How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge?

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As your wedding date approaches, you realize its time to check a few items from the list. Wedding photography is next in your list. So you hit the search button on Google and track the best wedding photographers in Chennai. A few calls and the excitement fades away with an exclamation “Oh, That’s too expensive!”.  And its time to wake up to the reality! The cost of hiring a good wedding photographer is definitely NOT a bargain. However, the next truth is wedding photography is an investment which makes every penny spent worth it.  Well, you pay for the memories of your big day!   Hence, in this article, we have tried to summarize the various aspects of wedding photography and the factors that influence your wedding photography packages in Chennai.

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What Are The Types Of Wedding Photography Packages In Chennai?

The wedding photography packages are nothing but bundles of different photography products and services. As photography deliverables consist of both tangible and intangible components, photographers find it convenient to bundle the services under one package. 

The different wedding photography packages include either one or a combination of the below products:

  • Traditional Still Photography – This is the type of photography we have known for long. Before being clicked, you are informed. You pose and moments are re-created. Hence, it is best for posed portraits with standard poses. The photographer will usually click the pictures from one position and will not change the gear and lights often.
  • Candid Still Photography – It is spontaneous and captures people when they are not aware of their picture being taken. It focuses on peoples natural reactions, ambience, light effects etc.  Simply put, the moments are captured with a punch! Candid photographers scout the entire venue in the lookout for real-time frames and change their gear according to the situation. Hence, candid photography offers a wider range of photos. Candid-vs-traditional-2-min-1 How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized
  • Drone Photography – It is an offshoot of candid photography but a sophisticated version. Drones fly across the venue to capture real-time images.  Drone-1024x536 How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized
  • Traditional Videography – Shoots the event continuously from beginning to end without much scope for artistry. It goes hand in hand with traditional still photography.
  • Wedding Cinematography – It blends creative video shooting and storytelling. Instead of the entire event, they capture and present the important parts to narrate the entire story. It has a cinematic feel and running time is approximately 25-30 minutes. The average trailer of the same is 90 – 150 seconds. It is kind of a product which you want to watch again and again. 

How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge?

Like any product or service in a free market, wedding photography also has cheaper as well as expensive options. As mentioned earlier, your wedding photographer will charge you depending upon the product portfolio you choose. Some of the factors that influence the cost are:

  • Style Of Photography/Videography – Candid photography depends on the photographer’s creativity to capture the moments and present them as a story. It largely depends on how the photographer executes the ideas. Similarly, candid shots demand the photographer to move around a lot with heavy gear.  Hence, if you opt for candid shots, expect the package cost to be way higher. candid-photography How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized
  • Customization – Adding or taking away products affects the cost of wedding photography packages. It’s no brainer that fewer the products, the lower the cost. For example, if you are on a tight budget, you can stick to photography only and chuck videography.
  • Shooting Time – Typical packages cover an 8-hour session. Adding more or less time will increase or decrease the price.
  • Guest Count – A large-scale wedding coverage will usually cost more as an additional photographer may be required so that you don’t miss any precious moment.
  • Wedding Album – Another consideration is whether or not you want a wedding album included in your package. Likewise, the type of album, number of pages also contribute to the cost. wedding-album How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized
  • Post Processing Techniques – Using state-of post-processing techniques increases the cost of the product.
  • Photographers Experience – Experience of the photographer impacts the cost. Experienced photographers have a well-churned portfolio for you to review and judge the quality of their work. So the cost of hiring an experienced and reputed photographer is high.
  • Pre/Post Wedding Coverage – Wedding photography does not take into account pre or post wedding ceremonies.  Engagement sessions, candid couple photoshoot etc adds to the cost.  pre-wedding-photoshoot How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized
  • Equipment – For low-cost packages, photographers most often use cropped cameras which has limited vision and cropping factor. This affects the depth of the image and its quality. For high-cost packages, the photographers us full frame cameras. It has a high resolution and works perfectly even in a low light environment. Wedding-photography-gear-1024x534 How Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Charge? Uncategorized

How Much Do Wedding Photographers In Chennai Cost?

On average, a couple spends 10% of the total wedding budget on wedding photography and videography in Chennai. The average cost for a wedding photographer in Chennai is Rs. 1,00,000. Typically the wedding photography price ranges between Rs. 50,000-Rs. 3,00,000 depending on the photographer’s experience and package offerings. Top wedding photographers in Chennai charge Rs. 1,50,000 and up.

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The scope for customization and the photographer’s experience influence the price of wedding photography to a large extent. Hence, there are no fixed prices.

Budget Package – Price Range Rs. 35,000-50,000

A fairly basic traditional photography and videography package. The team will shoot for a fixed number of hours. Mostly, they use simple equipment like crop camera bodies to match the price point. The most likely offering will be:

  • Will cover wedding and reception
  • Choice of 100-150 edited photographs
  • Edited videos with a montage
  • Album print may or may not be included 
  • Pre-wedding shoot (you may have to negotiate to include it in the package) 

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Popular Package – Price Range Rs. 1,00,000 – 2,00,000

Packages in this range offer several high-quality delightful products and hence are a thing with the couples. The team is experienced and extremely professional. Needless to mention, they use good quality equipment like full frame camera and pro lenses. Sometimes they use optional products like screens, cranes and drones.

  • Will cover all major events for both the bride and groom families
  • 300-600 edited photographs
  • Wedding cinema with a teaser
  • Good quality photo album
  • Consultation

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Premium Package – Price Rs. 3,00,000 and Above

It pretty much includes everything with more customization and personalized products. Usually, the creative head will handle the wedding personally rather than his/her team.

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Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or an extravagant affair,  your wedding album is your takeaway of the most beautiful moments at your wedding.  The creativity and quality of services make the difference.  Hence, if the photography team consists of the best minds in the industry then prices go up.

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A marketer by profession, fashion enthusiast by heart and blogger by choice. When I am not writing, I love reading, travelling around exotic destinations and exploring new cuisines.

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