How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai?

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Surprise Birthday party

Isn’t it too exciting to celebrate a milestone like your father’s 50th birthday party or sweet sixteen party for your daughter? The first thing we think about doing is throwing a surprise birthday party. The reaction you get to see on the face of that person is just unimaginable. 

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But sometimes it gets hectic, and you forget about small things that need to be done at a surprise party.  It is difficult to remember about all the little things which are required at a surprise birthday party. 

To make sure that the surprise birthday party goes off without a hitch you need a lot of planning. Plus there is a little pressure to keep the party a total surprise for the guest of honour.

Besides, if you want it a hassle-free and cost-effective party, then BigFday is there for you to arrange everything. From planning to booking venue at a discounted rate to arranging the cake even at midnight.  

Be it a small party just for friends and family or a big bash, BigFday can organize the surprise party in the most hassle-free and cost-effective way. 

Let’s begin the steps to plan a perfect surprise birthday party. 

Picking The Right Venue

The first and most challenging part of planning a surprise birthday party is choosing the right venue. So, if you are planning for a small birthday bash, then you can pick your home or a small restaurant or cafe where you can invite your close friends and family. However, if you are planning for a big bash, then choosing for the right venue seems a tedious task. While deciding on the venue, you should select the most common place to avoid suspicion. 

03%20The%20Decorations How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties

BigFday can help you pick up the right venue for the surprise birthday party. Be it a small or huge party we have suggestions for venues for all kinds. 

Choose The Right Theme

Make your party a little more jazzy by picking up a cool and funky theme which goes by the occasion. There are many options for picking up a theme, for example, a colour theme party, a cartoon theme party a holiday theme party, an animal-themed party, etc. Theme makes a party way more exciting and fun for everyone. 

Preparing The Guest List

This is yet another task that you need to do while planning a surprise birthday party. You have to be careful while making the guest list as you don’t want to miss out on any famous person. Do not miss any person which the birthday person would like to have included in the party.

Either you can plan a nice small party with just close friends and family or make it big with a get-together. 


Taking all the responsibility for a surprise birthday party can be a lot on your shoulders. BigFday helps you to take that weight and make your day the most memorable. If you are planning to have a themed party then picking the decoration can get easy. However, doing the planning and decoration all by yourself can get strenuous. Therefore, you will need some help so that you get the perfect and beautiful decoration as you want. 

Food and Beverages

Everyone expects good food at a party. Plus, you need to take care that the food is the birthday person’s favourite food. So, make a list of all the items that the birthday person loves eating and surprise them with their favourite food. I am sure they are going to love this idea.
Let BigFday help you to get all the food your ‘Surprisee’ would like to have. They know where you can find the best food for the party.


You have to give it a serious thought as who would be the chaperone or the escort for the birthday person. It should be someone who can keep the surprise birthday party a secret. Pick a chaperone that the guest of honour feels comfortable with, and he will not doubt about the secret party. The chaperone can distract the honoree until it’s time for the party.

Birthday Cake

If you are planning to keep the cake in the refrigerator before the party starts, I bet this is not a good idea. It will get challenging to hide it from the birthday person. Therefore, I suggest to order it online for noon or ask the nearest cake shop to deliver the cake at noon at the location. 

BigFday can help you get the best cake according to your choice. 

web_400_scr_cookies_cream_1 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties

Memory Lane

For the memory lane, you can either collect all the special pictures with that person and hang them in a room to bring back all those special memories together. Or if you have some exciting videos, then you can prepare a cute video and make a show on a projector. I am sure this will become the most favourite part for the guest of honour. 

BP_2 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties BP_2 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties IMG_5010-1 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties


Do not forget to record the whole event in the camera and that reaction on the face of the birthday person when they see the surprise party. Everyone wants to make a surprise party memorable for a long, long time. Capture all the special moments of the surprise birthday party. 

The great idea is that you can also record everything that goes behind the planning and show this later to the birthday person. I am sure it will be fun to see all the madness that went behind the plan of the surprise party.BP How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties


We have the best idea on how to make the party most memorable for the guest of honor. You can plan for a performance at whatever you are best at. Either write a beautiful poem and recite it at the party or sing or dance. It will make the person super happy to see you doing something so special.

Fun Activities

Plan a few fun activities to keep the birthday person and the guests entertained. You should have a list of fun games depending on if the party is for the adults or children. Along with this, you should get the music system to amp up the crowd of the party.

ideas-for-surprise-birthday-party-for-best-friend How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties

Surprise Gift

Yes, everyone expects an excellent surprise gift for their birthday. Think what your guest of honour wanted for quite some time but didn’t buy it yet. You’ll get the clue of what should be the ideal gift for them. You can get them the thing they love the most or wanted for a long time. You can either give them gift vouchers of their favourite clothing brand or an appointment for a spa or salon or fine dining. Go for it and surprise them! Hurray!

Gifts-660 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties


If you have not made the party checklist yet make it now. The checklist helps you not to miss on any small details. You should write even the tiniest task so that you don’t forget it later. A to-do list helps you to stay calm and go with the planning.
You are checking the to-do list an hour before the surprise party is a must. So even if you forget something you can complete it with an hour time. Also, do not forget to keep the list a secret too.

Say Surprise!!

Lastly, the big “Surpriseee..” shout is mandatory. That 1..2..3.. count for the big surprise shout is the most fun of after all that hard work. Enjoyyy! 

chic_gold_shh_its_a_surprise_party_typography_classic_round_sticker-r98b25ce545d247bea8d9bfb34c19edd4_v9wth_8byvr_307 How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party In Chennai? Birthday Parties

To sum up, taking care of every small thing is the key to host the most fantastic party. Therefore, to select the right venue, deciding on the menu, doing the decoration are the tasks which need the most attention.

Moreover, if it still seems tedious, hire excellent event planners like BigFDay who will do all the work for you. We, at BigFDay, excel at making beautiful celebrations and giving you beautiful memories. It would be lovely to assist you with your birthday party planning or any other event.

Proceed with caution. This may surprise you (ha), but not everyone has the surprise party gene. Good intentions to give your type-A friend a thrill could leave her too stressed to enjoy the experience. Consider a “semi-surprise,” where you talk through a rough sketch but take care of the heavy lifting yourself. And think twice about springing one on flaky last-minute bailers — or floaters, whose wide circles could make it tough to plan something cohesive.

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I am a writer who also loves to share stories.

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