Hassle-Free Event Planning At BigFday Saves You Time And Money!


Doesn’t it feel great to avoid all the chaos on road and still be able to enjoy your favourite Thai food from your super favourite restaurant at home? Well, convenience matters, doesn’t it? And that is precisely the reason why most of the products and services are going digital. From booking travel tickets to grocery shopping to appointing a handyman. Online portals are not only convenient but in most cases efficient too. They are able to offer you a number of choices for your product search all under one roof. If you find ordering food online convenient then how would you like your entire wedding planning covered online?

event-1 Hassle-Free Event Planning At BigFday Saves You Time And Money! Conferences Corporate Events


BigFday is Chennai’s leading online event planning portal. At BigFday, all your requirements for hosting a successful event are well-taken care from venues to vendors. You can choose from our network of over 550 event spaces available for hire at exclusive prices. Similarly, you can also choose from our well-curated list of top event vendors like photographers, venue decorators, makeup artists etc.  Our service is one-to-one and bespoke, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.  As a result, in a short span of 3 years, we have been able to service hundreds of clients and become a holistic event planning service provider. Hassle-free event planning for our clients is our passion. We are not only inclined to make your job simpler and fun but we also try our best that you impress your guests.

Did you know that our event planning services are complimentary?

BigFday offers you a free of charge and personal one-on-one service. Whether you need a venue with dramatic views of the Bay of Bengal or a glamorous ballroom, we have got you covered. What if you want a fairytale wedding decor? We can suggest at least three wedding decorators at the top of our mind who can get it done.

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Venue Sourcing At BigFday

Sourcing a venue in Chennai can be a challenge as the city has plenty of star hotels with banquet halls, Kalyana mandapams and party halls. However, we are ready for that challenge! The primary issue while selecting a venue is finding the one that fits your objectives and budget. At BigFday, we understand that booking a perfect venue is the first step in planning a successful event. Therefore we always work keeping your specific event needs in mind, so we can thoroughly research every possible option. Our venue network covers the full spectrum of Chennai event spaces suitable for weddings, cocktail parties, birthdays, conference etc. And the best part is we help you get a better deal on these properties on account of our industry tie-ups. With our industry relationships and extensive venue knowledge, you are guaranteed to save on time and money.

When you enquire with us, our team of venue experts will first try to understand your event objective – occasion, audience, the purpose of the event etc. Next step is to shortlist the best venue options based on location preference and acceptable price. We will then schedule venue visits for the shortlisted properties on a date and time suitable for you. Once you have made your choice of venue, we will confirm your booking with the venue.  If the shortlisted venues do not meet your expectation, we will be happy to find more venues. So instead of visiting several properties and draining your time and energy, you essentially visit only the ones meet your objectives. Not to mention the fact that you get the added advantage of our bulk booking price.

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Event Vendor Sourcing At BigFday

We know how hard it is to put all the event-related services together. Especially for an important event like a wedding, the entire process can turn into a full-time job running for months!  However, our event planning team are here to take care of everything so you can sit back and relax. At BigFday, we only work with the reputed professionals in photography, venue decoration, makeup and beauty etc. The quality of their work and service is guaranteed to impress you and your guests. Based on your preferences, our team will connect you with the suitable vendors, negotiate on your behalf and get the best rates.

hsbd_vendors Hassle-Free Event Planning At BigFday Saves You Time And Money! Conferences Corporate Events

Use our time to save your money.  Our expertise and networking will ensure that the planning process is well organized and at no additional cost to you.

So what are you waiting for, book with us today! Let us plan a perfect event for you.

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