Hosting A Cost Effective Birthday Party For Your Kid

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Hosting a Cost Effective Birthday Party for your Kid

Did you know that cost is not even a matter when you decide to plan a party? Surprising, ain’t it? You can host a wonderful party, even at the cheapest cost, or sometimes without having to spend much money at all. There are two kinds of people – those who spend like crazy on parties, and those who host wonderful parties at minimum cost. You can always choose as to which category you want to fall under. Let us take a look at how these would be possible.

Hosting Expensive Parties

There are many parents who adamantly choose to spend like a fortune on their child’s birthday party, giving their child the feel of a prince or a princess. Although you do not have to necessarily spend so much money on this, some parents focus mainly on various arrangements like banquet halls, decorations, food, event management and other stuff. These have become very common, especially in case of kids’ first birthday. (Read about themed birthday party ideas for your kids) There are several Banquet Halls in Chennai, which will enchant you with their spacious rooms and hospitality. Most of these banquet halls do not charge a hall rent. They charge you a per head rate, which includes the food, hall rent and all maintenance charges new balance running shoes for women. The food is being prepared in accordance with the pre-orders, and the cost is taken by considering the headcount of the crowd expected. Event management takes care of the entertainment, keeping the crowd entertained and enhances the liveliness of the party. Altogether, a large amount is being charged, and the party is held on a grand scale. If you are willing to spend a larger amount, then you can always go in search of bigger party halls.

House Parties

If you want to organize a fun party for your angel, but at a lower cost, then you can use your house as a party hall. This way, not only would your cost reduce, but your kid may also feel comfortable moving around at home, rather than being the cynosure of eyes at some random place. House parties are perfect for surprising your kid. Like, you could probably take your kid to a park or a play area in the evening, and bring him or her home, and open the door and then scream surprise! Now, wouldn’t that be a big shock? Yes, well that is how surprises are meant to be.

If you are going to host a party at home, then try to give as much a homely feeling as possible. Starting from decoration, to the last goodbye, make sure that everything is done by you, and not outsourced. The way the party is conducted at home is what will distinguish itself from parties that happen at banquet halls. For example, take a day off and sit and blow the balloons, wrap color papers all around the house and do the work by yourself. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction and it will excite your kid more than anything.

The next step is deciding upon the food. You can either order from outside or cook yourself. But, most people order food from outside because they want a wide variety to taste. Although you are going to order outside, you can always make it special by preparing one dish that is close to your heart or something that your child loves. Trust me, nothing can bring joy to one’s heart, more than eating what they love. After all, it is FOOOOOOOD, man! Once you are done with this, place an order for an extremely big cake, depending on the number of guests you have invited.

Always make sure to have an approximation of how many guests are expected, because you wouldn’t want to end up not having cake for some. Gah, how embarrassing would that be! This is the best way in which you can celebrate your child’s birthday at lower costs. So it is up to you, as parents to decide as to how cost-effectively you want to celebrate your birthday. On a small or larger scale, parties are always parties, with fun unlimited. If you ever think of celebrating it at banquet halls, but do not have an idea about the ideal venue, then feel free to approach us anytime at BigFday. Toodles.

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