Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids

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party games for adults and kids

Everyone loves games at any age. They are fun, hilarious and add life to the party. They are a great bonding experience and the best part? It comes with rewards! Apart from food, decor and music, games are extremely important to keep everyone entertained and also make sure that the kids don’t wreak havoc 😛 It can be very time consuming to think of games to conduct at a birthday party, which are not only enjoyable but also different. So, here we have a list of fun-filled party games for adults and kids.

Family-Party1-300x178 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

1. Pin It!

This party game is fun, competitive and tests your presence of mind. Plus, it lasts the entire party.

  • Give everyone attending the party 1 safety pin which they have to attach it to their clothes ( should be visible).
  • Throughout the party, one has to collect how many ever pins they can from someone.
  • One can collect the pin by making the other person say their name.
  • To retain a pin, one must make sure to not say their name.
  • At the end of the party, the person with the highest number of safety pins wins!

2. Sticker Parade

stickers-on-clothes-300x300 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

Another birthday party game that lasts the entire party! Wow!

  • Distribute stickers among everyone in the party.
  • The catch is to stick the stickers on people without them noticing.
  • The person who finishes their stock of stickers first wins!

3. Braid and Bond

A fun mother-child bonding experience with a lot of laughter and joy.

  • Make the moms sit on chairs and their children need to stand behind them.
  • The kids have to braid their mother’s hair.
  • The moms can guide but, without using their hands.
  • The first pair to finish the task wins!

4. A-Maze

A-Maze-300x200 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

A team game which tests and develops communication skills. Basically, fun with learning! This is one of the best party games for adults and kids.

  • Decorate your yard or terrace in such a way to form a maze. You can do this by using string or yarn. Tie the thread throughout the space and include confusing obstacles.
  • Blindfold the parent.
  • The kids have to stand outside the maze.
  • In the game, the kids have to guide their mom/dad through the maze.
  • The first parent to complete the maze wins!

5. Balloon Volleyball

balloon-volleyball-300x188 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

Your regular volleyball but with a twist.

  • Split the group into two teams – adults & children.
  • Tie a net, this game can be played both indoors and outdoors.
  • Instead of a ball, use a balloon to volley across the net.
  • Every time the balloon touches the floor, the opposite team wins a point.
  • Fix a time limit and the team which has the most points at the end wins!

Not only is this fun, but it’s also safe for kids to play.

6. Sa-Re-Ga-Ma

This birthday party game is also a built-in workout session, which might help burn off all those calories everyone consumed in the party.

  • Make everyone stand in a circle, not in any specific order.
  • When you say “Sa”, everyone has to move their hip to the right. When you say “Re”, the hips should move to the left, on “Ga”, hips move down and on “Ma”, hips have to move circularly.
  • The host of the game has to tell these 4 syllables fast and in a random order.
  • On making the wrong move, the person gets out of the game.
  • The last person standing wins the game.

You thought this game was about music, didn’t you? This hilarious game is also a great exercise, thus it’s one of the best party games for adults and children.

7. Modern Dictionary

This game will help determine how much parents listen to their kids 😛

  • Divide the group into pairs of parent-child.
  • The children have to tell new age slang, like FOMO, LOL, ROFL, etc.
  • The parent who is able to correctly state the meaning of all these terms gets a point for each.
  • The pair with the maximum number of points, in a time limit, wins the game.

8. The Mummy

mummy-210x300 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

Ah, the other use of toilet paper.

  • Split the group into pairs. Each pair should have one adult and one child.
  • Each child gets one roll of toilet paper.
  • The child is given two minutes to start making a mummy.
  • At the end of the game, the pair with the most creative mummy wins!

The best part, you get to dress up your “mummy” like a mummy!

9. Like Dislike

This hilarious game sends parents scrambling and kids laughing. Definitely one of the best party games for adults and kids which is different and fun!

  • Group the gathering family wise.
  • In a basket, keep a variety of gifts that children may like. Make sure that the groups are aware of what is inside the basket. The basket has to be placed from the groups.
  • The kids have to then list down what gifts they want from the basket and the parents shouldn’t see this list.
  • Then, all the parents get 5 minutes time to scramble and try to snatch what gifts THEY THINK their child wants from the basket.
  • The group which has the highest common items between the child’s list and their parents’ collection wins.

10. Lord Of The Rings

hula-hoop-300x200 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

A birthday party game that will test the flexibility of all, young and old.

  • Arrange the gathering into a large circle.
  • Each member of the circle has to pass their entire body from the top to the bottom through a hula hoop.
  • After passing it through, the hoop has to be given to the next member.
  • Music has to be played and when the music ends, the person having the hula hoop leaves the group.
  • The game continues until there is only one member remaining.

11. Water You Upto

A game that will test your patience and your steady hand.

  • Divide the crowd into pairs of two, one adult and one kid.
  • Each pair will get two glasses. One will be filled with water and the other will be empty
  • The goal of each team is to transfer water from one glass to another, using a spoon and without spilling a single drop.
  • If any pair spills, they get disqualified.
  • At the end of 3 minutes, whichever team has transferred the most amount of water, wins.

12. Jingle Match

A fun game that will make you realise whether you watch too much TV.

  • In one bowl, write different company names who have had famous ads on TV.
  • In another bowl, write down their taglines.
  • Divide the gathering into two equal groups.
  • Each group gets one bowl and distributes the chits among themselves.
  • The goal is to correctly partner the company name with their jingle. For eg: Kit Kat- Break banta hain.

13. Tongue Twister

Its time to get some tongues twisted!

  • Select a tongue twister. Our suggestion – “Red lorry, blue lorry.” It is a lot harder than it sounds.
  • Divide the group into pairs of two, adult and child.
  • In one pair, see which one of the two is able to say it longer,
  • Do this for all pairs and with the winners, play any one of the above games with them.

14. Real Life Ludo

real-life-ludo-300x200 Fun-Filled Birthday Party Games For Adults And Kids Birthday Parties

Our personal favourite among the birthday party games for adults and kids! This game is the real-life version of your cherished childhood game.

  • Choose 4 families from the group.
  • Arrange the parents like how the pins are arranged in the board game, in this case, there will be two instead of 4.
  • The kid will roll the dice in turn and order their parents to move accordingly.  Ah, the joy.
  • The game will move exactly like the board game and the first team to reach “home” wins.

15. 11 Questions

We know its 20 questions, but the lesser the more competitive.

  • Divide the group into pairs, an adult and a child.
  • The child has to think of someone, anyone for that matter. Even Iron Man is okay.
  • The adult gets 11 questions, which can be answered only in yes or no by the child to figure out who the person is.
  • The adult who figures out the which person the kid thought of, in the least number of questions, wins!

16. Shake A Leg

The ultimate way to end a birthday party. Plus, which party is complete without dance?

  • Form everyone in a circle.
  • One person has to do a move. For eg: jazz hands
  • The person standing next to him/her has to do the first move and add another move of their own. For eg: wiggling hips
  • If someone misses a move, they get eliminated.
  • This continues until only one person is standing.

Also, you’ll know who the best dancer is at the end of the game. Isn’t it one of the best party games for adults and kids?

We hope these games turn out to be more hilarious than they sound. If you need more ideas for party games for adults and kids, feel free to contact us. In addition to that, if you need help finding the ideal venue to host a party, or you want an event without any encumbrances, contact us to help you plan your event. We will strive to ensure that every single person leaves with their stomachs aching because of laughing too much!

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