Vital Makeup And Styling Tips For The Groom!

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groom makeup and tips

Have you imagined what if an uninvited red pimple peeps out on all your wedding photographs? Horrible, isn’t it? Hence, it would be fair to say wedding beauty regime need not be just the bride’s obsession. Men grooming for their wedding day is not that weird. Thinking of it, groom makeup has become a wedding essential considering the demands of the entire wedding process, pre and post photoshoots etc. Needless to say,  men are and have to be more conscious about their beauty routine too.

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Here are some of the essential grooming and makeup tips that every bridegroom must follow before on the days leading up to the big day.

Groom-makeup-inside Vital Makeup And Styling Tips For The Groom! Weddings

Before The Wedding Day

Skin Care At Home

Take time to follow a skin care routine into their preparations at least one month before the wedding day. Some of the basic essentials that you can easily follow at home are regular cleansing and moisturizing. Cleansing your face regularly can avoid breakouts, blemishes, dullness, uneven skin tone. This must be followed by moisturizing your skin even if you have oily skin. This step will ensure that your skin is well hydrated and not lack its natural glow. If your skin is prone to blackheads and dark spots, you can additionally use a mild scrub.

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Skin Care At Salon

A week before the big day don’t forget to visit a salon for a quick-fix facial. Facials help to restore your skin’s oil balance making it look naturally healthy. It is also a great way of relaxing your muscles and improving blood circulation under the skin. Opt for the one that suits your skin type and condition. This will include generally include cleansing, tan removal and face massage.

And while you are in the salon a pampering manicure for your nails and hands won’t do any harm. Get your nails trimmed. People are definitely going to notice your hands during hand-shakes and wedding photography.

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groom-makeup-3 Vital Makeup And Styling Tips For The Groom! Weddings

Hair Care

It is important you get your hair right at your wedding. A bridal get-up consists of multiple components like makeup, hairstyling with flowers and jewels, heavy jewellery, rich outfits. So even if one component is out of order, the others can possibly make up for it. However,  unfortunately, a bridegroom does not enjoy this liberty. A bad hair-cut or hairstyle will be immediately noticed. So, plan your hairstyle in advance according to your wedding attire. A sherwani may require a completely different hairstyle from a designer suit. If any hair treatment is required for extreme conditions like dandruff, hair fall etc, do not shy away. Hair spas are also a good option as a prep regime and for a relaxing experience. Have a hair-cut about 1-2 weeks in advance depending upon the rate of your hair growth. Trendy hairstyles may inspire fashionable creativity, but your wedding album will last forever. It is, therefore, better to stick to classic styles that suit your hair texture and facial features.

Fitness And Diet

There is no doubt that a fit body is a way to glowing and flawless skin. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with some changes in your diet and fitness routine. Quit junk food as that will make your workout less effective. If you can enrol in a gym or a work-out program then nothing like it! However, just running every day and some basic exercises can help to tone your body and hide that unwanted paunch and chubby cheeks.

On The Wedding Day

Shape Your Beard

Whether you want a clean-shaven look or sport your beard, it totally your (and of course your fiance’s) choice! If you opt to shave,  avoid any cuts or nicks with the help of hot towel around your face and use sufficient shaving foam/gel. In case you wish to flaunt your masculine mane, make sure they are tidily shaped and don’t hide your facial features.

Groom-makeup-1 Vital Makeup And Styling Tips For The Groom! Weddings

Groom Makeup

Unlike bridal makeup, groom makeup is very subtle and precise. It concentrates more on hair/ beard styling and getting the overall look right than a mere facial makeup. If you opt for groom makeup, then will usually have a mild touch-up with foundation/concealer and compact. This will help to conceal the dark circles, blemishes and get an even skin tone.

Wedding reception looks can be tedious if there is a particular wedding theme or style involved. If your wedding attire is elaborate with jewels, dupatta, head turban etc, then a professional stylist can help you achieve the perfect look.

groom-makeup-5 Vital Makeup And Styling Tips For The Groom! Weddings

It is important to remember that groom makeup is sophisticated and follows a routine. Men cannot wear layers of foundation to hide their weariness or skin issues. It has to be a holistic approach. But by following these simple tips well in advance will get you your desired look.

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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