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If you thought to find a wedding decor was as simple as taking inspirations from magazines, Pinterest, or other weddings then its time you think again. Actually, a wedding decor can be a make it or break it factor into your overall wedding planning. It can make a huge difference not only in your wedding planning process but also on the aesthetic appeal of your big day! But with so many options and vendors available in the market, how to evaluate the effectiveness of the offer? Finding a full-proof checklist that will cover all of your decoration related bases and help you evaluate it while finalizing the vendor is too rare! In simple words, a guidance on how to assess the information and make sense of it will be very handy.

Keeping this issue in mind, we have outlined a checklist that offers solutions to some of the trickiest décor dilemmas. Referring to it will help you will save money, time, reduce wedding stress and at the same time create a stunning wedding look.

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Wedding Decoration In A Nut-Shell

Wedding Decoration is a holistic approach and is definitely more than just the stage and entryway. The broad umbrella of wedding decor consists of wedding stage, mandap, personalised signs and displays, flower and lighting arrangement, seating arrangement, table arrangements, wedding favour tables, dance floor, car etc.

Venues like Kalyana mandapams, banquet halls in hotels have provision for furniture like the stage, couple seat, chairs, centre tables, display sign etc. However, a venue like a stand-alone open ground may not have this provision. Using the resources provided by the venue is better as it will generally be cheaper and also convenient to arrange. Therefore, your first step before meeting a wedding decorator will be to enlist the wedding decoration components that you need. Having a fair idea before talking to the decorator will give you a sense of control over the conversation and keep you abreast

Evaluate Your Wedding Decoration

Consider if the wedding decoration that you have in mind or that has been proposed to you checks against these parameters:

Wedding Budget

Well, we understand that the temptation to pick the best is natural but it is also necessary to keep a tab on your wedding decor expense. A skilful wedding decorator should be able to pinpoint the expense areas in your design and suggest alternatives if required. Discuss your wedding decor budget with the planner at the beginning itself so that an estimate can be provided accordingly. At the same time, being a penny-pincher can backfire. Your vendor may end up using sub-quality products which will show up every time you open your wedding album!! A fine balance between the decor design, products and the wedding budget have to be maintained. A detailed discussion with your vendor on the cheaper alternatives will help you with the pros and cons of each product.

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Flower Decorations

Flowers play a significant role in most wedding decorations. It is also a big cost component. If you wish to stick to a budget, then select a decor design and theme that can optimally use seasonal and local flowers. It is no brainer that using an imported stock will shoot your budget. Even if there is no restraint on the budget, make sure the selection and arrangement of flowers are not out of place. The floral colour selection too is important. It has to compliment your wedding attire and make you stand out. And not dilute your presence on the stage!!! Do your research online or in your social circle before your brainstorm with your decorator.

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No matter how much you spend, it counts only if your guest notices it.  Hence, the right lighting makes all the difference! It is key to setting the mood.  The kind of lighting used for a given theme/style and venue greatly impacts the overall wedding decor. Ensure that your wedding decorator has made lighting provision for every area of the venue and not just the stage. This includes the corners of a hall, outdoor spaces, dining area etc. Harsh spotlights are so out of fashion. A trendy decor will incorporate lighting varients like diyas, candles, lanterns etc to add a fresh look. Not to mention the fact that candles and diyas are also cost-effective. Discuss all the different options that your wedding decorator can offer against its technical aspects like the intensity and where it can be ideally used. By using the different lighting elements effectively one can transform a plain space into something enchanting.

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An Overdone Decor

There comes a point where less is more. Don’t get carried away with the list of all the offerings from your wedding decorator.  If your design is packed in with too many details, it will make the place look cluttered rather than elegant and classy. This is especially important when deciding on a theme based wedding. Else the place will resemble more like a souvenir shop than a wedding venue!!

Variation Mix In The Decor

A grand wedding decoration will use an optimal mix of texture, colour, flowers, props etc. Having a variation in the components is not only visually appealing but also can be wallet friendly. A good decorator will always try to incorporate this trick while designing a decor. And believe us having a variation doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. In fact, your wedding look will benefit more by mixing costly items with less expensive items as against using the same item repeatedly. So, look out for such variations in the overall design.

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Area Covered

A good wedding decoration will not just focus on the art but give due importance to the science as well. Confused??? Here’s the thing. You don’t want the venue to look empty or overcrowded?  Hence, it is important to evaluate if your wedding decorator has considered the area of the venue and the guest list while chalking out the plan. This includes the seating arrangement, alignment of the furniture, space for DJ, photographers, photo booth etc.  A small venue with large gathering may require fewer props and detail and vice-versa.

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Theme Mismatch

Having a theme wedding does not necessarily mean extravagant decor! A well-coordinated colour palette could also do wonders and save a ton. A theme decor that looks good in a picture may not blend well with your venue or wedding attire. Make sure that your wedding decoration goes sends the right vibes in accordance with the wedding venue, weather, kind of guests expected. Lookout for a decorator that offers help for you make better decisions.

Evaluate Your Wedding Decorator

Though it may seem like evaluating a wedding decoration is same as evaluating a wedding decorator, it is not the same. Wedding decorators are skilled at blending modern trends with intricate details. Versatile, updated with latest trends and

Look for a wedding planner or decorator who is:

Ahead Of The Game

Having a decorator who knows the pulse of the industry by your side is a bliss. Being updated with trends locally and globally via blogs, being active social media are some of the indicators of this trait.

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Sets New Standards

You should consider yourself lucky if you are in the company of a wedding decorator who is artistically innovative. If you wish your decor to be different from the rest, you need a creative soul to turn it into reality. A creative decorator can turn a very ordinary thing into something extraordinary.

Reflects Your Style

A decorator who is able to decipher your requirements and conceptualize it accordingly is every dime worth it. It would be wise to pick one who shares the same wavelength as yours. It will make your task easy as the days progress. For example, a decor idea that may appeal to your decorator may sound too sober or loud to you. Remember, at last, the effectiveness of a wedding decoration it is the matter of perception.

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Technology Driven

When creative art meets the latest technology, the end result has to great. A technically sound planner will be useful in various ways. For example, a 3D presentation of your final wedding decor is more convincing than some jargons on a paper!

We hope this simple checklist will help you to evaluate the little details and to decide what you essentially want to incorporate into your wedding decor. And if you are still confused then let us help you. BigFday offers a broad wedding planning service which includes a well-curated list of venues with exclusive deals and top professionals like photographers, decorators, makeup artists etc. And the best part is that you can avail this service free of cost. Talk you us before your wedding planning turns into wedding madness!

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

Rekha Sanil

A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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