Sangeet is the night of love and laughter and hence, make for the best wedding memories. It is usually the first ceremony in your wedding functions line-up. Hence, having fun family games in-between the dance performances is a good way to keep your guests entertained. Also, sangeet games can be a great ice-break between the family members who have not met before. But how to plan a rocking sangeet game night?  Check out these interesting games and entertainment ideas that will guarantee you fun unlimited!

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Passing the Parcel

Well, we know how the all-time-favourite birthday party game is played.  At your sangeet, spice up the game to encourage major guest interaction. Place paper chits of fun dare options in a bowl. When a player is out,  he/she has to pick a dare and do accordingly. It is super fun as when the music stops on a guest, they are in for something interesting. Keep your guests in mind when you list the dares. Some dare ideas can be  “dance like Govinda on a hilarious number”, “take a funny face selfie” etc.

passing-the-parcel-1 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

You can play the game in other different ways like “Wheel Of Dare” where guests have to spin a custom wheel of dares/activities and do the dare on which the wheel stops.

Dumb Charades

This is one game which never fails to turn a rather moment into an exciting one. So if you think the party needs an upliftment, play an impromptu game of dumb charades. It is competitive, witty and you are guaranteed to have a rib-tickling time.

dumb-charades 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings


Rally up your family and friends to take selfies and groupies wearing fun props at your photo booth. Its a killer hit in every party and your guests will love it thoroughly. You can choose the props that you think will strike a chord with your gangs like over-sized glasses or cheesy placards. From your favourite grandma to your cute niece, this is one activity that will keep everyone in your family entertained.

Photo-booth 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Dance Off

Well, it’s a sangeet party so you need to have some dance games that can liven up the party’s mood. A game of dance-off can entice even the shyest of your guests to get on their feet to everyone’s delight. If your adult guests are slow, the kiddie gang can come in handy. You could pair up an adult and kid to compete for the best moves. In the later stages of the game, you can go for a partner switch. Make sure the DJ plays some peppy numbers to keep the tempo of the game.

Sangeet-2 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings


Inspired by the cute flashmob videos cropping up on FB and Youtube? Recently the trend of entertaining the wedding party guests with a flashmob is quite popular. Of course, the surprise element created by a flashmob is a hit with the masses. But remember, timing is everything in orchestrating a flash mob and you have to plan and practise for the whole thing. If you want an out-of-the-box idea for your sangeet or engagement party and have time to plan it, a flashmob dance is worth considering.

flashmob-2-1-1024x468 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings


Karaoke is a great party entertainer, especially for a sangeet function. Won’t it be great to get all the bathroom singers of your family to participate in your version of Indian Idol?  Maybe you are good at singing or maybe you are not but really it doesn’t matter. Karaoke is all about having a blast and singing like no one is listening.

karaoke 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Down The Memory Lane

This is a really fun idea where your guests can raise a toast the couple by sharing stories about the bride and groom. From childhood tantrums to your ultimate love tale, there will be plenty to share, laugh and remember. If you feel the guests may be hesitant to talk, you can ask them to pin notes on a board and emcee can read them out towards the end.

raise-a-toast-min-1024x621 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Who’s Who?

Sangeet party is all about mingling especially between the members of the bride and groom’s sides. In this game, everyone gets a copy of the list of facts about every guest (without their name mentioned, of course) at the party. Guests have to mingle and find out who that person is. However, you are not supposed to directly quote the words in the fact list. Idea is to probe slyly by striking relevant conversations.

guess-who 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Two Truths And A Lie

It is a great party game and can also be a good icebreaker between the families of the bride and groom. And the best part is it works well with any age or group size. Each guest has to say three statements about himself/herself. However, only two of these statements can be true. So obviously, one is a lie. Now, the rest of the guests get to vote to decide which statements are true. And believe us you will be surprised how hard it is to guess correctly. For example, I can speak five languages, I can’t swim, I don’t have a facebook account… Any guesses?

I-have-climbed-3mountains-min 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Wedding Tambola or Housie

Tambola/ Housie is among the most popular family games. As we all know, it is a game of chances where a random number is picked and if that number is there on your ticket you have to strike it off. But give the game an interesting twist. Instead of numbers, your Tambola ticket can have some unique clues to describe the people in your party. For example, “have my birthday in January”, “my favourite sport is football”, “have a tattoo” etc. Now the guests have to find other people in the party who can claim “it’s me” for the clues on your card. If your aunts birthday falls in the month of January mark her name against that clue, if your sister has a tattoo then her name against that clue and so on. It will take the game to a whole new level of customization.

image1 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

Another variation can be a music Tambola where you replace the numbers with songs. Let the DJ play a random tune, if the song is on your ticket, you have to identify the song by singing it and cross it on your ticket.

Ring Toss

Want a simple yet fun game to keep your guests engaged in your sangeet party? Give them a  ring to toss and see! The classic carnival-inspired game of Ring Toss is apt to bring out the competitive spirit in your guests. In the original version, place bottles on a pit or table. Now, guests have to stand a few feet away from the set-up and throw rings such that they land on the bottleneck. For some extra fun, you can personalize the game with your own version. To add a twist to the game, you can replace the bottles with party favours or items to match the theme of your sangeet party.

Wedding-ring-toss-1-600 10 Entertaining Family Games To Pump Up Your Sangeet Night Weddings

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