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It is a very well known fact that the maximum growth in a human’s life takes place when he’s an infant. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the baby, especially in the first year. This is why we’ve decided to educate you on some basic games that you can play with your infant to ensure their cognitive development. These are some elementary kids games that a baby less than a year old would enjoy.

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Cognitive development corresponds to the learning abilities in a child, the way he acquires knowledge, and the way he responds to the surroundings. A child learns many cognitive skills that determine the milestones in development. However, playing certain games with infants in this age not only helps parents to interact with them but also helps in bonding. So what are we waiting for? Scroll over and get set reading!

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Noise Identification

Ever wondered why babies are asked to identify animal cries? It is because noise identification helps in understanding how sounds relate to different objects in his vicinity. Infants are susceptible to a lot of unusual noises because it is so new for them. Therefore, if you could buy a toy that plays different tunes or animal cries, then it would be very useful for the infant. This is an excellent activity since it keeps the child busy and helps in learning along the way!

Counting Objects

We all know how math begins to be a super exciting field for all kids. All of us have in our baby-days loved to chant the counting. Therefore, you must also do it with your infant. Counting the pieces of apples in its plate, the pair of shoes in the closet while dressing up, and the candies while unwrapping them will help your child develop his analyzing skills better. Not to mention, all kids love to count stuff around them, which also is a great pastime!

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Singing Songs

All infants enjoy music immensely. So why not promote them to sing along? Singing to some tunes helps enhance memory and improves the ability to identify words. Therefore, whether it is Baby Shark or any other pop song, play it more often, so your child learns the tune. When he sings along, encourage him to keep singing and correct the words in case he goes wrong! Who doesn’t love a singing baby? We all do!

Alphabet Game

Another exciting option for kids games to enhance cognitive development is that of alphabets. You can make cut-outs of alphabets in brightly colored sheets and ask your child to match them with things present at your house. You can also buy alphabet puzzles to improve your child’s understanding of words. Learning about alphabets helps an infant to enhance memory and also prevents excessive crying due to boredom. However, do not pressurize your child to do this activity every time of the day, or he may get bored with the activity already!

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Shapes and Objects

Do matching shapes sound like an awesome game to you? Well, it does to us, and we will tell you how you can make it interesting for your kid too. All you need to do is tell your child about some basic shapes such as a circle, triangle, square, rectangle, etc. You can then point out at several different things present at your house and ask the baby to tell the shape. For instance, spot a circle in an entire pizza while if you pull out a piece, it becomes a triangle. Cool, isn’t it?


If we’ve spoken about shapes, alphabets, numbers, then why should we leave colors behind? Colors form an essential element in developing cognitive skills. Moreover, babies are more susceptible to brighter colors, which are often perceived as attractive. Tell your child about a few standard colors like red, yellow, green, blue, etc. Then place a few fruits in a tray and ask him to identify the colors. This is an exciting activity to inculcate good eating habits and color identification in your little kid. You can also interrogate about colors while your stroll to the park. Nature is one of the best ways to develop cognitive skills!

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Body Parts

This is perhaps one of the most popular kids games that you can play with an infant who is less than a year old. You might need a little chart of the body parts to make things exciting, but just telling the child would also do! Tell the infant about five parts of the body and ask him to point them out regularly. Once he begins to identify all of them correctly, you can educate him about the other five body parts. Teaching your child in such a way would ensure that he doesn’t forget things easily. Moreover, your dressing session can also become a little less tiresome if your child is busy pointing out the parts of the body instead of nagging to get ready!

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Treasure Hunt

Problem-solving is perhaps one of the most important cognitive skills that a child has to accomplish. However, for an infant that is less than a year old, you have to be comfortable with the level of the treasure hunt. Therefore, hide a few of his favorite toys in some common spots such as the drawing-room, the bathroom, the garden, etc. You can then prepare a set of clues to ask him to pick up these toys. For instance, if you’ve hidden a toy in the garden, then give him a clue of a common plant or the color of the flower nearby!

Your child might take some time to understand these clues, but with some patience, this might become his favorite game to pass the time. Impressive, isn’t it?

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Question Game

Another exciting option in the list of kids games to improve problem-solving is that which incorporates a lot of questioning. Simple questions like, ‘why you mustn’t leave the house alone’ or ‘why should we finish our food’ will make your child understand his environment better. The best part is, you do not have to prepare anything for this game at all. All you need to do is pose some general questions while carrying out your daily chores and voila!

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So there you are! We hope these games will help you share some fantastic and memorable moments with your child. However, there are some things that you must be careful about. Never force any type of learning onto your infant, or he may get irritated soon. Also, be very patient with the infant because they learn slow and steady. Not only these kids games will help develop cognitive skills but will also help you in easing parenting massively!

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A 23 years old biology undergrad who loves to put her thoughts onto digital documents!

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