12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations

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From a very long time, Indian wedding decorations have been traditionally associated with flowers.  Flowers make the wedding environment joyful. In fact, they naturally generate the feelings of exuberance, sanctity and peace with their beauty, freshness and fragrance. Most Indian weddings use flowers for mandap decoration, the stage backdrop, the entrance and the table centrepieces etc. Recently,  wedding decorations incorporate floral installations and props in different shapes to make a grand impact. So, to what help you decide which flower is best for your wedding, here is a brief introduction to different flowers that are popular in Indian wedding decorations. Hope it helps you find your pick!

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Graceful Gardenia

Gardenia is a garden flower and is often used in weddings to symbolize the purest form of love at a wedding. It represents one’s love for the other person. Gardenia is often used in  Christian-Indian wedding decorations. You can mix these with white lilies of the valley, small white roses and wildflower’s leaves. Being a symbol of royalty, it is one of the most expensive flowers. If you are on a tight budget, using a lot of leaves is affordable and also in trend with gardenias. Searching for these flowers won’t be an issue as it is available throughout the year. 

gardenia-and-peonies 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Pretty Peonies

Adding peonies to your wedding decoration will be a good choice as it mixes well with the summer flowers. Its colour and fragrance add a special touch to the wedding. Peonies only bloom during summer, making it difficult to find for winter weddings. Indian wedding decoration must have peonies as they give a rich look to the wedding. These flowers are available in various colours like red, yellow, and white. Whether you are having a classic indoor wedding or fun outdoor wedding, peonies compliment all types of wedding. The flowers are quite voluminous and hence, gives a great effect to the wedding decor. They compliment well with the classic red rose and wildflowers, in case you want a flower combination.

peo 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Captivating Carnations

Carnations often referred to as “The flower of God” is one of the most beautiful flowers. However, they are also quite underestimated and underrated as decor flowers.  Available in different colours, each symbolizing a special and different meaning; red symbolizes love while white symbolizes talent. The best part is that these flowers are inexpensive and are available throughout the year. If you’re looking for flowers that actually last long and don’t shed their petals before you have even finished your wedding vows, then you really can’t do better than a bunch of carnations. 

carnation-backdrop 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Terrific Tulips

Typically tulips bloom during the winter and spring season. Tulips symbolize “perfect love” therefore makes them exclusive for weddings. Known for their amazing varieties of colours!! Tulips come in shades of pink, red, orange, peach, white, yellow, purple, and even bi-coloured variants. You can put them to good use and create a romantic display on your special day. As a result, this spring-blooming flower makes a perennial choice for Indian wedding decorations. The white tulip is the most budget-friendly flower one can use. 

tulip 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Ravishing Red Rose

The classic Indian wedding flower- The Red Rose. From time immemorial, a red rose has been known to represent love passion and beauty. If you want to express your deepest feelings for someone, red roses are the best choice. Therefore, In Indian wedding decoration, red roses are quite famous. Always available in several shades of red throughout the year making it easier to procure them for Indian wedding decoration during any season. Gone are the days when red roses were only used on Valentine’s day, now people prefer having them at their weddings as well.

red-rose-1 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Charismatic Cherry Blossom

Even though the life of cherry blossom is short it shouldn’t be a reason for not choosing it for your wedding decoration. Yes, they look perfect and are the show stoppers, but the extreme seasonality, the extra care it needs to bloom is the real struggle. Not to mention they are surprisingly expensive. Cherry blossom can be found only during the summer season, so if you are having a summer wedding do not forget to ask your florist to arrange cherry blossom as it looks elegant and gives a rich look to your wedding. Also, who does not want a rare flower in their wedding?

cherry-blossom 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Jazzy Jasmine

This flower has a long history around it. It has a unique fragrance that we all instantly relate back to our rich culture and traditions.  As traditional as it may seem, the flower has a touch of elegance to it that can’t be matched. The simple creamy texture gives us scope to play with colours and mix other flowers to make the wedding look a little more colourful. The red rose goes best with the jasmine. Jasmine is available throughout the year and is the cheapest flower one can use in their wedding.

jasmine-1 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Mesmerising Marigold

Indian wedding decoration looks incomplete without orange and yellow marigolds accompanied with mango leaves. These flowers play an important role in Indian mythology and is a sacred flower used at many auspicious events in India. It represents positivity, happiness, good luck which should be with the newly wedded throughout their life. Easily available everywhere in India throughout the year and it is a must if you’re having a big fat Indian wedding. This luminous and beautiful flower is used as love charms.

marigold-wed 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings marigold-wedding-1 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

Lovely Lilies

The eye-catching lilies symbolise purity and innocence. It is usually found in spring or summer season. Lilies make a graceful and gorgeous atmosphere which benefits the wedding. This beautiful flower is ranked as the fourth most popular flower in the world, so why not take the opportunity and have it in your Indian wedding decoration.

lilies-wedding 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

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Dreamy Dahlias

Dahlias usually bloom from late December or early January to April end, which is the wedding season in India. They are available in breathtaking colours which are dark red, burgundy, pink, peach as well as cream and off white. Most couples opt for soft pastel pink Dahlia in their wedding decorations. There are 4 types of Dahlias, pom-pom, cactus, single and double Dahlia, choose the one you feel suits you the most.

dahlias-wedding-1 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

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Dainty Daisy

Daisy is a perfect flower which represents new beginnings in your life. Daisy is considered to be pure and innocent, making it a perfect choice for wedding decoration. It has a fresh appeal that makes it feels as if it has come straight from the flower garden to your wedding. As a result, a daisy wedding theme looks simple yet elegant. They’re available in various colours and add a lot of charm to the wedding. In addition to this, they are easily available in India and are inexpensive ones too.

wedding-arch 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings


Orchids are considered auspicious and are used at weddings because they represent beauty, refinement, and timelessness. They add a touch of mystery and exoticness in the wedding. Orchids have a refreshing fragrance and look which makes it a really special flower. It gives the guests a feeling of warmth and being welcomed. The stunning colours of orchids give an extra touch to the beauty of the bride and make her look even more dazzling on her special day. They are also affordable flowers available throughout the year.

orchids-wedding 12 Beautiful Flowers Best For Indian Wedding Decorations Weddings

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