How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party For A Friend?

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Surprise Birthday Party for a friend

Birthdays are the best time when you can draw out the most stunningly craziest ideas from your mind, to plan a surprise party for your friend on his or her birthday. Anyone would love surprises; sometimes, these surprises could be the best birthday gift ever too. Giving a surprise party isn’t all that very hard, you just need to think of some exciting and innovative ways.

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There are two ways in which you can plan a surprise birthday party: one, you can do something that they like but without their knowledge, such as, getting their favourite celebrity to wish them, or secondly, something that they would not have even expected, like bringing them a cake randomly during a concert. Surprises done in any way will surely be loved. So, you may be wondering if what you have planned, would be a happy surprise to them, or if they may turn it down.

Trust me, doing anything that they would not have expected, will always be loved. You just need not worry about it. You can actually do any random activity you want. Your friend will love it. However, we have listed here some crazy surprises that might work out wonders on your friend’s birthday.

Btw, if you are planning for a 1st birthday party, we have some cool tips on how to host it!

Few Ideas For A Surprise Birthday Party


This can be quite a thrilling idea. Plan a surprise party for the birthday boy or girl at their place, in advance. Invite all-important and close friends and make them come to a common place so that you can all go from there together. When you invite people, do it in advance and tell them not to wish the birthday girl or boy through a text message or phone call, before the surprise party. Buy a big and funky cake because, for such surprise occasions, funky is the best theme. When none have called, they are sure to get mad. Let this continue. Once all of you guys meet somewhere, start off to the birthday baby’s house like a parade.

If you are their best friend, then make sure that he/she does not know that you have come. Wondering how? Simple! Disguise yourself as a clown or a Santa Claus. When you all go there, but the birthday girl or boy’s best friend seems to be missing, it can drive them crazy and mad. And when the cake cutting and dancing and all the fun is over, before everyone leaves, catch up everyone’s attention and rip off your mask like a clown, and scream, “Peek a booooo!” Who wouldn’t love seeing their best friend at their birthday party?

Hide & Seek

This is a very interesting plan. Form a team of about 8-10 friends. Gather at the birthday bee’s house, when they are not at home or when they are sleeping in the morning. Hide in a spot which cannot be found very easily. Turn into criminals, by leaving small bits and chits, giving clues to come to the place where you are hiding. Make sure you make some silly clues too, that will drive them crazy. Throw cramped paper, make them find little things like a ball or a cucumber in the fridge on which you’ve written something.

Once they successfully find the clues and arrive at the spot, you can scream aloud saying, “Happy Birthdayyyy!”. But before that, you will need to do a lot of things. Decorate the place with lots of balloons. Lots of colour papers and don’t forget the snow spray. If possible, get a huge banner, that has their picture in it and a birthday message. This can give a good look to the party.

Kidnap To Surprise

Ask any of your friends who are unknown to them, to walk into their house randomly and tie a black cloth on their eyes and take them in the car. Make them sit in the centre and ask the others in the car to make not a single noise. Let the birthday boy or girl scream in fear. Meanwhile, all the other friends can plan a tiny party, probably at the lighthouse, where one would not have even imagined.

Planning a party need not be anything big; just a cake, LOTS of food, and some good music and many friends. When they arrive, make sure the cloth isn’t taken off. Help them reach the top of the lighthouse by holding. And once they step in, you can suddenly switch on the music and take the cloth away and scream your wish. This would be the best ever thrilling one. Kidnapping usually happens to threaten, but this is to surprise.

Mini Party

This is one of the most traditional, yet a fun one. There are many banquet halls in Chennai that can accommodate just 10 people as well as a huge number too. Since you are planning a surprise party, you could probably invite some 10 or 20 people who are very close to the birthday boy/girl. There are several mini party halls in Chennai that you can hire. Mini halls charge lesser than the normal charges. So, depending on what you have planned to spend, you can choose the size of the hall that you want. Some of the famous party halls in Chennai are Olive and Basil at Adyar, Spice Trail at Egmore and Yo Yo Party Hall at K K Nagar.

Arranging for a party has become much easier these days. Once you get a hall, you will have to decide on the cake and also the food. In case you want some extra entertainment, you can always approach an event management team to take care of it, but that will come at an extra cost. Here goes the plan. Call the one whose birthday it is, and act as though something very serious has happened. Go to their house or send any of your friends to pick them (but make sure he/she dresses up properly) and bring them, saying that they have to visit a relative or their boss. Give them not the slightest clue that you are actually taking them to the party hall. Inform the staff at the reception of the hall to surprise the guest by putting a clove garland or something that smells good. This will bring a shock as well as a beautiful smile on their face. Let them escort the birthday guest to the hall, and you can be waiting to welcome them there and celebrate and scream! Seems to be a good one, doesn’t it?

The ones mentioned are just a handful, out of a million ideas that exist. There are many more surprise birthday party ideas that you can innovate and make your special one’s birthday seem even more special. The best surprises are those that are shocking. You can always try to be innovative and come up with new and cool ideas because birthdays are only an excuse to celebrate.

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