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The season is here and you’ll probably receive a wedding card or two. Most of us are sure to be a part of at least one wedding, as a friend, family, acquaintance or the ones getting hitched. A lot of work goes into the preparation for a wedding ceremony and all wedding cards carry a personal touch. Wedding details have to express your personality. The wedding cards are a very important part of this rite of passage. It will give your guests the first indication of what your wedding will be like! Invitation cards have taken on a new avatar altogether now. Here are some interesting, quirky and adorable wedding cards:

Destination Wedding Cards

For adventurous couples or those who just crave their toes in the sand, a destination wedding is the ultimate way to tie the knot. But just how does a bride invite her guests to pack their bags for a far away wedding? Why, with a themed destination wedding invitation, of course! These invites are sure to get your guests to pack their bags!

2016_bridescom-Editorial_Images-04-Destination-Wedding-Invitations-large-Destination-Wedding-Invitations-Allie-Vaughan-Design-300x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings W2-300x199 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Film Canister Invitation

Build picture perfect memories together! This is a brilliant idea to send a wedding invitation inside an old metal film canister. It takes a bit of winding up to get the whole strip in but it is going to leave guests in awe when they pull out the full invite. You can also design the canister to be part of the wedding theme. Build picture perfect memories together!

W31-264x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Scratch Card Invitation

Use the scratch card concept to keep your guests guessing until they reveal the date of your wedding and/or the names of the happy couple getting married. Let your guests have some fun. Here’s a DIY guide for you to create this with metallic acrylic paint and dishwashing liquid.

12-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-300x188 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

Story Info-graphic Wedding Cards

Want to tell your love story and send a wedding invite? Do it in an infographic, and put the ceremony details in the back. Your guests can get to know your fiance and your relationship better. All you have to do is to go for a design and story style that’s 100% your own. You have to create it from scratch and write it.

8-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-225x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Also, you can go for something a little colorful like the invite below. The entire design and style is all up to you. You can personalize the invite in any way that you’d like.SBB-love-story-infographic-wedding-invitations-01-300x225 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

A very Bollywood Invitation

If you want your invitation to scream bollywood, then it has to have drama and shandaar. It has to be a burst of colours and wackiness. You can have your caricatures made in your favourite actors and actresses’ dresses. You could also adapt your favourite song/movie into the invite. We’d recently put up a post wholly dedicated to how you can have the ultimate bollywood wedding, check that out here.

W12-300x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Adventure for Two

These are invitations for couples who love to travel. The invite basically tells the whole love story with colorful maps and cultural references as the backdrop. Couples who have gone through so much to be together might also be able to appreciate the ambition of this design in trying to depict their journey towards marriage.

2-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-300x199 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Countdown Dial

Here is an incredible and unusual invitation that serves as a makeshift countdown timer to the wedding day itself. The card can have a front wheel that the guest can turn to correctly indicate how many days are left to the wedding day. You can use this idea as the invitation itself or you can incorporate it into the invitation creatively.

3-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-300x263 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

Invitation in a Balloon

Now here is an invite that may leave you out of breath. It’s a “Save the Date” sent via balloon. The details should be printed onto the balloons and then, all you need to do is pick a color. This cutesy idea is sure to excite your guests into RSVP-ing a yes!

13-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-300x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings 13-1-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-300x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

Brochure Wedding Cards

This cool wedding invite is designed by the bride and groom like it is a modern brochure. Each piece carries beautiful images and typography. Although, Its upto you if you want the images in these wedding invites to be your own pictures. But, that would be great way to personalize it though, wouldn’t it?

15-printed-wedding-invitations-2015-200x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings Handmade Invitation

What is a better way to invite your guests than by personally writing them a handmade invitation? You can creatively design it in such a way that it symbolically represents the whole tying the knot factor. This idea might seem a little old school and tiresome; but it will surely impress your guests when they see the work you’ve put in to invite them!

creative-wedding-invitations-9-5790942d76de5__605-164x300 Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

Hopefully, these ideas blow some inspiration into all you soon-to-be brides! After you’ve selected the perfect wedding invitation, you’ll have to design your wedding clothes. So, head on over to our post that’ll give you A to Z information about designer boutiques in Chennai.

giphy Hand Picked Ideas for your Wedding Cards! Weddings

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