘cooking without fire’ contest. Once the teams have made their masterpieces through their creativity and experience, a secret ballot voting of each dish can be done to choose the winner. Otherwise, an impartial judge can be given the deciding authority.

Twists like the compulsory use of a particular ingredient or by cooking only using the left-hand make it more interesting.

10. Two Truths And A Lie

Every person is to think of two truths and one lie about themselves. They should be instructed to ensure that the lie doesn’t seem obvious. Starting with one person, the participant will tell the three statements in random order. The rest of them are supposed to guess and decide which one is the lie. Then they move on to the next person. In this process, employees get to know each other. More importantly, in a fun way!

Hope you found this list comprehensive and helpful!

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