A Handy Guide For Choosing The Right Wedding Reception Venue

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With your nuptials being finalized, the warning bells must be going off in your head! There is, certainly, the joy and excitement for the new life, however, the wedding itself is a big, fun task. You have to take a number of decisions and finalize a lot of details. Therefore, without further ado, this post will help you in selecting the right wedding reception venue for your occasion that will give the perfect finishing touch to your wonderful wedding celebration.

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In other words, deciding the venue for the events is one of the most important tasks. This is because the venue sets the tone for the event. Further, it is pertinent that you choose your venue wisely and in time. This will help you to avoid being disappointed if it is unavailable on your function dates. Moreover, the number of guests, the inclusions provided by the venue, the restrictions applied by them, and various other factors have to be considered if you wish to select the perfect wedding reception venue.

Above all, there is no dearth of fantastic options as reception venues at your disposal. For instance, you could select a banquet, a hotel, a restaurant, or a party hall. However, to choose the appropriate wedding reception venue, that will make your party unforgettable, is the challenge. Do not fret! Ensure the following points are covered while choosing the venue and you are sorted with the perfect venue for your amazing celebration.

Include The Wedding Planner

If you have taken the wise decision of hiring a wedding planning service for your functions, it is important to consult with them on all matters. That is to say, firstly you must discuss the type of venue that you require for your reception and the type of venue the planner has in mind. After all, they are the ones to look after the stage setup, layout, ambience and decoration at the event.

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Further, good wedding planners have collaborations and great work relations with the best properties that may be ideal for your function as well. Therefore, it will be profitable for you to take the advice of your planner before finalizing a wedding reception venue. For instance, BigFDay is an expert wedding planning company based in Chennai that has some excellent tie-ups with the best venues for weddings in Chennai.

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Capacity Of The Venue

It is suggested that you decide your guest list as soon as you possibly can. This is because the estimated number of guests helps to take a call regarding most of the wedding decisions. For example, the number of plates, the number of invites, the number of wedding favours, and more. Similarly, before you look for a venue, you have to keep in mind the number of guests you are expecting. Then you can match it with the capacity of the venue you shortlist.

The wedding banquet halls or reception venues that you book should be appropriate for the gathering at your event. In other words, the event space should not feel crowded and the guests should have ample space to move about and feel comfortable. Alternatively, the guests should not look scattered at a grand venue as it could give an impression of guests not turning up or so. The venue should be just right as per the number of guests you are expecting.

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Location Of The Venue

Another important consideration to look out for is the location of the venue you choose for your reception party. The prime concern while selecting the location should be the convenience for your guests. Therefore, if you have outstation guests at your event, you could select a venue nearer to their place of stay. If your guests are arriving from out of the city on the day of the event, it is advisable to host your reception at venues near the airports, or stations.

Further, for your local guests, it is helpful to host your reception at a prime location in the city that is easy to locate and reach. Further, your guests will immensely appreciate it if the venue has sufficient parking facilities.

Visit The Venue

With the advancement of digital platforms, you may prefer to look up venues online. It is, certainly, time saving and efficient. However, before you make the final decision, do make a personal visit to the venue. This will help you get the vibe of the place and be assured of the promised upkeeps, maintenance, etc.

However, if you are unable to visit the venue due to being in a different city or any other factor, you can always ask for videos of the venue from your point of contact, check real pictures of other clients, and read reviews online. It should be able to give you the true image of the venue you select for your function.

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Food And Beverages

One of the most important decisions at your event is regarding the food. The food has to be of the best quality and taste as it is most remembered by the guests. Therefore, this is another criteria to be checked at the venue you choose for your reception party. Most excellent properties, wedding banquet halls, and reception venues offer an in-house catering facility for the events. However, select the option to have a food tasting before you book the in-house caterer.

Alternatively, if you wish to book a personal caterer of your choice, you have to check with the venue to ensure they permit outside catering. Many venues do not allow outside catering services. Moreover, if your reception party is to have alcohol, you should inquire if the venue is equipped with the required license to serve the same.

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One of the most important factors to consider before you book or even shortlist a wedding reception venue is to set the budget for it. Keep an estimated sum aside for your wedding reception venue, catering, decor, and so on. You may love a certain venue that has the perfect combination of everything you are looking for, but it is high above your budget. Therefore, it is advisable to look for venues well within your budget since the beginning and save disappointments.

However, it’s your wedding so you may be allowed to indulge a bit. You may spend a wee bit above your decided budget for the ideal wedding reception venue. However, always be prepared for hidden costs at the venue, for instance, taxes, service charges, etc and dedicate some reserve for it beforehand.

Trained Staff

The splendid benefits and absolute requirements of trained staff are undisputable. Therefore, when you visit the venue you have shortlisted, take into account the staff and their professionalism. Further, make a specific request to meet the head of staff who will service your party and discuss your requirements with him.

An efficient team of staff is vital for a successful event. Therefore, this is a point to consider before booking a wedding reception venue.

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Consider the type of ambience you wish to have at your reception party and choose the venue accordingly. For instance, do you wish to host an outdoor event or an indoor party? Further does the weather permit you to have an open-air event?

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Moreover, there are certain detailings at venues that may add further charm to your event such as vintage furniture, wall paintings, modern lighting, etc. Therefore, the right ambience is another consideration before finalising the wedding reception venue.

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Now, you may have found the ideal venue. It may have the best team of staff, amazing catering, the right vibe. In short, it is totally perfect for your party, but the most important question here is- Is it available on your required date? To ensure you have your cake and eat it too, you should scour for the venue well before the event date and Book it too. The earlier you finalize a venue, the higher is the chance of it being available on your date.

In other words, the auspicious dates for weddings are few and the fight for a suitable venue is real. Therefore, to avoid heartbreaks over losing your perfect venue, always book your venue at the earliest possible. Booking a venue as early as 6 months in advance is considered totally acceptable.

Miscellaneous But Necessary

Before you conclude, look out for certain small but significant factors such as the availability of entertainment at the venue. Enquire if the venue offers accommodation or changing rooms for the couple. Ask if the management at the venue has restrictions regarding playing music, outside catering, outside decorators, and the like. Further, be assured of safety measures and backup plans in case of an emergency.

Take careful steps to pick the ideal venue as the right venue is the key to a great and unforgettable event.

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To assist you in searching for the perfect wedding reception venue, within your budget, and of your choice, BigFDay can be of immense help. BigFDay is a wedding planning service based in Chennai with considerable experience in hosting memorable weddings and celebrations. Trust our service for your most special occasion and you will be delighted with the outcome.

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I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

Nikita Kejriwal

I am a lawyer by qualification and a writer by passion. I enjoy good humour, good books and good sarcasm!

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