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The Ultimate Bridal Checklist: Plan Wisely

So he finally put that rock on your finger, and you said yes? Congratulations! You’re going to become a bride in the coming time. Well, this was undoubtedly the moment you were waiting for for a long time, but now it has arrived. However, there are a few things that you got to keep in check before you get into that outfit of your dreams! But what are those? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss them in this bridal checklist!

Plan Your Dream Wedding!

End-to-end planning for your wedding by the highest rated event planning company in Chennai (5 Star - Facebook)

To prevent you from becoming a Bridezilla, we have compiled a bridal checklist that you need to follow before your wedding day. This bridal checklist will not only save you from the drama and confusion that often accompanies weddings, but it will also help you stay relaxed. We understand everything is supposed to be right when it’s your big day. But often, little details are misconstrued, which is why unpleasant experiences take place.

But because we want you to be a Bridechilla, following this bridal checklist would be of great advantage! It contains every little detail that you have to pay attention to. Your big day should be as memorable as possible, and as such, this job at least for the brides is on us!
Let’s get started!

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Six Months Before The Wedding:

It might sound like a there’s a lot of time left but trust us, there’s not. These months will pass in the blink of an eye, and you wouldn’t have any time left. This is why these are some of the things you should begin doing now

Pick Your Wedding Dress

If you are investing in a designer ensemble, then it’s entirely possible that you would have to travel to a different city for your bridal shopping. All the outlets of significant wedding designers are situated in big metropolitan cities. This is why when about six months are left; you have to book those tickets and reach the studio. A pro tip would be to try out different dresses and taking pictures of yourself in them, in natural lighting. This will help you analyse if the colours look good in the day time or not in case you’re having a day wedding.

Similarly, if you are situated in a different country than your designer, then make sure to order the dress right now. The shipping might take a while, and if in case you need alterations, then you should have enough time to get them done! Our tip here is that make sure to read the reviews of the boutique or the designer if he/she is not that famous. Instagram pictures might fool you, and you might end up with an ugly outfit which will be super unfair.

Passport Preparations

If you have already planned for your honeymoon, then it is only practical to be sure of your passports. You have to order the new ones in case that travel bug made you run out of pages!

Plan The Honeymoon

You sure have enough time now to plan the honeymoon. Make a list of all the activities that you ought to do. This way you won’t waste your time doing them later and missing out on moments with your significant other.

Decide The Venue Of Your Bachelorette Party

Well, this is a must-do! How can one get married without a bachelorette? After all those discussions you had with your best friends back at high school, you have to throw them a great party. Look for a beautiful secluded venue for your girls so that you all can enjoy the most!

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Three Months Before The Wedding:

Now that very few months are left, you have to focus on the more significant business! This means that you have to make sure your guests are comfortable and as such, make the following bridal checklist handy

Confirm Transportation

If it is a destination wedding, then make sure you choose the right transport agency. You also have to make sure that your car is reserved for you to move from the venue to the parlour and vice versa in case you’re having a city wedding! Having the issue of transportation sorted will provide a lot of comforts and will ensure that you reach on all the functions in time!

Attend Dress Fittings

Remember the lehenga you bought? You must make sure to try it over and over again in case you’ve been working out. A Lehenga out of all the attires doesn’t look good if it’s too loose. Therefore, make it a point to visit your boutique and get your fittings sorted!

Have A Menu Tasting Session With Your Parents

Now is the time you decide what will the guests be served. You have to visit the caterer and taste everything that he suggests or what you want! Remember all the things that sound good won’t necessarily taste good. So be prepared!

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One Month Before The Wedding:

Now is the time you be sure of anything that concerns you directly! Your shoes, your outfits, your accessories and your hotel suite should be confirmed. This is a very critical time because all your family members would also be busy with their shopping. Thus, begin early!

Final Dress Fitting

Well, you won’t be working out this month because now your grooming sessions will begin. Thus, you should have a final fitting so that everything is on point. You must also visit your hair and makeup artist and get precisely the same makeup done as the one on your big day. This will ensure that it suits you and doesn’t look over the top!

Sending Invitations And Preparing An RSVP List

In case of destination weddings, it’s essential to make an RSVP list. This will help you to pay for only those guests who visit. The guests who haven’t responded to your invitations are to be called now so that you either remove or add their names in the list.

Two Weeks Before The Wedding:

The Photography Essentials

Whining about your pictures later will only create a fiasco; therefore, now is the time to Pinterest all your favourite wedding shots and email it to your photographer. This way you won’t have to waste any time showing him the type of shots you want while you’re getting married!


You are now supposed to give your caterer the final headcount of the guests that will show up. You must also make sure to leave a considerable margin in case some guests decide to show up end moment.

One Week Before The Wedding:

Well, let’s just say that this week you should focus on yourself! If you have followed this bridal checklist since the beginning, then you would have made sure that all the preparations are done. As such, you won’t have to get nervous about things going wrong. You should not get anxious even if some items are not yet ready because that will show up on your skin.

Get Facial Massages

As a bride, you have to make sure that you take care of your skin majorly. For that bridal glow, you have to chill and give yourself enough time to prep. You should make it a point to sleep these seven days properly because you never know how crazy your parties may get when the wedding festivities begin!

Haircut And Waxing

Well, we all know that if we get a haircut one week back then, the hair starts to grow and gives us those frizzy ends. This is why you should only get a haircut this week. You should also complete your waxing and other prepping, and you’d be good to go!

Pack Your Basic Makeup Essentials

We know that you will have professionals for your big day, but these essentials will save you after the wedding too. You don’t have to look like an energy-starved monster after your wedding, right? We all look like that without our eyeliners, no comments! So, pack it up right now!

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2-3 Days Before The Wedding:

Well, if you’re Indian then most probably The wedding festivities have already begun. But still, you have to make sure that your big day goes well!

  1. In these days you can make any last-minute changes.
  2. Confirm the pick-up car that will drop you at the wedding venue.
  3. Inform your wedding planners about anything that bothers you.

A Day Before The Wedding:

  1. A crucial thing that you can do at this day is to make an entire contact list of your make up artist. This way they will be easier to contact if in case they have to come to your place or you have to move to theirs.
  2. Take a chill pill. Being a bride, you must be emotional and anxious about a variety of things. Just take a moment to appreciate the gathering of the two sides of families and focus on happiness.
  3. Sleep well!

On The Day Of The Wedding:

  1. Assign a family member to introduce the photographer to the close relatives so that their pictures are included.
  2. Only carry your phone and a water bottle with yourself before the ceremony.
  3. After getting ready, don’t stress too much and take it easy.

And there you are! Once the wedding ceremony begins, you will automatically come into your comfort zone. This is why this bridal checklist is a must-have for all the brides. It is great to celebrate the union of two people without having to fret about the comfort of any side. Cheers!

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Plan Your Dream Wedding!

End-to-end planning for your wedding by the highest rated event planning company in Chennai (5 Star - Facebook)

Plan Your Event!

End-to-end planning for your Event by the highest rated event planning company in Chennai (5 Star - Facebook)

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