How to create a wedding budget?

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A million rupee question about spending thousands of rupees! Creating a budget for a wedding is definitely not that easy! If you have ever married, you’ll swear by me that its a fact! And I swear this is surely not something that I’m portraying as a problem, so that I get something to post a blog about! Read on.. These are a few important things that you should double check, if you want to make the budgeting least troublesome.

How to create a wedding budget?

Simple things that can make your wedding budget plan efficient and easy:

How much can you shell out?

Ultimately the wedding budget depends on how much are you willing to spend. What is your overall budget like? It depends on how you want the wedding to be, in an overall sense. You want it to be a grand gala one where you want to call all the 829 relatives or you want to keep it to the close circle of 153.

Game-of-Thrones-wedding-e1485839824965 How to create a wedding budget? Venues

Find your bloody soulmate! Wedding is hell of an expense in India and it takes more of your time n energy than you anticipate! The sheer thought of redoing it will keep you away from finding a soulermate if you discover that whom you felt was your soulmate is not really one! Be sure if you want to get married in the first place!

Now drill down

Once you get a feel of how big the wedding is going to be and how much you can shell out, get into the nitty gritty of it. Get an idea of how many people you are inviting for wedding and reception.

guest-e1485839945858 How to create a wedding budget? Venues

Decide who matters to you and those for whom you matter! Add their families. Add the families of those who attended your parents’ wedding. That’s the minimum. Miss this, and it’s a blasphemy!

Now drill downer

The average breakdown of budget for different wedding services gives you an idea of how much to allocate for various items like venue, decor, photography, etc.
Food, photos & videos. That’s all it matters ultimately.

Pick vendors

Once a rough budget allocation is done, start picking vendors for each of the services. Here is where the actual work starts. A zillion things to remember and hundreds of interconnections. Decor depends on venue, venue depends on accessibility and look, accessibility depends on from where guests are coming, etc,etc. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Depending on the crowd, look for venue. Some good mandapams don’t allow Non-Veg. Mandapam Vs Non-Veg is a tradeoff that people have to make nowadays. If the wedding is in a banquet hall, it’s not an issue.
  • Decors – Takes a major chunk of the budget and people realize it only when they pick vendors.
  • Caterers might suggest too many items. Less, awesome items are always better than more, ok-ok items.
  • Transportation for relatives and accommodation – If the major crowd is from far places, book train 3 months early, or else it ends up being too costly. Similarly book rooms early if it’s a muhurtam date.
  • Now search for vendors for venue, photo, video, decor and makeup.
  • Bargain, select the vendor, pay advance and keep track of the pending payments.

More than half of all this can be made a breeze, if you get in touch with one of our JoJo’s.

The last step

Walk the aisle and live happily ever after!
Check the balance sheet of your wedding budget. It always reminds us how ugly we are at financial planning. And yeah, downsize your honeymoon proportionate to your underestimation of wedding expense.

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