Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas

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wedding reception stage decoration

Wedding decoration is not just about choosing the right flowers or colour but about setting a mood for the occasion. In order to set the right tone for the wedding, it is important to pay attention to the decor details. Not to mention the fact that your wedding guests have a keen eye for the stage decoration, something they really notice and talk about. A right selection of wedding decor highlights the venue, the ceremony itself and acts as a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. And if we are talking about wedding reception stage decoration, nothing can beat the magic and sophistication of floral decorations. 

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Flowers have always been an important part of weddings owing to its elegance, beauty, and fragrance. However, if you are not sure how to incorporate flowers in your wedding decor, here’s our list of trending floral wedding reception stage decoration ideas.

12 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

The Huge Flower Wall

There is no better way to bring life to your event than with a flower wall. Flower walls are bright, colourful, eye-catching also a wonderful addition to the wedding. Basically, it is a backdrop wall using fresh flowers and leaves. Normally, only one type of flower goes well for a floral wall. Though it can be different colours to create a colour shading effect. Hence, it is crucial to pick a colour theme when opting for a flower wall stage decor.

Consequently, it is necessary to select the highest-quality flowers and the right combination that will not only make a statement but also last throughout the event. For example, flower wall made of daisies and white lilies is suitable for the ever-changing weather in India. 

The wedding reception stage decoration is one of the most noticeable elements. Hence, when you opt for a floral wedding reception stage decoration, style it with a royal chair for the bride and groom.  Similarly, you can accessorize with drapes or hanging lights etc.  A luxurious wall made entirely of flowers like peonies, roses, gardenias came to spotlight after the famous Hollywood couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

9 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

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Flower Walls For An Outdoor Reception

When you opt for a floral wall for your outdoor wedding reception stage decoration, here are some points to consider. Using red, pink and white coloured flowers especially roses looks very royal and elegant.  In addition to this, small floral chandeliers on either side of the wall will give a dramatic effect to the decor. The set up will look great will flower vase made with different colourful flowers. For this setup, white or light Ochre wooden chairs will give a royal look to your wedding.

14 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

The Dramatic Arch

Though floral arches for wedding decor have been there for ages, it never seems to go out of fashion. Typically, it has a wooden/metal frame decorated with different types of flowers to make it look attractive.  Floral arches are not only neat in design but also look amazingly beautiful due to its simplicity. Not to mention that this type of wedding reception stage decoration is usually less expensive.

15 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

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Floral arches can be of different types and customized according to your preference. Traditionally, an arch of classic red roses and hydrangeas looks ethereal. However, recently there has been a trend now to use ribbons, balloons or paper flowers to make it last for an entire day. Similarly, for a bohemian look or a beach wedding, adding elements like dry grass or dried wildflowers will go well with the theme. Also using a single colour for the entire arch looks elegant. 

10 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

Floral Mandaps

If you are having a big fat Indian wedding it is important to have a “mandap” set-up. Though a mandap is typically set up for the wedding ceremony and not for a reception as much, there can be occasions where a mandap decor serves as a two-in-one purpose. Firstly, if your reception follows immediately after the wedding ceremony, it is best to opt for this type of decor. Also, it will save you a lot of money. Similarly, many beach/outdoor weddings use this type of wedding reception stage decoration. The choice of flowers and arrangement makes the difference.

Floral-Mandap Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

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While using orange and yellow marigolds with mango leaf toran gives it a traditional look, using exotic flowers gives a modern twist to the mandap.

cherry-blossom-decor Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

Floral Ceiling

A floral ceiling is a bold and beautiful decor statement that has been taking over the wedding decoration scene recently. If you love fresh flowers and don’t mind spending extra on your wedding stage decorations then a flower-covered ceiling installation will truly wow your guests. The beauty of a voluminous floral roof is unbeatable. It symbolizes royalty, glamour and status.

Floral-celing Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

For an elegant and royal look go with the floating flowers right above the stage. This installation looks good for both the wedding ceremony as well as the reception.

Floral-ceiling-wedding-decoration-1 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

And honestly, there is nothing more romantic and enchanting than taking your vows beneath a sky of levitated blooms.  Furthermore, you can the decor style quotient with some scented candles. An all-white or an all-pink floral ceiling looks nothing less than a bundle of love!


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floral-ceiling-decor Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

Floral Wedding Reception Decor Accessories 

Floral Centerpieces

Having centrepieces for the dinner table gives a glamorous look to your wedding reception. And, more often than not, these centrepieces feature fresh flowers. Traditional or trendy, simple or elaborate, there is no wrong way when it comes to floral wedding centrepieces. It can be customized according to your taste or celebration theme. For example, using a colour combination you never thought of or opting for an unusual arranging technique can give you exceptional results.Floral-centrepiece-2 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings floral-centrepiece-1 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

 Talking about floral centrepieces, peonies are quite in vogue recently. Its colour and fragrance add a special touch to the wedding. Also,  it mixes well with summer flowers and mostly blends with any tabletop. Peonies have a countless number of petals and hence, it also adds volume to the centrepieces. They compliment well with the classic red rose and wildflowers, in case you want a flower combination. And did we mention, since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used peonies in their wedding decoration, peonies are considered to be royal flowers? peonies Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

Floral Photo Frames

Do we even have to mention how popular photo booths are these days? In recent times, photo booths are an essential part of mehendi, haldi or reception decorations. They can be of different shapes. Likewise, you can opt for any type of flowers like rose, daisy, and other wildflowers etc. 

17 Trending Floral Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas Weddings

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